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July 26, 2012

39 Celebrity Gossip Stories We Used To Care About

People Magazine's archives are an amazingly hilarious walk down memory lane. Especially knowing now how these stories ended up, you wonder how we didn't see it all coming.

A Must-Watch For Anyone Who's Ever Been Annoyed By A Wedding

"Objectively awful couple Ross Bird and Jessica Black want their upcoming wedding to be a true reflection of who they are as human beings," The Onion reports. "Sources claim that a reading of Walt Whitman's poetry, a bunch of candles and f*cking mason jars, and an Instagram photo booth will truly capture the essence of the insufferable pair."

The Most Inspirational Comics You'll Ever Read

Zen Pencils is a beautiful and amazing webcomic done by Gavin Aung Than that illustrates some of history's most famous motivational quotes. Get ready to feel a lot of feels.

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