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July 23, 2012

Is This Card Racist?

I found this card at Rite Aid, and I almost couldn't believe it was on the shelf.

Romney Often Knocked Politicians Who Criticized President's Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney is attacking the President's foreign policy tonight in an appearance on CNBC, and could to do so on his trip overseas this week. But in the past, Romney said he believed "politics end at the water's edge." An issue that could complicate his foreign trip.

Banksy Reveals Two Olympics-Inspired Pieces

It's almost like the famed street artist doesn't get emotional and nostalgic at the thought of the Olympics.

15 Reasons To Root For UK Olympic Fencer James Honeybone

Admittedly, most of these 15 have to do with the fact that he's cute and kind of punk rock looking.

Some People Still Don't Understand What Joe Paterno Did Wrong

Twitter, meet the Freeh report. Freeh report, meet Twitter. The next time you hear someone defend Joe Paterno, you might want to send them this.

Minka Kelly. Has A Sex Tape.

It seems like every celebrity sex tape always has at least one major problem. Either it’s a celebrity you never actually wanted to see have sex, or the footage shakes around like they’re being chased by the Cloverfield monster, or there’s som…

‘The Dark Knight Rises’: And Michael Caine Wept

EK: The Dark Knight Rises was $250 million. So are these movies being made for about as much as they used to be? Or considerably more?

The 13 Biggest Consequences Of Allowing Gays To Be Boy Scouts

Last week, the Boy Scouts of America announced that after completing a 2 year study, they would be upholding their ban on gays. Damn straight. Makes sense to me. Here's why.


What have you done, Bear? Don't worry, everything is not as it appears.

Sally Ride Is Dead At 61

Sally Ride, the first American woman to enter space, has died from cancer at age 61.

Gwen Stefani's 31 Most Memorable Hairstyles

Spanning from 1989 - 2012. You can do a lot with your hair in 23 years.

This Is A Voltron Made Of Nicholas Cage Faces

So, yeah. That happened. (Thanks, justgwyn.)

Fact Check: Olympians Did Not Melt Grindr

But Grindr kind of wishes they did!

Boston Mayor Will Fight To Keep Chick-Fil-A Out Of His City

And he released a rather blunt statement on the matter. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was none too pleased when he heard that Chick-fil-A wanted to open a location near the city's historic Freedom Trail. Menino found Chick-fil-A's anti-gay record to be at odds with his city's stance on equality.

That Guy From "Whose Line Is It Anyway" Re-Enacts Star Wars

You're right, that was way easier. Everyone's favorite balding impromptu actor, Colin Mochrie, takes a light-hearted jab at the Star Wars franchise.

Actor Josh Malina Talks 'The Newsroom,' 'Scandal' And Why He's Going Hungry For Food Stamps

Actor Josh Malina, who has appeared in nearly every Aaron Sorkin show from “Sports Night” to “The West Wing” and now co-stars in ABC’s “Scandal,” stops by Rebel HQ to talk about his participation in the #Snap4aWeek challenge.

Raw 1000 Open Discussion Thread, With Action Bronson, Dennis Haskins And Derrick Bateman

Tonight’s the big night when WWE Raw celebrates an unprecedented 1000 episodes, and With Leather is throwing a party. In addition to tonight’s normal open discussion thread, we’re bringing in a few special guests to talk WWE, pop culture, and most …

18 Household Tips That Will Help You Get Through Your Everyday Life

How did I make it this far without knowing these?

The Dark Knight Rises Review, By Vince Mancini For

Much in the manner of Prometheus, the film is gorgeous, and the big ideas are mature and ambitious, but on a micro level, it’s a mess. Nolan is like the Mussolini of action movie directors, where he’s clearly operating on the assumption that the end…

Romney: Assad Has To Go

Romney tells Larry Kudlow that Obama has been too soft on Assad. "I think from the very beginning we misread the setting in Syria," he says.

Chris Hemsworth Walking With His Baby In His Arms: An Appreciation Post

He makes fatherhood look so darn handsome. In other news, DILF ALERT!!

