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July 31, 2012

Ye Shiwen - Forging Of The Mandarin Mermaid

Ye Shiwen was whisked away at seven to the Chen Jingluin school where young children are driven to success through rigorous regimes and 'brainwashed' into becoming sporting successes.

House Defeats Ceremonial DC Late Term Abortion Bill

Leadership brought controversial measure to floor over objections of moderates and some conservatives. Top Republicans made no serious push for passage.

The Story Of The Olympics' 48-Game Tennis Set

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Milos Raonic played the longest tennis set in Olympic history earlier today. It was really, really long.

Favorite Fashion From The London Olympics Opening Ceremony Photo

Favorite Fashion from the London Olympics opening ceremony. Did you guys watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics? Which country had the best dressed athletes at the parade in your opinion? My vote goes for Great Britain - their gold and white ube…

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Star In New Twilight Promo Stills

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson star in the most boring promotional stills I've ever seen, for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

New Phrase Alert: "Pulling A Miley"

Coined by The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev.

The View From Inside 'The Daily'

News Corporation's The Daily is cutting a third of its staff after 18 months of publishing. "If anything," says a former staffer, "edit was understaffed."

Bruce Jenner, The Original Olympics Hottie

Forget for a minute that Bruce Jenner is part of the Kardashian Klan and how his face looks like it's simultaneously melting and stapled to his face at the same time. Sometimes we forget that before all that, he used to be one of the most inspiring Olympians of all time ...AND he was hot!

35 DOs And DON'Ts Of Instagram, As Learned From Celebrities

Instagram should be reserved for preserving the happiest of memories, not for exhibiting your high level of social media vanity. There's a fine line between "look at my cute charming life!" and indulgent bragging. Here are some lessons learned from those showboating celebs.

Horror Hospital: Pentagon Refuses To Release "Vast Majority" Of Dawood Records, Says Whistleblower

The Department of Defense chose not to hand key documents about the Dawood National Military Hospital scandal over to Congress, according to Col. Schuyler Geller. The Pentagon denies.

First Look! "Game Of Thrones" Leaks Riverrun Set

Family, Duty, Honor. House Tully finally gets their due in Season 3 of Game of Thrones.

Bar Refaeli In A Lace Onesie

While this ensemble would look comical on most, she makes it work.

Would You Kindly? From

Each of these titles exhibit the natural tendency of video games to misinform the player through unreliable narration. More than any other medium, video games' necessity to lead the player often utilizes falsities to hide greater truths to make plot…

The Top 25 Best Tom Daley GIFs Of All Time

A scientific ranking of Tom Daley gifs. Enjoy.

Capitol Cops Can Show Tattoos — For Now

Union wins a reprieve on new rules for the United States Capitol Police.

Working Electric Wheelchair Made Of LEGOs

More or less expensive than a regular electric wheelchair you think? Congrats to Simon Burfield for creating the world's first LEGO wheelchair!

Watch The US Women's Gymnastics Team Clinch The Gold Medal

For the first time since 1996, the US Women have won the gymnastics team gold.

The Most Indecipherable Email Of The Social Media Jargon Era

Can crowds be curated? Ask the author of Data: A Love Story.

Why Is America's Best Magazine So Bad At The Internet?

The New Yorker finally got serious about the web, and then Jonah Lehrer happened. "We're proceeding with cautious intent," says Thompson.

Tom Hardy Agrees To Fight A Professional Boxer

Professional boxer David Haye recently mentioned that he thought Hardy would be a good match. Hardy has agreed as long as fans donate to Help For Heroes, The Prince's Trust, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Bowel & Cancer Research, and FLACK. (via

Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" Gets Animated

Fans of The Dark Knight Rises will see a lot of parallels. Nolan was obviously a fan of Miller's work.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Maybe Shoved A Female Bartender

Now there is a warrant out for his arrest.

Amarin Insiders Rush To Sell Stock One Day After Fish-Oil Pill Approval

The timing of the Amarin insider sales -- led by CEO Joe Zakrzewski ($2.2 million), President John Thero ($4.3 million) and Director Carl Gordon ($5.4 million representing his investment fund Orbimed Advisors) -- are likely to trigger alarm bells fo…

Casual Sex And Alcohol

A new study reveals that mixing alcohol with energy drinks increases your chances of a hookup. Here's why.

Hanna Beth Is Born To Rule On Hannabeth's Blog

Check out the Princess Vera Wang outfit I put together!! You can shop the line at Kohls or check it out online! If you go to the website, there is a virtual “closet” where users, like YOU, can make their own Princess Vera outfit and share it. You ca…

Urban Fiction Authors Could Be Big Winners In New Publishing Era

The literary establishment often ignores them, but some black female writers are sidestepping the big presses and their concerns by self-publishing. In an uncertain publishing climate, they may have a winning strategy.

