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October 1, 2018

Government hearings in Singapore put Facebook under intense scrutiny and have paved the way for a new fake news law in the country. That has human rights organizations and activists concerned.

Are you a cat-icorn or a mer-dog?

It was a decade ago when T.I. ruled the charts, Lady Gaga was still relatively unknown, and that the Housewives of Atlanta first entered our lives.


Maybe you could be a vase for Halloween??

Así lo dice el informe final de la fiscalía que se creó en 2001 para investigar el caso.

The list includes everyone at a July 1, 1982, gathering Brett Kavanaugh had noted on his calendar, as well as classmates from Yale.

Get those degrees!


¿Por qué todous hablan en inglish?

It's spooky season!

Even the biggest bibliophile will admit, sometimes the movie is better.

Documents released last month in the Senate reveal confusion and concern about the future of a project to restore the Great Barrier Reef after Malcolm Turnbull offered a $443 million grant to a private foundation.

"Me at one day pregnant: The baby wants Olive Garden."

Once a piece of anodyne personal advice, the phrase has become a catchall insult that expresses some of our darkest fears about the internet attention economy and the people who thrive there.

Get a ~loaf~ of this quiz.

"I’m telling FAFSA you just purchased your EDC tickets."

If you've ever wondered what a sardine-inspired jelly bean would smell like...

Just bear with us.

This quiz is ~wild~.

Petista atacou Palocci, dizendo que ele perdeu "qualquer escrúpulo", e defendeu José Dirceu, afirmando que compará-lo a Mourão é "ofensa profunda".

"Baby Shark du du du du du du..."

¡No creas que los franceses te odian personalmente!

My very intelligent phone will cover a wide variety of topics so you can be a better you!

¿Sabes poner comas, acentos y puntos correctamente?

Facebook still has no idea who the attackers are.

“My wife and I, we share everything equally. We cook and clean. We work hard — equally. Why do we share equal responsibility but society views us differently?”

*In Jon Snow's voice* GHOOOOST!


It's inspired by everyone's favorite street style brand and channels all your *pinche* frustrations perfectly!


The Supreme Court nominee’s attacks on Democrats and liberal groups present potential recusal issues, and Kavanaugh is facing at least two ethics complaints in his home court.

An additional FBI investigation into accusations against the Supreme Court nominee is supposed to be completed Friday.

No terceiro vídeo da série "Eleitores", o BuzzFeed News foi a Sorriso (MT), capital do agronegócio brasileiro, para entender como Jair Bolsonaro conseguiu avançar em antigos redutos tucanos.

A transmissão dos dados da urna eletrônica NÃO é feita pela internet.

Komm schon, wir wissen alle, warum du morgens deinen Kaffee brauchst. 💩

Chambers' death, after emerging from a burning car, captured national attention and ignited a cottage industry of internet sleuths determined to solve the case.

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Depoimentos foram tomados em abril, mas decreto do fim do sigilo só saiu a 6 dias da eleição. Moro diz que regra do processo é a publicidade; advogado de Lula afirma que juiz de age politicamente.

"Hi my name is Skyler and I like singing and twerking so that's really all I do."


It's the freakin' weekend and you're already exhausted.

Or simply go on a road trip with a dog...

It's not delivery, it's nauseating.

"These women are encouraging others to confidently enter the fitness world and continue to get stronger, and that is a message that we stand behind."

Muitos nem desconfiam que são racistas, outros só não ligam ou fazem questão de mudar.

Some spoilers ahead — beware.

More than 1,400 people have been killed after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Indonesia and triggered a massive 10-foot tsunami.

In the new trade deal, the Canadian government granted US farmers access to just under 3.6% of its dairy market.

The president is known to not drink alcohol. Kavanaugh repeatedly testified “I like beer” — but did not say he struggled with alcohol.

Oder auch: Wie du nie wieder eine Torte versaust.

Good luck and bon voyage!

Jasmin Nahar • 7 hours ago

This is the legal battle of the century.

Paul Ermitano, a “highly respected” cardiac physiologist who was recruited from the Philippines because of NHS staff shortages, and his wife, Jamila, a nurse, are facing deportation because they briefly accepted child benefit for their son.

Por un mundo con más mensajes de texto, y menos llamaditas.

Obviamente es difícil de superar, pero, si le rascas un poquito, encuentras.


Por supuesto que los villanos se divierten mil veces más.

Make your pits (and the people standing next to you) very happy with the delightfully scented, long-lasting Kopari deodorant.

"I don't look like my sisters, but I looked like this mailman."

The president was apparently more hostile to women reporters than their male counterparts during a press conference Monday about a trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

Mas tá pouco, dá pra elogiar ainda mais.

The admission comes after BuzzFeed News uncovered the committee’s existence and reported on its requests for negative information on marijuana.

Physics is not biased against women, but does discriminate against men, Alessandro Strumia claimed.

Já pensou em não poder jogar nada fora durante sete dias?

"My heart goes out to the guy on House Hunters whose only requirement was 'no ghosts' and yet still got shown a house next to a cemetery."

Pra quem perde o amigo no zap, mas não perde a piada ruim.

Growing up, being Korean and being adopted were things I loved and hated in equal measure.