23 Insightful Journal Entries From Elementary Schoolers

Out of the mouths of babes, right? I can safely say the majority of these kids are smarter than me.

The US Men's Basketball Team Is All Like, "Road Trip!!!!!!"

If they don't win gold, it won't be because they don't get along. Their exhibition tour is basically a caravan of good vibes, and it's all on Instagram .

Meet The 22-Year-Old Orthodox Jewish Diva Running For New York State Senate

22-year-old Brooklynite Mindy Meyer is running on the Republican and Conservative party lines. Her website features leopard print text, animated GIFs and a soundtrack by LMFAO.

Baltic Sea Regurgitates Unknown Creature

So is this an unknown species of sea worm? Or animal intestines? Or ALIENS? You be the judge.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Tattoos: The Good, The Bad And The WTF

Monday, July 23rd marked the one year anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death. Let's take a look at some of the best, worst, and downright wrong Amy Winehouse tattoos.

The Westboro Baptist Church Stand With Chick-Fil-A

And as you know, they support pretty much nothing.

Choose Your Own Superhero Origin And Other Links

Are you superhero material? Also, the best of zombie wedding cakes and lobsters are getting weirder by the minute.

21 New Rules For Bathing Suits

In Miami, swimwear designers are displaying their latest creations — the things the masses will have the ability to buy and wear the next time beach season rolls around. Prep for that occasion with these simple guidelines.

7 Pictures Of Gabby Giffords Climbing The French Alps

The former Congresswoman, who was almost killed in a shooting last January, scaled the French Alps with her husband astronaut Mark Kelly. The trip was part of a milestone to unveil a plate for the 100th anniversary of the discovery of cosmic rays by Victor Hess.

Mariah Carey Is The Newest "American Idol" Judge

It's official, Mimi signed on today to join the AI team.

Avril Lavigne Can't Keep Her Hands Off Her Big-Breasted Friend

Let's examine the following photos of Avril frolicking hand-in-hand with her girlfriend in Mexico. Do you think Avril's taking a dip in the ladypond or are these girls who just wanna have fun?

The Running Of The Brides

Bride riot! Photos of the annual bridal race in Belgrade, Serbia.

25 Incredible Pictures Of Arizona's Weekend Haboob

A huge dust storm, otherwise known as a haboob, swept across Arizona this weekend. The pictures, as usual, are pretty awesome. I have to see one of these IRL before I die. So cool.

Fred Willard Tweets His First Statement About His Arrest

Another reason to love Fred Willard.

5 Reasons Rob Portman Is More Interesting Than You Think

Romney VP hopeful: not so vanilla. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman dodged prying questions about the veepstakes by discussing his wild and crazy yogurt preferences.

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Kiss: Intimate Pictures Of New Couple At Steve Jobs Movie Wrap Party

Despite being surrounded by a host of fellow attendees at the a Hollywood venue, Demi Moore's estranged husband Ashton and Mila only had eyes for each other.

James Holmes: 'Dark Knight Massacre Gunman' Appears In Court As Prosecutors Seek The Death Penalty

James Holmes, 24, who reportedly told police he dyed his hair red to look like Batman's nemesis The Joker, looked straight ahead in Arapahoe County Courthouse as the judge advised him of the case.

How To Celebrate An Orangutan's 50th Birthday

No one likes turning 50, but cake usually helps.

Magic Johnson Parties On Rihanna's Yacht

A yacht that from what we can see looks to be filled entirely with ladies.

Stripping Penn State's Wins Doesn't Even Work As Symbolism

The NCAA's fixation with "vacating" wins is a perfect example of the organization's flaws.

Checking Into Bars That Don't Exist (Anymore)

An app that acts like Foursquare, circa 1966. And that's only one way retro-cartographers are looking to re-map the past.

What I Can't

The feeling is mutual, I'm sure.

How To Get Summer's 27 Best Hairstyles

Sometimes it takes a little work to get that effortless, romantic summer look. Here are 27 styles with how-to diagrams to try for everything from that wedding you have to attend to a day at the beach.