If Niagara Falls Hosted A Rave And Other Links

Ooooo, pretty lights! Plus, Harry Potter turns 32 today and Olympic fever can't trump physical limits.

Barack Obama: I'm Thinking Of Wearing A Mitt Romney Mask For Halloween

"It has two sides to it, it goes in both directions at once." From a 2008 debate.

3 Tired TV Tropes & 3 Shows That Toppled Them

This #NoBollocks content was produced in partnership with Newcastle Brown Ale. If you enjoy this article, won't you be a love and watch a TV commercial on the Internet? Go on, it's right there on the right.

Guy Adams' Twitter Account Is Reactivated During CNN Interview

The journalist who's Twitter account was suspended after he Tweeted the email address of NBC Olympics president Gary Zenkel received a nice surprise in the middle of an interview with CNN.

27 Pictures Proving That The Burlington Coat Factory Is Indeed More Than Great Coats

An investigative report on the store's famous slogan.

Michael Phelps Was Caught At The Very Last Moment Of The 200m Butterfly

In a heartbreaking photo-finish, South African Chad le Clos beats Michael Phelps to prevent him from becoming the first male swimmer to win the same event in three Olympics.

Nicki Minaj's New Music Video Is A Color Explosion

Lots of feathers and women in feathers for the Pound The Alarm video.

Ukrainian Lawmakers Just Won't Stop Fighting Each Other

Ukraine's parliament members are getting physical over a Russian language bill. Drinks are thrown! Fists are swung!

Ryan Lochte On His Personal Style And What’s ‘Hottest’ On A Woman

Ryan Lochte has had his ups and downs at the Olympics so far, but he’s still one of the hottest and most-watched athletes out there right now. But never mind athletics for a second–let’s talk about his style. Women’s Health snagged a quickie five q…

Morning Links: Meet Buttermilk, The Parkour Goat

Make sure you stick around for the backflip at 0:55. This baby goat is more exciting than the last 24 hours of Olympics coverage. (via The Daily

Why We Hate-Search | The Awl

This #NoBollocks content was produced in partnership with Newcastle Brown Ale. If you enjoy this article, won't you be a love and watch a TV commercial on the Internet? Go on, it's right there on the right.

Susan Rice: "There's Still An Enormous Way To Go So That Women Aren't Victimized Simply For Being Women"

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations sat down with BuzzFeed Shift to talk about everything from the progress of women around the world to hijabs at the Olympics to the crisis in Syria. Russia and China will protect President Assad "at the expense of the blood of the people of Syria," she says.

Want A Kickstarter Video? That'll Cost Five Figures

Meet the consultants and advice-givers who are monetizing their contribution to crowdfunding culture. The Kickstarter kickstarters.

Zombies Prefer Macs Over PCs

It would appear.

Obama Adviser Calls Romney's Foreign Trip An "Embarrassing Disaster"

Obama campaign advisers slam Mitt Romney's trip abroad as an utter failure.

Ryan Lochte's Seldom Changing Face: A Tribute

Ryan Lochte. He has the lips of a guppy, the agility of a dolphin, the body of a man — and about as many facial expressions as a highly controlled public figure, like Mitt Romney (famous for: pensive stare) or Katie Holmes (famous for: that smirk). Let's take a look at a few of the expressions in Our Manly Love Lochte's emotional arsenal.

The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Just Did An Awesomely Awkward Celebration

After Abby Wambach's goal against North Korea, a team celebration ensued. It was goofy.

English Farmer Pays Very Elaborate Tribute To Usain Bolt

Cuts a huge maze into his 15-acre maize field featuring Bolt in his famous lightning pose.

Awkward Figure Skating Faces Vs. Awkward Diving Faces

The sport with the best faces from the Winter Olympics vs. the sport with the best faces from the Summer Olympics. I personally am Team Figure Skating.

The People Who Won In July

This is eight and a half minutes of pure feel-good win. That plunger gets me every time.

How Things Will Be Different Now That Snoop Dogg Changed His Name To "Snoop Lion"

So, Snoop Dogg had a spiritual awakening, changed his name to "Snoop Lion" and is planning on releasing a reggae album. Here's everything that will change.

19 Olympians Who Think Their Medals Are Food

Please feed the Olympians, London. They are so hungry and delirious they are trying to EAT their medals.

