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How To Get Summer's 27 Best Hairstyles

Sometimes it takes a little work to get that effortless, romantic summer look. Here are 27 styles with how-to diagrams to try for everything from that wedding you have to attend to a day at the beach.

1. Insanely Easy Knotted Ponytail


3. Twisted Updo

4. Braid-Wrapped Ponytail

5. Braided Bun

6. Messy Bun/Ponytail Hybrid

7. Ballerina Braid Bun

8. A Ponytail with Height

9. Braided Updo

10. Another Braided Bun


12. Accessory Ideas for Your Bun

13. Maiden Braids

14. The Messy Twist

15. The Side Braid

16. Twisty Buns

17. The Waterfall Braid

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Watch a tutorial here.

18. The Quick Twist for Short to Medium Hair

19. Reverse Crown Braid

20. Braided-Back Bun

21. Turn a Head Scarf into a Turban

22. An Updated Chignon

23. Side Chignon for Medium-Length Hair

24. Double Boho Braid

25. Cascade Braids for Medium-Length Hair

26. The Donut Bun

27. Easy Braided Bun

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