Secret London Inside London Inside England

The City of London is kinda like a secular Vatican. It exists inside London as a seperate entity with its own mayor, its own flag and own crest.

Mila Kunis Is Dating Ashton Kutcher

It's official. Basically. They've been caught by a creepy photographer who managed to get a shot of them kissing at the wrap party for Jobs .

Ralph Fiennes Has A Gnarly Beard

Just FYI. Somebody alert the people behind the tumblr that's entirely dedicated to it.

Bob The Owl Reluctantly "Runs" The 100 Centimeter Sprint

See, even owls have pushy parents that make them do things they don't want to do. Poor Bob.

Yahoo News Editor-In-Chief Says Her Pregnancy "Didn't Faze" Company At All

Hillary Frey has a new baby and a new job: editor-in-chief of Yahoo News. She talks to BuzzFeed Shift about what it's like to be a working mom at Yahoo — which will soon have a widely analyzed new mom CEO — and her plans for the news division.

18 Photos Of Albert Einstein Being Super Chill

Your favorite theoretical physicist was also one cool dude.

Aurora Theater Survivor Returns To See The Dark Knight Rises

As so often happens surrounding a senseless tragedy, in response to the Aurora theater shooting, there have been a lot of symbolic gestures of dubious symbolism. Premieres were canceled. Studios postponed reporting box office totals for a day. (Does…

"Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens" Movie Now A Reality

Thanks Yahoo!...wait, what? Dynamite Entertainment teamed up with Grant Morrison to bring the world the motion comic it didn't know it always wanted.

How This Season Of "The Bachelorette" Ended

Let's all enjoy watching someone get dumped on national television.

David Hasselhoff Had A Big 60th Birthday Party

It was called "Hoff The Hook" and I don't know why it happened.

Why You Shouldn't Showboat BEFORE You Score A Touchdown

You'll never get out of the Canadian Football League if you keep doing dumb stuff like this.

The Muppets Are Done With Chick-Fil-A

All proceeds The Jim Henson company has received from Chick-Fil-A will be donated to GLAAD. Boom.

30 Unexpected And Funky Throw Pillows

Add some spunk to your sofa with: banana pillows, scrabble pillows, SHOE pillows... when it comes to plushy home decorations, the possibilities are infinitely clever.

This Is The Best Prank Ever

Jack Vale went around asking people if they have seen anyone who matches the description he gives, oblivious to the fact that the person he describes is them. Gold.

First Look At James Holmes After Aurora Shooting

From his hearing in court today. He will be formally charged next Monday.

Not Sure Who The Loser Is Here

Wheatpaste Snapped in Williamsburg Brooklyn, of course.

Bristol Palin's Son Calls His Aunt Willow A Faggot

I wonder how he learned that one?

Is Agent Coulson Really Dead?

This may or may not be a spoiler, so read at your own risk.

Church Hates 50 Shades Of Grey

Finally! I've been waiting for a 50 Shades church sign for a while now.

Here Are A Bunch Of Terrible Nintendo Puns

But those are the best kind of Nintendo puns, right?

Korea Has Invented Something Much Worse Than The Shake Weight

Or much better? I didn't think it was possible to be more suggestive than a shake weight, but it absolutely is.

Mike Huckabee Creates Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

In response to the "vicious hate speech and intolerant bigotry from the left" about Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A who recently reaffirmed his "traditional" views on marriage, Mike Huckabee has started a Facebook event called "Chick Fil-A Apprecation Day."

Inspiring Story Of Heroism During The Aurora Shooting

After meeting with survivors and families of the victims, President Obama tells the incredible story of Allie Young And Stephanie Davies.

Fashion Editors Look To The Future With... GIFs!

Welcome to the Internet, guys!

The Hologram Invasion

First came Tupac. A short story about the horrifying future of the music industry.

Video Of Aurora Shooter At 18

James Holmes, the alleged Aurora shooter, speaks at science camp about an illusion that allows you to change the past. Also revealed: his dream to own a Slurpee machine.

