10 Tips On How To Handle A Vegan Coming To Your Thanksgiving Dinner

    Easy suggestions for an easy Thanksgiving that's loved by all.

    So you have a vegan coming to your Thanksgiving dinner.

    Whatever the situation may be, the following is a list of ideas to help make any Thanksgiving (or holiday) meal a breeze for both you and your vegan guests.

    1. Try cooking some new (vegan) recipes.

    Above view background of multi-ethnic group of people enjoying feast during dinner party with friends and family

    2. Incorporate some vegetables into your feast.

    3. Focus on making your side dishes vegan.

    Stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn, and other side dishes

    4. Familiarize yourself with what vegans actually eat.

    5. Look into a couple of easy swaps that you can buy when you're at the store.

    6. Set aside or dedicate a small portion of your recipe to be made vegan.

    7. Vegan gravy will make all the difference.

    a ladle and gravy tray with brown gravy inside

    8. Consider whether or not the alcohol you're serving is vegan too.

    Three hands cheersing wine over a table

    9. If all else fails, buy them a small vegan meal to eat.

    10. Don't forget dessert.

    Assorted homemade autumn pies. Apple, pumpkin and pecan. Above view table scene on a white wood background