90-Year-Olds Get Married, Your Heart Melts

Robert Blurton, age 92, and Eileen Johnson, 91, got married this weekend at the Idaho retirement home where they met.

The Week All Of Twitter’s Good Will Evaporated

How is @guyadams STILL suspended? The longer this goes on, the worse Twitter looks.— felix salmon (@felixsalmon) July 31, 2012 TwitterGate 2012 has

The Worst Twitter Account On Earth

Meet @jamesholmesdies, a hideous representation of the very dumbest segment of Twitter culture.

London 2012: Teenager, 17, Arrested Over Hate Tweets Sent To Olympic Diver Tom Daley

Dorset Police confirmed they had arrested a 17-year-old at a guest house in Weymouth after the diver received a tweet saying: 'You let your dad down, I hope you know that.'

9 Amazing Ways To Get Tipsy (Or Drunk) Without Your Usual Wine Or Beer

Booze is delicious in edible dessert form. It's also spectacular in its God-given beverage form. Here are nine summer cocktails you must try the next time you either a)need something stiff for yourself or b)don't want to disappoint a houseguest.

Baby Crow Thinks He's People

Are you my mother? No, your mother is freaking out off camera because you're making friends with a human.

5 Top Republicans Still Pushing For Marco Rubio

The Florida Senator has slid off Mitt Romney's official short list. But his vocal, and powerful, supporters haven't stopped lobbying for him.

Look At Bradley Cooper As The Elephant Man

He is currently performing at the Willamstown Theater Festival where he is portraying the elephant man. You have until August 5th to see him, so hurry.

Ron Paul Supporters Continue To Plan Events Around RNC

Dissent among the liberty-loving ranks and internecine warfare between organizers is leading to confusion about what kinds of events Ron Paul supporters will pull off in Tampa next month.

A Guide To The Dark World Of James Holmes Internet Fandom

Yes, there is an internet community for young girls who are in love with alleged murderer James Holmes and yes, of course it's horrible. They call themselves "Holmies."

This Elephant Will Crash Your Pool Party

And there is nothing you can do about it.

Elephant Totally Crashes A Pool Party

Not cool man. You know this is BYOB.

7 Scary And Surreal Quotes From The Trial Of Pussy Riot

Three young women in Russia may go to jail for seven years because they dared to offend the church and Vladimir Putin.

Troll Harasses Olympic Diver Tom Daley On Twitter, Gets Arrested

Hopefully this will make people think twice before being hateful on the Internet.

Gary Busey As Every Main Character In "The Wizard Of Oz"

So beautiful. So brave. I didn't think it was possible for fan art to make you cry, but, oh, it is.

The Top 5 Strip Clubs For The Republican National Convention

Tampa strip clubs are gearing up for a busy stretch during the Republican National Convention. Here (seriously) are the important logistical details for delegates and reporters.

Romney Faulting Palestine For Lower GDP Is Like Blaming African American Slaves For Making Less Money Than Whites

Cenk tracks Mitt Romney’s mess of a foreign trip to Israel, where he managed to anger both that country’s officials and Palestinian leaders. Most outrageously, he seemed to compare the GDP of the two countries.

Become An Olympic Sensation In Five Steps

World-record-setting North Korean weightlifter King Un Guk as a flash-fame case study.

Olympic Seating 2012: Jeremy Hunt Unveils 30-Minute Ticket Plan To Ensure Sell-out Crowds

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the new rule was being explored after many events began in half-empty stadia as sponsors and delegates failed to show up.

"Super Troopers" Is Probably Getting A Sequel

And if that doens't work out, Beerfest is getting a sequel. A win for Broken Lizard fans either way.

Obama Promised In 2007 To Fire Anybody Who Did Oppo On His Opponents' Personal Lives

A stark contrast with the negative tone of his 2008 campaign.

Why The Proposed Olympic Judo Hijab Ban Doesn't Add Up

The International Judo Federation has decided it will allow a Saudi athlete — one of the first women from the nation to ever go to the Games — to compete with a head covering. Why did they try to stop her in the first place?

The Last Three Twinkies Commercials Ever

Very funny spots that ran during the London Olympics.

Mindy Meyer Hits The Campaign Trail, Will Endorse Mitt Romney

The pinkest candidate in America is hard at work on the stump. She does plan to endorse Mitt Romney.

Super Cute Russian Dancing Girl

But...what's that lurking black cat up to?

"Today Show" Promo Spoils The Tape Delayed Race NBC Was About To Show

Last night, in the commercial break immediately before NBC was going to show the tape delayed broadcast of Missy Franklin's 100m gold medal-winning backstroke, they ran this promo for the Today show.