YouPorn Offers Fred Willard A Free Computer

Good news for Fred Willard over the weekend, as not only has he been offered a deal to avoid being charged for lewd conduct if he takes a counseling course, YouPorn wants to give him a free computer. Also, I think that guy who shot a bunch of people…

The NCAA Sanctions Penn State With Giant Fine, Vacated Wins, Bowl Ban, And More

The punishment is severe, but is it severe enough?

The 12 Best Moments From The "Teen Choice Awards"

They were fun in their usual way, but here are the standout moments.

A Timeline Of Barack Obama And Mitt Romney's Positions On Guns

The White House suggested Sunday President Obama would not make a push for more gun control following Friday's deadly shooting in Colorado. Here is every public position we could find Obama and Mitt Romney taking on the issue.

Mike Huckabee "Incensed" By Criticism Of Chick-Fil-A

Also trying to make August 1 "Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day."

Laura Marling Photo We've Got You Covered's Photos

I wish I could say Laura Marling is nothing more than a musician and leave it at that, but I can’t. She is pure magic—though I’m not sure how she does it. Laura’s lyrics are like the lost verse of some great poet and she pairs them with tunes that a…

My Teenage Icon - Alison Mosshart Photo We've Got You Covered's Photos

Everything about Alison Mosshart means teenage icon to me. She has style, writes amazing music, and is a great performer. She's somebody that people want to be. She's an amazing artist and her stage presence is unforgetful. Check out The Vaccines br…

Ferrell, Galifianakis Deface Each Other's Hollywood Billboards

Mildly Cute 3-D stunt for "The Campaign."

Women Make Big Gains In Canadian First Nations Leadership

Women recently made up half the candidates in a nationwide election for chief of the Assembly of First Nations, and First Nations (native Canadian) women say they're gaining political power. Says Michele Audette, president of the Quebec Native Women’s Association, “We started to think, we have to work with the men, and have a healing process. And we have to work with the women, and empower them."

Alex Turner Photo We've Got You Covered's Photos

Alex Turner is the ultimate teenage icon. At the tender age of 19 he was fronting one of the most hyped about bands of our generation and made music history by being the fastest selling debut album in UK chart history. When most bands fold under the…

Julia Roberts Shows Off Her Enviable Figure In A Green Bikini But Soon Decides To Cover Up With Swimsuit And Sarong

Most 44-year-old women would love to have figure like Julia Roberts but perhaps the actress isn't so comfortable in her own skin.

Romney Praises Obama For Aurora Visit

At a San Francisco fundraiser, magnanimous words for the President, who's also in town today. Romney reveals meeting with the Australian foreign minister.

Giveaway Alert: Wildflower Cases On Ashlee Holmes' Blog

Hey you guys! As some of you may already know, phone cases have become a pretty important staple in your wardrobe. Lately it seems like everyone is in competition with each other to see who can have a cooler iPhone case. WELL LADIES, PROBLEM SOLVED!…

The Dark Knight Rises Costume Facts

Everything you need you need to know about the costumes of the biggest film of the summer.

UK Tabloids Can’t Tell Which Blonde Model Prince Harry Is Dating

Looks like the UK tabs and gossip sites can’t tell their blonde models apart. A report in questionable site Showbiz Spy went so far as to report that “Prince Harry has a new girlfriend — model Cara Delevingne.” This is not the case. Indeed, several …

Watch No Doubt's First Live TV Performance In Over A Decade

Here's the band's first televised performance of "Settle Down" from tonight's Teen Choice Awards. The '90s revival is in full swing — are you prepared to embrace it?

Fashion At The 2012 Teen Choice Awards

Do you think No Doubt felt really old walking down the red carpet? (I feel old just watching it.)

Carmelo Anthony And The Most Labored Basketball Analogy Ever

I'm guessing La La wrote this one. Or maybe the Met made it up. But if Carmelo actually said these words, I'm positive every other NBA player has given him crap for it.

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