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July 13, 2012

Everyone Stop What You’re Doing: We’ve Got Surfing Goats

And now for your sort of creepy but also sort of touching story of the day… California dude Dana McGregor originally adopted his pet goat, Goatee, so she could chomp on the foliage around his home. But then he grew to love Goatee as a pet, so he sta…

"Lord Of The Rings" Lego Mondo Poster

Two great geek flavors, together at last. Mondo today unveiled this poster by Kevin Tong at Comic Con. Man, Mondo is KILLING IT at Comic Con.

"Adventure Time" Mondo Poster

Epic. Here's the limited edition poster by Olly Moss, unveiled today at San Diego Comic Con.

Is This "Iron Man 3" Leaked Video Footage?

Warning: If this is true, this post contains spoilers. But if this isn't the stunt crew for Iron Man 3, the only other explanation would be Cirque du Soleil.

D'awww Vader At Comic Con

The littlest Sith Lord gets hoisted upon Dad's shoulders. Spotted outside the convention center in San Diego.

James Bond And Omega

Here's the watch James Bond will be wearing in Skyfall.

An Important Discussion About The 'NBA Superstars' Videos

Agreed. I’d like for this day’s NBA fan to know the Chuck I knew instead of the “Knucklehead” Charles.

The Nerdiest Car At Comic Con

Spotted in the parking lot of the Days Inn at San Diego.

"Walking Dead" Season 3 Trailer

Meet Michonne, then be in awe of her stone cold awesomeness. Fight the dead, fear the living.

The Most Dedicated Boyfriend At Comic-Con

He's definitely a keeper.

"Game Of Thrones" Season 3 Cast Revealed

The Blackfish, the Queen of Thorns AND the Reeds, oh my! Do these actors match the faces in your imagination?

How To Fall Off A Dock With Style And Finesse

Ah, so that's how it's done.

What It Looks Like When Comedians Play Basketball

Paul Rudd, Ken Marino, Jack McBrayer, Kenan Thompson, and Jason Mantzoukas played a round of hoops in goofy clothing over the weekend. If it wasn't being filmed for an upcoming movie (They Came Together, starring Amy Poehler) I'd have paid to get in on this game!

20 Things That Are Way Better In Slow Motion

This is why I watch and listen to all movies and music at 1/4 speed.

Dancing With Myself: The Vintage '80s Workout Video

What do you do if you'd like to get in shape this summer but you absolutely hate exercising? These '80s aerobics videos are so much more entertaining than doing some mindless squats in your living room, and you'll learn some sweet dance moves while you're at it.

Little Kid Falling Off A Sheep

And this is why people aren't meant to ride sheep.

The Streaming Startup That Could Break TV

The miraculous survival of an internet-streaming startup called Aereo may transform internet video and television forever. But not necessarily in the best way for consumers.

Love Kangaroos?

Hate kids? Then you'll love this.

Why "It" Bags So Aren't Worth The Money

Do you really want to go around carrying a purse that costs thousands of dollars that just makes people wonder if it's real or not?

The Best Beer Sign Ever

Newcastle shrugs it shoulders and just tells it like it is. Beer signs about beer signs are the best beer signs.

A Brief History Of Kim And Kanye's Matching Black And White Outfits

Since their relationship became public, KimYe has most often been seen wearing black and white — which is kinda awkward because when Kim married Kris Humphries not too long ago, she required everyone that attended her wedding to do the same!

20 Amazing Animal Superheroes

From Batcat to Superlizard, they're all here to save the day! Using their special superpowers such as "the adorable glance of death" and "fluff-rays," these creatures will rid the earth of evil -- one vacuum cleaner at a time!

Here's HBO's "Girls" Acted By Squirrels

It's called "Sqirls," naturally.

Prince Charles Demonstrates How To Drink Beer Like A Royal

Is touring local pubs around Great Britain one of his royal duties? If it's not I think I just gained a lot of respect for the man (not to mention how he was named Beer Drinker of the Year in 2002)!

DOCUMENTS: Footnotes In Romney Filings Show He Was Active At Bain Long After 1999

Last night on “The War Room” we shared new insights into documents that show Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was active in Bain businesses long after he said he’d left the company. The documents are attached here as PDFs, for review. I…

Breastfeeding Mom Inspires A New Reality Show

The show, Extreme Parenting, will examine unconventional and sometimes dangerous parenting styles. "It's mothers who are leading the way," says the show's creator.

25 Animals Who Are Genuinely Interested In What You Have To Say

Don't stop now. These animals are hanging on your every word.

