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Whitney Jefferson • 3 days ago

40 More Things From The Late '90s That Women Now Between The Ages Of 33-45 Used To Do

"OMG, I used to think that looked so cute!" —you, after reading this

Brian Galindo • 3 days ago

44 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That'll Change The Way You Look At Marvel Movies

Green screen battle scenes, funny videos from set, and all the moments you didn't get to see. Light spoilers ahead!

Whitney Jefferson • 7 days ago

The Cast Of "Detective Pikachu" Finds Out Which Pokémon They Are

If Ryan Reynolds, Kathryn Newton, and Justice Smith were Pokémon, who would they be?

Whitney Jefferson • 8 days ago

40 Lies Teen Girls Told Themselves In The Early 2000s

Fact: Mixing a bunch of Bath & Body Works body sprays did NOT give you a lovely signature scent.

Brian Galindo • 8 days ago

24 Of The Best Tweets About The Met Gala

“Shawn Mendes is only 20 so I kept tequila in here just for him.” —Miley Cyrus

Whitney Jefferson • 13 days ago

37 People Who Really Committed To Their Look At The Met Gala This Year

From the incredible to the straight-up weird, these were the most daring Met Gala looks of the night.

Whitney Jefferson • 14 days ago

Poll: Rate These Met Gala Looks

Which Met Gala look do you love and which do you loathe?

Whitney Jefferson • 14 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • 14 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • 21 days ago

101 Photos Of Marvel Actors From Over 10 Years Of Red Carpets And Press Tours

No spoilers here! Just a *happy* stroll down memory lane, in honor of Avengers: Endgame.

Whitney Jefferson • 22 days ago

"Chambers" Star Sivan Alyra Rose Tells Us About Her First Times

The star of Chambers tells us all about her first times!

Whitney Jefferson • 23 days ago

Can You Pick The Younger Photo Of These "Avengers" Actors?

Paul Rudd is just the start of this incredibly ageless cast.

Whitney Jefferson • 25 days ago

Stassi Schroeder Will Never Go Brunette Again And Other Things We Learned From Her "Burning Questions" Interview

We asked one of reality TV's greatest characters about her time on The Amazing Race, Queen Bees, and of course, Vanderpump Rules.

Whitney Jefferson • 25 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • 26 days ago

14 Celebrities Who Gave Their Voices To Nature And Environmental Documentaries

Let their soothing voices teach you all the ways the world is burning. JK, but only kinda!

Whitney Jefferson • 28 days ago

24 Jokes For Anyone Who Loves The Planet

For anyone who loves nature, recycling, and Mother Earth.

Whitney Jefferson • 28 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • One month ago

Which Environmental Documentary Should You Watch Tonight?

From nature docs to warnings about our planet, here's what to watch for Earth Day.

Whitney Jefferson • One month ago
Whitney Jefferson • One month ago