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19 "Frugal" DIYs That'll Help You Save Money, Reuse Materials, And Are Actually Worth Your Time

"I brew my own beer. Now, I could take a bath in beer, and it'd still cost me less than going out to a fancy bar."

While recently browsing r/Frugal (a great subreddit to check out if you've never seen it before), I found a thread in which u/shehobbit asked users to suggest a DIY that's actually worth your time and will save you some money.

marge simpson saying 'we're just going to have to cut down on luxuries;

1. Learn how to cook your own meals at home.

2. Cook and freeze meals for future use so that you aren't tempted to go out for dinner or order delivery.

frozen foods in the freezer

3. Instead of calling a repairperson, try watching YouTube videos to teach yourself how to fix something instead.

4. Make your own coffee at home — or, go as far as this person does and roast your own beans, too.

coffee cup in a sea of coffee beans

5. Cut and/or color your own hair.

6. Make your own cleaning supplies.

a bunch of cleaning supplies

7. Grow your own herbs at home, and use them to make your own spice blends.

close-up of herbs

8. Sew your own clothes — or, at the very least, learn how to DIY them back into good shape.

9. Cook rice and beans from scratch, instead of buying them pre-cooked in a store.

bags of beans and legumes

10. Switch to reusable period products instead of buying new supplies each month.

11. Brew your own beer to save money at the store.

closeup of beer bottles

12. Try gardening.

13. Bake your own bread at home.

loaf of baked bread

14. Stop buying new sponges, and use rags instead.

pile of rags

15. Paint your own nails at home.

16. For the condiment lovers, you can make your own mustard at home.

mustard seeds

17. Fix your own plumbing.

18. Make your own yogurt at home.

19. And finally, these DIY's extend to your dogs, too: Both pet food and dog beds can be made at home.

Do you have a DIY that saves you $$$? Let us know below!