This Is The World's Hottest Vodka

Naga Chilli Vodka claims to be 100,000 scovilles hot, which according to the makers is up there with habanero peppers. They warn against even drinking this in full shots. (via

Jason Segel Has Mastered The Stealth Starbucks Run

I'm sorry. Secret has mastered the stealth Starbucks run. My bad, Secret.

The Most Super Awesome Summer Movies You've Never Heard Of On Netflix

Looking for ways to indulge your summer jones without actually leaving the house? Here's a couple films that'll keep you in the spirit of the season.

Brutally Honest Summer Movie Posters And Other Links

They're just photoshopping what we're all thinking. Also, heroic movie deaths that benefitted no one and Drew Brees just sign a huge contract.

Is Julie Klausner A Danger To A Baked Beans Pitchpup?

Comedian Julie Klausner has started a grassroots campaign to get to pet Duke, the dog from the Bush's Baked Beans ads. But is she actually up for the task? Is Duke in danger?

Workplace Pet Peeves

We all have things that annoy us -- noisy eaters, drivers who don't use a turn signal, couples who sit next to each other at restaurants. But these are all things that can be ignored. They're not in your face every day of the week, like your colle…

The 8 Hottest Iranian Actresses In Hollywood

Iran's best kept secret may not be their nuclear program but in fact how beautiful their women are.

The Future Of Digital Publishing: A Book You Need To Read On The Street

How a guy without a smart phone will change your reading experience forever.

A Look At The World's Most Expensive Pet Wedding

In New York City on July 12th, a Guinness world record was broken for the most expensive pet wedding, coming in at a cost of $250,000. It was all to benefit the Humane Society of New York. This is what the most expensive pet wedding EVER looks like.

Larry Bird On Whether The 2012 US Olympic Basketball Team Could Beat The Dream Team

Leave it to Larry Bird to have the best response to a dumb debate.

Is This SEC Document The Hardest One For Romney To Explain?

With the Romney campaign aggressively pushing back against reports that the candidate's tenure at Bain Capital lasted longer than he once claimed, one 2000 document filed by Romney could prove particularly difficult to explain away. Among other things the Jan. 3 2000 SEC filing says, "W. Mitt Romney is principally engaged in the business of serving as sole stockholder of BCI VI, Inc. (Bain Capital Investors VI)" — and it contains his signature. That stands in contrast with various financial disclosure forms filed by Romney in recent years claiming that he left the company entirely to run the Salt Lake City Olympics in 1999. H/T James Carter, who sent the document to BuzzFeed.

Woody Weighs In On Instagram

Woody from 'Toy Story' is right. Bitches DO be on Instagram like that.

Sessions' Remark Could Make House Republicans "Fair Game"

Presidential politics trickle down to Congressional races. Buchanan won't release his taxes.

Dear Male Comic, I Am A Woman At Your Comedy Show

It's cool that I'm here, right?

"Community" Season 3 Gag Reel Features Annie Rapping

She's pretty good, actually. Move over Tina Fey, Childish Gambino just found a new duet partner. Plus a few highlights from the Community SDCC Panel.

How To Take An Awesome Yearbook Photo: A Guide By Famous Athletes

No one can escape the embarrassment (or occasional triumph) of the yearbook photo.

What's One Beauty Product You Can't Live Without?

A favorite brand of mascara? A hard-to-find shampoo?

Apple's EPEAT Turnaround

Last week, the tech giant hastily abandoned the green product registry (and deleted their list of already-certified offerings, to boot.) Today, they say they're sorry.

5 Steampunk Fashion Tips For Women

A contemporary take on Victorian sci-fi, steampunk isn't just a pop-culture genre — it's also a fashion aesthetic and lifestyle. And its female adherents say it's especially awesome — even the corsets.

The Coolest Paper Animal Sculptures Ever

Colombian artist Diana Beltrán Herrera is instantly one of my favorite artists. These are SO. TOTALLY. AWESOME.

White Nationalist CPAC Panelist's Website Attacks Condoleezza Rice

A chain email and a post on take on the Condi-for-veep movement.

Small Artisanal Food Purveyors Make Really Delicious Food

We ate our way through NYC's Super(Duper) Market, a three-day pop-up artisanal food shop. Lots of sweets and bacon-infused popcorn ahead.

The Evolution Of Hayley Williams Photo

Hayley Williams is a seemingly unwilling fashion icon, which is what makes her style all the more charming and alluring. The Paramore frontwoman has made her mark on music as the tiny girl with the big, big vocal chords, and her clothing, while an e…

49 Coolest Pokémon Items On Etsy

Etsy has Pokémon EVERYTHING!

