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    71-Year-Old Justin Bieber Superfan Battles Cancer

    They call him "Senior Biebs" and he is my hero. Rock on, brother.

    Pete Johngren suffers from prostate cancer and has found Justin Bieber to be a source of inspiration and hope. In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, he said:

    “(Justin is) so full of life that it somehow counters my thoughts of death,” says Johngren. “While I may have one foot out the door, Justin has just entered the room and it’s a reminder of how exciting and precious life is.”

    His daughter says:

    “Sometimes it’s like, ‘Oh my God, there goes dad talking about Justin Bieber again!’” says Emily Ward, laughing. “But you can really tell how positive an influence (the singer) has had on my dad, just brightening his spirits.”

    Read the whole article at the Ottawa Citizen.

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