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    23 Practical Tips On How To Stop Wasting Food At Home (And Save Yourself Some Money, Too)

    Two words: candied oranges.

    Food waste hacks are great because they can help save you money. But they're also helpful for the environment, and in turn, climate change.

    So when Reddit user Hilaritytohorror asked the question, "Any tips for minimizing food waste?" in r/ZeroWaste, I had a feeling some great tips would be suggested there.

    They continued: "The majority of waste that I produce is food waste. I live alone, and work two jobs. Not a lot of time to cook, but I also am trying to fight the eating out battle for economic reasons. I’d like to minimize the amount of food that goes to waste in my house week to week due to me not having time to prepare it, but also avoid ready to eat meals due to plastic wastes. I have tried food prep, eating simple 'rice and bean' meals, and simply trying to go to the supermarket more often. Do I need to continue to try these techniques? Any other advice or tips or tricks I could use?"

    Luckily, the community of people living their best low-waste lives responded with lots of answers. Here are some of the most helpful:

    1. Cook with freezing food in mind.

    a freezer with frozen vegetables

    2. Save your food scraps in a container and drop them off at your local composting site.

    person putting their scraps into a bowl

    3. Figure out what you're buying too much of and stop doing that.

    4. Keep a list of ingredients or meal ideas on your fridge.

    refridgerator with a piece of paper on it

    5. Pickle everything.

    jars of food

    6. Eat what you already have instead of buying new food.

    7. Try making "modular meals."

    a pan of roasted vegetables

    8. Keep your fresh fruits on the table so you'll eat them, and others in the fridge to stay fresh for longer.

    bowl with fruit in it

    9. But if your fruit is almost bad, take your leftover citrus and turn it into candy.

    slices of oranges that have been baked until completely caramelized

    10. Try eating the parts of a vegetable you're not used to eating, like the stalks of broccoli.

    11. Use leftover fruit to jazz up your drinking water.

    pitcher of water with sliced cucumber and lemons in it

    12. Try cooking in batches.

    batch cooked foods in glass tupperware

    13. Freeze anything you think will go bad in a few days time.

    person freezing grapes in a bag

    14. Imagine your recipes like a game and make sure to use leftover ingredients in your next recipe.

    15. Dehydrate your food to preserve it for a longer amount of time.

    dehydrated mushrooms, apples, cucumbers, apricots, strawberries and tomatoes

    16. Learn how to keep your herbs fresher for longer by keeping them in water.

    parsley in a glass of water inside a fridge

    17. Feed your extra produce to your pet rabbits...

    18. ...or to the worms!

    worms eating vegetables

    19. Learn how to make easy sauces that go with your leftovers.

    three salad dressings inside of mason jars

    20. Make banana bread out of overripe bananas.

    21. Turn your leftover lemons and limes into a cleaning spray.

    frozen lemons and limes

    22. Try meal planning.

    four identical meals ready to be

    23. And finally, you might want to commit to composting at home.

    a compost bin with compost in it

    Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What's your best food waste hack? Let us know in the comments below!