The Universe Is Watching You On Twitter


Why Britney Spears Is Going To Be The Best Judge Ever

Here's everything you could possibly need to know about how Britney's been doing as a judge on X-Factor so far. She's basically killing it. Britney's back... again.

Career Confidential: The Art Therapist With Dangerously Psychotic Patients

I work with patients from all walks of life, from the homeless schizophrenic man you see on the street to the post-collegiate member of the 99 percent who just experienced her first psychotic break.

Why The First Openly Gay Male Athlete In A Team Sport Won't Play Hockey Or Football

If you're wondering why there still aren't any openly gay players in professional sports, Devils defenseman Cam Janssen's recent comments should give you some idea.

Pip The Kitten Isn't Quite Like Everybody Else

Pip can't walk normally on his two front legs, because they were born bent. That hasn't slowed him down one bit, though, as Pip has learned to walk on his elbows, jump around on his elbows, and be ludicrously, overwhelmingly adorable on his elbows. Pip, Pip, hooray!

The Most Important Tech Company You've Never Heard Of

Information about every cell phone in the country is in a Neustar database. Which is why it's kind of weird that 400 or so companies trust them to deal with law enforcement surveillance requests. [UPDATED]

It’s Time To Take A Break, Channing Tatum

Yesterday morning, around 6:45 EST, Channing Tatum participated in a Twitter Q&A with the UK’s Glamour Magazine. Among the things that Glamour readers asked and Tatum responded to were: if he’d play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey (“Yes, but …

Showtime Brings Memes To Comic-Con

First Rule of Internet: Don't bring the Internet out of the Internet. Second Rule of Internet: Don't bring the Internet out of the Internet.

Why You Should Be Watching "Teen Wolf"

MTV just renewed Teen Wolf for another season. If you aren't watching, you probably want to, and here's why.

Witness The $250,000 Pet Wedding

It's been called the most expensive pet wedding in the history of pet weddings. The bride wore a $6,000 custom wedding dress, guests feasted on a $5,000 sushi spread, and Triumph the Insult Comic officiated. But before you go rolling your eyes: it was all a fundraiser for the Humane Society.

41 Easy Things To Do With Mason Jars

Whether you're decorating, organizing, or preparing gifts, there are a myriad of adorable ways to use leftover jars. You'll want to throw a backyard party just to take advantage of these lighting and centerpiece ideas.

21 Reasons You Should Be Following The Goofiest Baseball Player On Twitter

In a sport that's often accused of being boring, Logan Morrison is doing everything he can to entertain.

What She Said: Women Who Cook

Jenny Mollen stages the perfect home-cooked meal for Jason Biggs.

How To Handle Twitter #FollowFridays With Dignity

There's one simple rule: Don't #FF anybody with more than 10,000 followers. Also, how should you deal with the aftermath of a horrible drunk text you sent?

Watch Bill Nye The Science Guy Roll His Science Eyes At CNN

A CNN anchor tries to argue about climate change with Bill Nye the Science Guy. Spoiler alert: She does't win.

Have You Seen This Roomba?

Is he lost, or did he flee? Where does a Roomba flee too, anyway? What is the robot vacuum equivalent of a beach in Fiji? A skating rink? The salt flats? An omnidirectional treadmill?

Awful Bad Man Jeremy Sisto Of "Clueless" Doesn't Know What A "Monet" Is

How does he not know one of the most crucial terms from the movie!?


Please interpret this street "art" installation made out of carrots on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Adrianne Curry's Comic-Con Outfit Is Quite Unusual (And Not In The Way You Think)

Curry has notoriously shown up to Comic Con each year dressed as a sexy, scantily-clad geek idol — and last year she was thrown out of the event for showing too much skin. This year she went in a different direction.

8 Classic Nerd Maneuvers Tops The Morning Links

Still no literal translation for "l;ajdfl;kajslkdfsajdflks;j" to English. Plus, Kate Holmes wants to change Suri's name and LiLo is going bald.

Kitten Stowaway Survives A 6,500-Mile Trip From Shanghai To Los Angeles

"Ni Hao" (what workers at the Carson Animal Center have been calling her) was trapped inside a container aboard a freighter. She was discovered after the container was delivered, a bit dehydrated but otherwise healthy. She will be placed for adoption after her quarantine is cleared and she receives her vaccinations.

New Political Money Flows To Romney

The Republican gets $50,000 or more from 22 people who haven't given big political money before. Obama's new donors: Bill Maher, Chelsea Handler, and five more.

