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    22 Legendary Deleted Celebrity Tweets That Will Live On In Infamy

    They may be gone, but the legend lives on.

    1. Kim Kardashian had a deep thought:

    2. Hailey Bieber loved #Jelena back when she was still Hailey Baldwin and her now-husband was dating Selena Gomez:

    3. Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she was pregnant as an April Fools' Day joke:

    4. Kanye West was very particular about his Persian rug order:

    5. Mary J. Blige tweeted about her intelligents:

    6. Fergie shared this important way of life:

    7. Bebe Rexha forgot about Nazi Germany:

    8. Jessica Simpson tweeted about seeing some dude's balls at the gym:

    9. Jaden Smith shared his unique thoughts on education:

    10. Taylor Swift got creative with makeup:

    11. Jordyn Woods pulled a quick tweet-and-delete during all of the drama that went down earlier this year.

    12. Liam Payne tweeted about his onion (or maybe... opinion?):

    13. Rita Ora deleted her tweet and said she was hacked when she tweeted about releasing a new song if it got 100K retweets...and it didn't come close:

    14. Drake Bell denounced his friendship with Josh Peck after not being invited to Josh's wedding:

    15. Aaron Carter yelled at his limo driver:

    16. Solange said her armpits smelled like SpongeBob fever:

    17. Jonah Hill feuded with Don Lemon, of all people, when he didn't say hello:

    18. Kevin Hart shared this tale about his DUI:

    19. Kourtney Kardashian didn't get the (very NSFW) joke:

    20. Kanye tweeted about the responsibility we have to water bottles:

    21. And Lindsay Lohan shadily tweeted about another red-headed actress:

    22. Michael Caine let the world know that he IS NOT locked in an attic: