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Whitney Jefferson One hour ago

19 Family-Friendly Movies People Can't Believe Were Actually Made

I guess School of Rock isn't as much of an innocent story as we thought.

Whitney Jefferson 22 hours ago

The Most Important Celebrity Break-Ups Of The Decade

From Bennifer to Jelena, let's take a look back at the relationships that were.

Whitney Jefferson 3 days ago

Are You More Like Miles Or His Clone In "Living With Yourself"?

Which of the two main characters Paul Rudd plays are you the most like?

Whitney Jefferson 3 days ago
Whitney Jefferson 6 days ago

34 Movies That'll Have You Wondering How They Were Actually Made

From Shallow Hal to Soul Man, some movies just shouldn't have been given the green light.

Whitney Jefferson 9 days ago

26 Tweets For Anyone Who Just Finished Season 2 Of "Succession"

Because all I can think about is that season 2 finale right now.

Whitney Jefferson 9 days ago

Here's Everything Vegans Can Order At Fast Food Restaurants

From KFC's Beyond Chicken to Burger King's Impossible Whopper, here's a handy guide for what you can order at fast food places as a vegan.

Whitney Jefferson 13 days ago
Whitney Jefferson 14 days ago

23 Jokes For Anyone Who's Obsessed With The "Succession" Theme Song

If you can't get the Succession theme song out of your head, you are not alone.

Whitney Jefferson 19 days ago
Whitney Jefferson 21 days ago

Let's Play "Who's The Vegan?" — Celebrity Edition

Can you pick the vegan from the rest of the crowd?

Whitney Jefferson 23 days ago

29 Cozy Fall Recipes That Are Meat-Free, Dairy-Free, And Delicious

From sunchokes to sweet potatoes, it's time to embrace fall cooking.

Whitney Jefferson 26 days ago

Everyone Has A Houseplant That Matches Their Personality — What's Yours?

You might consider yourself a fern, but maybe you're more of a spider plant.

Whitney Jefferson 26 days ago

McDonald's Announced Their New Plant-Based Burger, The P.L.T.

Meet the "P.L.T." — Plant, Lettuce, Tomato.

Whitney Jefferson 27 days ago

How Many Accidentally Vegan Foods Have You Tried?

Swedish Fish, Ritz Crackers, Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos... Did you know all of these foods are considered vegan?

Whitney Jefferson 27 days ago

28 Vegan Breakfast Recipes That Are So Good You Won't Miss The Meat Or Dairy

For vegans, vegetarians, or anyone who wants to try something new in the kitchen.

Whitney Jefferson 28 days ago

29 Things You Missed At The 2019 Emmy Awards

For your water cooler conversations at work.

Whitney Jefferson One month ago

All The Red Carpet Looks At The Emmy Awards

Here's what everyone wore.

Whitney Jefferson One month ago

Here's How Celebrities Are Taking Part In The Climate Strike

From Billie Eilish to Mark Ruffalo, these celebs are using their platform for good.

Whitney Jefferson One month ago