Friday Favorites: The Most Awesome Candy Ad Ever

A new BuzzFeed feature: The best ads from recent years.

Members Of Congress Respond To Allegations They Edited Their Wikipedia Pages

"We wanted to make sure it was accurate," says Rep. Smith. "Rep. Candice Miller does not look at Wikipedia," an aide says.

The Top 10 Highest-Paid Stars Under 30

Forbes released their list of the highest earning stars from May 2011- May 2012. A.K.A. the list of people who are probably younger than you, but wayyy richer.

iPhone 5 On Sale In China Even Though It Hasn't Been Released Yet

Apple Inc's iPhone 5 has not even been released yet, but opportunistic sellers on China's largest e-commerce platform, Taobao, are already accepting pre-orders of up to £750.

19 Flavorful Ways To Liven Up Your Summer Ice Cubes

Rather than worrying what kind of drinks you're serving at your next dinner party, maybe you should be thinking about what sort of fancy ice cubes you want to make. You'll feel refreshed just looking at these.

Brut Is Semen?

"The Essence of Man." Apparently.

This Is What Happens When You Run A Red Light

People are crazy. A good reminder to buckle up!

In Homophobic Industries, Gay Men Struggle To Blaze A Trail

Sports, construction, and other male-dominated fields remain very unfriendly to gay employees. But a few are working to make things better for everyone.

Kyrie Irving Challenges Kobe Bryant To One-On-One, Hilarious Trash Talk Ensues

Kobe takes pity on Kyrie's rookie contract and delays the game for one year, but that doesn't mean he doesn't talk some magnificent trash.

Audio Exclusive: The Speech That Landed Condi On Romney's List

A call to "storm Washington D.C." Speculation in Park City that "she wants to be Vice President."

Romney Asks $50,000 For A Jerusalem Event

All it takes is a passport and a billfold.

Bright Lights, Big Secret

One year ago up-and-coming reporter Jose Antonio Vargas revealed to the country he is here illegally. Here he speaks for the first time about the price he paid, the controversy he caused, and why figures like Mark Zuckerberg and Aaron Sorkin rallied to his aid.

Interview: How Arkham City Goes From Opening Credits To Open World In Ten Minutes Flat From

For their return trip to Gotham City, developer Rocksteady focused on empowering players as quickly as possible.

Breaking: Romney Was 100% Stakeholder In 11 Bain Companies Later Than 1999

“The War Room” and Current TV have uncovered further evidence of Mitt Romney’s lies about the extent of his ties to Bain after 1999, when he claims to have left the company. A 2003 document with the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission state that R…

I Took A Spin Class With The Victoria’s Secret Angels

Imagine taking spin class for the first time in your life. Now imagine the other girls riding stationary alongside you are the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Pretty intimidating, right? Well, that’s exactly what I did last night at SoulCycle in Manhattan…

James Bond And Omega - AskMen

Here's the watch James Bond will be wearing in Skyfall.

Neil Gaiman To Write New "Sandman" Story

And then the Internet exploded. Comic-Con over. Everyone go home. Update: Art!

Teens To Demonstrate Outside Teen Vogue Offices Tomorrow To Demand ‘Real Images Of Real Girls’

Back in April, 14-year old Julia Bluhm petitioned Seventeen to stop digitally altering models’ faces and bodies. She got 85,000 signatures, staged a demonstration outside Seventeen‘s offices and met with Seventeen EIC Anne Shoket, who, in response, …

Perennial Fashion It-Girl Chloe Sevigny Still Can’t Get Valentino To Loan Her A Dress

As an actress, fashion plate and literally the poster girl for downtown cool, you’d think Chloe Sevigny would be able to snap her fingers and get access to any designer items she wanted. But, as it turns out, that’s not so. The poor girl still can’t…

YSL Is Offering An Eye Shadow Palette Inspired By Facebook

Some pretty unusual things inspire beauty collaborations these days: Miss Piggy, super hero movies, and caviar are just some recent examples. The latest? YSL’s newest limited edition eye shadow palette was inspired by…Facebook. Beauty brands often u…

GTA 5 Preview For PC, PS3, 360 From

For the best Previews of GTA 5 for PC, PS3, 360, check out this page on

Steam Summer Sale Demands Your Wallet Be At The Ready

The latest viral buzz from

Zombie Man Bites Florida Homeowners, Police

Despite assurances from the CDC that zombies do not, in fact, exist, strange things keep happening in Florida.

"Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" Full Trailer

Live action trailer? Live action trailer. We can't all be Master Chief, but we can all try.

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