The president’s comment came in response to questions about Brett Kavanaugh, but he did not go into detail about whom he was referring to or what the situation was.

My bank account has evacuated the building.

We know what drives you nuts.

Los trabajadores de limpieza de Guadalupe, Zacatecas se fueron a huelga por no recibir el pago de la segunda quincena de septiembre.

But the Chinese embassy in London said the woman was herself assaulted, and called for an apology.

Las escuchamos a diario, pero tal vez no nos damos cuenta que están cargadas de intolerancia.

Find the ice cream and pasta combination that matches your soul.

Depois deste post, você não vai mais sentir fome.

Pinterest test - please ignore

It had $20 kitchen mittens resembling dog paws, $16 USB cables, a corn kernel stripper for $7.99, a $15 mug that reads “Believe in yourself.” Oh, and some Alexa stuff.


Rede social diz que apagou 11 páginas e 42 perfis de empresa do deputado petista Miguel Corrêa, mas ele diz que só perdeu a página oficial da Follow. Em agosto, ela foi citada no esquema de pagamento de influenciadores digitais para publicar conteúdo pró-PT.

Uff, eres un típica leche de almendra SIN vainilla.

✨Lo dice Regina George, es la ley 💁💅✨

Because you don't need a person to complete you... but you might need a few of these.

Ni comer hamburguesas sé...

BE WARNED: This buffet does not end.

Hope you're hungry.

"If you support someone who believes it's okay to grab a woman by the pussy just because he's famous — then you need an intervention as much as he does."

¿Qué hacemos? ¿Cancelamos los memes de OT?

Promote all of these people, stat.

Westeros isn't just fantasy!

Find out your calling in life.

¿Eres el soltero empedernido o tienes una obsesión con encontrar pareja?

¿Tu situación sentimental es más "Actividad Paranormal" o "La noche de los muertos vivientes"?

Que delícia!

Vai ajudar, mesmo que só um pouquinho.

"During the last phase of my takeoff, he was still on that tower waiting for me to go up," the pilot of the plane told BuzzFeed News. "That's why I call him my guardian angel."

So many colors, so little time!

Hello, fall!

Cardi B turned herself in to the 109th Precinct in Queens earlier on Monday morning.

Witnesses have reported seeing cases of "liquefaction," where soil turns to liquid and swallows up entire buildings.

You're welcome.

Bless you, Cosrx! Your formulas always make magic happen.

Spiegelei, Spiegelei an der Wand – wer ist die Klügste im ganzen Land?

Loryn Brantz • 1 hour ago

Investigators say the group was seeking automatic weapons to attack "foreigners and political opponents."

Não há resposta errada.

She steals practically every scene in this show. (This point contains spoilers.)

Ein ehemaliges NPD-Bundesvorstandsmitglied sagt: „Martin Kohlmann hat bei mir politisch laufen gelernt.“

¡Rápido! ¡Al calabazamóvil!

Kein Stauraum? Kein Problem!

The FBI investigates Kavanaugh, a Facebook security breach, Brazil’s women protest in force. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Oct 1.

A bag of monkfruit natural sweetener, an adorable Zoo Toddler backpack, a pair of unicorn bedroom slippers, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Sowas kommt häufiger vor, als du glaubst.


A decade is a long time in the world of cinema.

Exclusive: A briefing document of "lines to take" produced by Conservative HQ this morning lists the tricky questions they suspect MPs will be asked about the party's new policies.


Velvet dresses, a rainbow moonstone candle, pumpkin spice coffee, faux-fur rugs, and other under-$30 treats you'll definitely fall for.

James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo discovered different ways to unleash a patient’s immune system against cancer.


Long may good cinema reign.



Troian Bellisario intentó acabar con Spencer en Pretty Little Liars.





What to read, play, and watch.

El nuevo eslogan de Cardi: "Remodelación de tetas".


X JAPANが開催予定だったライブを台風の接近に伴い公演中止を発表、その後「前代未聞の無観客ライブを全編緊急生中継決定」となり大いに盛り上がった。その裏側で、とあるバンドが約20年前に無観客ライブの配信をしてたぞ…と話題に。

"A few students decided to spell out some dumb stuff to be funny in the moment, I guess, but that's not us or what most of us believe," one of their classmates said.

Debate na Record, a uma semana do dia de votação, mostrou Ciro, Alckmin, Marina e Meirelles se revezando nas críticas a Bolsonaro (ausente) e Haddad.

"Aproveitando o debate à presidência pra dizer que eu sou um ótimo partido".



Gov. Jerry Brown signed the most robust internet protections in the country into law Sunday and the Justice Department is not pleased.




On Wednesdays we wear black...and praise Sarah Paulson.

"Who wrote the note?! You two."

"It was so bad that I texted my friend and made her watch it with me."

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Ramirez, the second woman to accuse the Supreme Court nominee of sexual misconduct, gave the FBI a list of witnesses who she says were at the dorm party.

Admit it: You miss your LG Chocolate.


Because you deserve a shower experience you can brag about.

“Don’t believe if somebody tells you I’ve been dancing during the night in the bar half-naked,” President Kersti Kaljulaid told BuzzFeed News’ Profile.

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