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    Here's Everything Vegans Can Order At Fast Food And Major Chain Restaurants In 2023

    A handy guide of vegan options at restaurants across the United States.

    an impossible slider and three tacos

    Vegan options are everywhere you look: you can buy Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers in your grocery store, order a drink with a milk alternative in your local coffee shop, and depending on where you live, you can even order vegan food in a fast food joint. But which chains are actually accommodating to the vegan lifestyle? I decided to find out.

    I reached out to the most popular American fast food chains to learn about their vegan offerings, the process by which they make their foods, and gave them all a rating (out of 10) below. Please note that everything here is about the food itself, and does not consider any health benefits or environmental impacts of each company. Looking for a specific restaurant? Ctrl + F to find them quickly!

    Burger King




    a sausage egg and cheese on an english muffin

    Panda Express

    bowl of rice and orange chicken

    Taco Bell

    a crunchwrap supreme with beans, lettuce, and tomato in it

    Mellow Mushroom

    Two vegan pizzas and vegan pretzels with mustard


    a bowl with plant-based chorizo and vegetables


    a bucket of chicken that says "it's still finger lickin' good"


    the "Impossible Bowl" in a paper bowl with peppers, corn, onions, rice, and impossible meat

    Peet's Coffee

    Pizza Hut

    Pret A Manger

    a wrap with meatballs, onions, and peppers inside

    Carl's Jr.

    a beyond meat burger with the carl's jr. logo

    Papa John's

    sauce being spread onto pizza dough

    Jamba Juice

    a breakfast sandwich from above

    Del Taco

    Johnny Rockets

    one hand holding a burger with an impossible flag on it and another hand holds a pink milkshake


    a burger surrounded by fries and wrapped in a fatburger wrapper


    beyond meatballs in a subway sandwich

    Blaze Pizza

    White Castle

    an impossible slider



    waffle fries in a chick-fil-a box

    Domino's Pizza


    a photo of the former beyond meat options at Hardee's



    Auntie Anne's

    Little Caesars


    close-up on ice creams

    Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

    three hot dogs

    Sonic Drive-In

    Dairy Queen

    dairy queen logo

    Long John Silvers

    french fries in a bowl


    Do you have a go-to vegan meal that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

    This post has been updated with the most recent information available on September 7, 2022.