The Unnecessary Censorship Of Men's Olympic Diving

It's not a nudist event. It just looks like one. Have to love accidental censorship.

India Power Outage Leaves 600 Million In The Dark

The country's northern and eastern power grids are down. It's one of the biggest blackouts in history.

Reddit Fills Those Empty Olympic Seats

Thanks to the fine work of /r/photoshopbattles, those empty Olympic seats have finally been filled.

Controversial Gymnastics Ruling Costs Great Britain The Silver Medal And Ukraine The Bronze

An official inquiry by the Japanese team propels them to a silver medal.

Another Racist Tweet Gets An Olympian Sent Home

Why one soccer player had to leave London.

BuzzFeed Veepstakes: July 31

After a weekend of Olympic festivities and aggressive campaigning by the veep hopefuls, the speculation ramps up again.

Should @Reddit Pull Its 'I Am A Rapist' Post Or Can It Help Raise Awareness About Sexual Assault?

Cenk, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz and producer Hermela Aregawi weigh in on a post at Reddit that asked people who had committed rape or sexual assault to share their experiences. Should administrators yank the controversial post or does its educat…

Why The Over-65 Crowd Is Conquering Fashion

The fashion industry is all about trends–and that extends to the models as well as the clothes. One month it’s all about gap-tooth smiles, and the next it’s about curvy bods and boobies. Still, there seems to be a general ‘type’ in fashion lately–th…

24 Fictional Movie Characters With Undeniable Olympic Potential

Athletes in London are lucky they aren't competing against these big screen legends.

Colorado Shooter's Father Is Senior Scientist For FICO...Set To Testify Before Congress In LIBOR Hearings // Current TV

Published on Jul 28, 2012 by dutchsinse This is HUGE news.. James Holmes (the colorado shooter) .. father is Robert Holmes who is set to testify at the

Why Making Stuff Up Is Harder Than It Used To Be

Jonah Lehrer got busted before he could become Stephen Glass. "Plagiarism has been a nearly perfect crime for centuries, now imperiled by detective work made possible by digital means," says Podhoretz.

Jordyn Wieber Rage In One Chart

Were Joydyn Wieber and athletes from Great Britain, China, and Russia robbed?

Republican Moderates Tire of Leaders' Tea Party Tilt

Speaker John Boehner has been trying to keep the right happy. Now he's facing restive moderates, House Republicans say.

Six Reasons 16-Year-Old Tavi Gevinson Is Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be

From becoming a blogging sensation (at aged 13), attending fashion weeks around the world (in the front row, to the chagrin of some fashion folks), covering major fashion magazines, then starting her own successul magazine, Rookie, and rubbing shoul…

Exclusive: Lindsey Wixson Covers Flare’s September Issue, Talks Modesty And Making Model Friends

We know who’s on the cover of most of the September mags, and we know how well they fared in terms of ad pages, and now the actual covers are starting to drop. We’ve got an exclusive first look at Canadian fashion mag Flare‘s September cover featur…

Michelle Obama And Kate Middleton Meet Again, Swap Color Palettes

The Olympics are finally here, and Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama both deserve gold medals in our minds. While their respective countries’ Opening Ceremonony uniforms garnered some criticism (the US Ralph Lauren uniforms for not being made in the…

Olympics 2012: Just What HAS Happened To Sharron Davies' Face? Asks Jan Moir

Day Two of the Olympics, and all anyone could talk about was the pressure on Team GB, except for our expert on the sofa who was more interest in Sharron Davies's face.

Paedophile Posed As Justin Bieber And Niall Horan Of One Direction To Trick Teenage Girls Into Stripping For Him Online

Simon Hale, 37, who tricked girls into performing sexual acts on their webcams by posing as Justin Bieber, pictured, and 1D's Niall Horan, was jailed for minimum of ten years at Plymouth Crown Court.

Goodbye, Reader! We Were Never Meant To Be

In a 2005 article about hecklers, Stewart Lee related an anecdote about his fellow stand-up comic Daniel Kitson. "Privately, the debate continues amongst comedians, 'what is Daniel Kitson doing?' Why, many wonder, does he do [small Edinburgh venue] …

Ancient Human Figure Unearthed In Turkey

ANTAKYA, Turkey, July 30 (UPI) -- An international archaeological team says it's unearthed a large, extraordinary human sculpture at an excavation site in southeast Turkey.

The Strange Devolution Of Obama Campaign Emails: 2008 Vs. 2012

Is it me, or have they gotten dumber? A comparison of the same thirty-day period in both cycles.

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