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    18 Pop Culture Hello Kitties That Need To Exist

    Hello Kitty could be making a fortune here. They aren't even real (yet) and already I'm throwing my money at my monitor.

    1. Loki

    Hey Sanrio! You need to hire Joseph Senior immediately and start cranking these things out.

    Joseph, known on Flickr as YodaFlicker has been compiling Hello Kitty creations since 2006. As an illustrator living in New Zealand, the project began as a way to pay homage to George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise and branched out from there.

    His goal is created 101 Pop Culture Kitties and to date has 88 complete. You can see the entire set over here.

    2. Batman

    3. Toy Story

    4. Wolverine

    5. Halo

    6. Friday The 13th

    7. Robocop

    8. Star Wars

    9. A Clockwork Orange

    10. Watchmen

    11. Hell Boy

    12. Ghostbusters

    13. Spider-Man

    14. Wonder Woman

    15. Kill Bill

    16. Aquaman

    17. Thor

    18. TMNT