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July 26, 2012

A Possum Eating A Strawberry

Some people think America's only marsupials are no more than overgrown rats, but by the looks of this guy's adorable nom-ing, this stance needs to be re-evaluated... Pretty darn cute.

Horizon Pharma: Rayos FDA Approval Thursday Seems Likely

Perhaps the biggest risk to Horizon going into tomorrow's FDA approval decision is the stock's run from $4 to $7.50 over the past six weeks. That's a big move ahead of a major catalyst and can often lead to a significant sell off once Rayos' approva…

A Must-Watch For Anyone Who's Ever Been Annoyed By A Wedding

"Objectively awful couple Ross Bird and Jessica Black want their upcoming wedding to be a true reflection of who they are as human beings," The Onion reports. "Sources claim that a reading of Walt Whitman's poetry, a bunch of candles and f*cking mason jars, and an Instagram photo booth will truly capture the essence of the insufferable pair."

How To Be An Egg

Twitter broke down this morning and then turned lots of avatars into eggs. And people had Feelings.

Eliot Spitzer: 'We Are Boycotting Chick-Fil-A'

Chick-fil-A makes a great chicken sandwich — and I used to like getting one, with their amazing lemonade — whenever I was in the South. Chick-fil-A’s are as numerous there as Starbucks on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In fact, before I knew more…

The Pageantry Of Politics

Like pageants, elections are carefully orchestrated displays of candidates' poise and ability to connect with audiences. I think we can all agree that what this country's most important politicians are truly missing more than anything is the dramatic styling and beautiful makeup the glitz pageant competitors (as seen on such fine programming as Toddlers & Tiaras) have perfected over the years. Thanks to the power of retouching we can imagine how that would look.

Jay Carney Pressed On Leaks, Calls Allegations “Preposterous”

At a press briefing today White House press secretary Jay Carney refused to comment on the two FBI investigations into national security leaks. Carney said it was "an insult and preposterous to suggest that the White House would leak classified information for political gain."

A Pair Of White Lion Babies

These fluffy little cubs were born at the Parque Loro Zoo in Puebla. They are only one-week old and they're already breakin' hearts with their fluffiness.

Anaheim Protests Rage Three Miles Outside Disneyland

Last weekend, police officers shot and killed two men in the heavily Latino city that's also home to the Happiest Place on Earth. There have now been five officer-related civilian deaths in Anaheim since the year began, and residents are fighting back.

29 Ideal Travel Bags For Your Next Trip

Trying to find the right size bag with the right number of pockets for trips gets so frustrating, especially when style is of concern. It's pretty much impossible to feel like a fabulous jetsetter when you're carrying 30 pounds of crap and standing in a long, miserable line — but investing in one of these cute bags might ease your pain somewhat.

US Beach Volleyball Team Really Wants To Meet Prince Harry

Says player April Ross, "We've tried as hard as we can to get in touch with Prince Harry. We've Tweeted him, we've stalked him Facebook. We thought because he was so into volleyball he would have got back to us. But no luck so far."

Vogue‘s 2012 September Issue Will Be Its Largest Ever

According to a spokesperson, this September’s Lady Gaga-covered Vogue will have 658 ad pages, which marks a nearly 14% growth from last year–that’s double digit growth on top of double digit growth for the last two years, thank you very much Anna Wi…

28 Drugs Facing FDA Approval In 2012-2013

Biotech and drug stocks below are listed in chronological order based on the closest regulatory catalyst. Amarin(AMRN) Drug/indication: Vascepa for triglyceride reduction Approval decision date: July 26 Horizon Pharmaceuticals(HZNP) …

"Moon Dust Is Icing Sugar" Photo

Moon dust is Icing Sugar - Daniel Sannwald for Pop Magazine Check out this amazing tutorial Daniel Sannwald shot for Pop magazine. I've been decorating my house all over the top candy colors so i'm really feeling these photos right now. I've been on…

Maureen Dowd, Cub Reporter

It’s easy to look at our media industrial complex and forget that its members were once young and hungry, that they had to hustle, grease sources and report stories within an inch of life. One can imagine these scrappers delirious just to see a byli…

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