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July 23, 2012

Minka Kelly. Has A Sex Tape.

It seems like every celebrity sex tape always has at least one major problem. Either it’s a celebrity you never actually wanted to see have sex, or the footage shakes around like they’re being chased by the Cloverfield monster, or there’s som…


What have you done, Bear? Don't worry, everything is not as it appears.

The Dark Knight Rises Review, By Vince Mancini For

Much in the manner of Prometheus, the film is gorgeous, and the big ideas are mature and ambitious, but on a micro level, it’s a mess. Nolan is like the Mussolini of action movie directors, where he’s clearly operating on the assumption that the end…

Romney: Assad Has To Go

Romney tells Larry Kudlow that Obama has been too soft on Assad. "I think from the very beginning we misread the setting in Syria," he says.

21 New Rules For Bathing Suits

In Miami, swimwear designers are displaying their latest creations — the things the masses will have the ability to buy and wear the next time beach season rolls around. Prep for that occasion with these simple guidelines.

7 Pictures Of Gabby Giffords Climbing The French Alps

The former Congresswoman, who was almost killed in a shooting last January, scaled the French Alps with her husband astronaut Mark Kelly. The trip was part of a milestone to unveil a plate for the 100th anniversary of the discovery of cosmic rays by Victor Hess.

How To Get Summer's 27 Best Hairstyles

Sometimes it takes a little work to get that effortless, romantic summer look. Here are 27 styles with how-to diagrams to try for everything from that wedding you have to attend to a day at the beach.

Aurora Theater Survivor Returns To See The Dark Knight Rises

As so often happens surrounding a senseless tragedy, in response to the Aurora theater shooting, there have been a lot of symbolic gestures of dubious symbolism. Premieres were canceled. Studios postponed reporting box office totals for a day. (Does…

30 Unexpected And Funky Throw Pillows

Add some spunk to your sofa with: banana pillows, scrabble pillows, SHOE pillows... when it comes to plushy home decorations, the possibilities are infinitely clever.

This Is The Best Prank Ever

Jack Vale went around asking people if they have seen anyone who matches the description he gives, oblivious to the fact that the person he describes is them. Gold.

Mike Huckabee Creates Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

In response to the "vicious hate speech and intolerant bigotry from the left" about Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A who recently reaffirmed his "traditional" views on marriage, Mike Huckabee has started a Facebook event called "Chick Fil-A Apprecation Day."

The Hologram Invasion

First came Tupac. A short story about the horrifying future of the music industry.

Video Of Aurora Shooter At 18

James Holmes, the alleged Aurora shooter, speaks at science camp about an illusion that allows you to change the past. Also revealed: his dream to own a Slurpee machine.

YouPorn Offers Fred Willard A Free Computer

Good news for Fred Willard over the weekend, as not only has he been offered a deal to avoid being charged for lewd conduct if he takes a counseling course, YouPorn wants to give him a free computer. Also, I think that guy who shot a bunch of people…

Laura Marling Photo We've Got You Covered's Photos

I wish I could say Laura Marling is nothing more than a musician and leave it at that, but I can’t. She is pure magic—though I’m not sure how she does it. Laura’s lyrics are like the lost verse of some great poet and she pairs them with tunes that a…

Women Make Big Gains In Canadian First Nations Leadership

Women recently made up half the candidates in a nationwide election for chief of the Assembly of First Nations, and First Nations (native Canadian) women say they're gaining political power. Says Michele Audette, president of the Quebec Native Women’s Association, “We started to think, we have to work with the men, and have a healing process. And we have to work with the women, and empower them."

Alex Turner Photo We've Got You Covered's Photos

Alex Turner is the ultimate teenage icon. At the tender age of 19 he was fronting one of the most hyped about bands of our generation and made music history by being the fastest selling debut album in UK chart history. When most bands fold under the…

Romney Praises Obama For Aurora Visit

At a San Francisco fundraiser, magnanimous words for the President, who's also in town today. Romney reveals meeting with the Australian foreign minister.

Giveaway Alert: Wildflower Cases On Ashlee Holmes' Blog

Hey you guys! As some of you may already know, phone cases have become a pretty important staple in your wardrobe. Lately it seems like everyone is in competition with each other to see who can have a cooler iPhone case. WELL LADIES, PROBLEM SOLVED!…

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