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Shailene Woodley's Spoiler About "Big Little Lies" To Jimmy Kimmel Was Totally Fake

A plot twist that might have been even better than the actual finale.

Whitney Jefferson • 20 hours ago

Here's What Comic-Con Looked Like One Decade Ago

2009 introduced Black Widow into the Marvel universe and it was a year filled with vampires: Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries ahead!

Whitney Jefferson • One day ago

32 Recipes That Are Vegan, Gluten Free, And Easy To Make

For those hard-to-please people who are both vegan AND gluten free. Plant-based heaven ahead!

Whitney Jefferson • 4 days ago

I Looked Up Zodiac Signs Of People From 21 Reality Shows And Suddenly All The Drama Makes Sense

Snooki is a Sagittarius, Lisa Vanderpump is a Virgo, and Bethenny Frankel is a Scorpio, for starters.

Whitney Jefferson • 5 days ago

Add Yours: What Are Your Favorite Face Serums?

We want to know what you like!

Whitney Jefferson • 10 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • 13 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • 14 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • 14 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • 14 days ago

We Need To Talk About Woody Harrelson's Instagram Account

Come for his famous friends; stay for the sincere captions.

Whitney Jefferson • 15 days ago

28 Iconic Movie Scenes That Brought People To Tears

Get ready to cry — or at least maybe consider having Kleenex nearby.

Whitney Jefferson • 16 days ago

If You Check 70 Out 150 Personality Traits, You're Probably An Empath

The ultimate test for anyone who might be thinking, "am I an empath?".

Whitney Jefferson • 17 days ago
Whitney Jefferson • 19 days ago

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright's Wedding

Hooters, Lance Bass, Mamaw's Beer Cheese, and more at Jax and Brittany's Kentucky wedding in a castle!

Whitney Jefferson • 21 days ago

How Well Can You Identify These Crystals And Minerals?

Calling everyone with ~good vibes.~ How well do you know the following stones?

Whitney Jefferson • 22 days ago

Zoë Kravitz Got Married And You Bet The "Big Little Lies" Cast Was There To Celebrate

A star-studded guest list, high fashion, and lots of beautiful people ahead!

Whitney Jefferson • 23 days ago

All The Looks At The "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Premiere

From Spidey to Mysterio, here's what everyone wore!

Whitney Jefferson • 25 days ago

If You Did At Least 74 Of These 99 Things Then You Were A "Peak Early-'00s Teen Girl"

A checklist for anyone who knows that the secret to being glam was putting on many coats of Lancôme Juicy Tubes and Maybelline Great Lash!

Brian Galindo • 25 days ago

Do You Know All 24 Of The Democratic Presidential Candidates?

There's so many...can you name them all?

Whitney Jefferson • 28 days ago

Chris Evans Roasted His 2000s Style, So We Did A Deep Dive And It Didn't Disappoint

The evolution of Chris Evans' style, from slightly douche-y to dapper. Hey, it was the early 2000s.

Whitney Jefferson • One month ago