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    This Showerhead Will Immediately Increase Your Water Pressure

    Because you deserve a shower experience you can brag about.

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    Alright: How many times have you come home from a longgggg day craving a hot shower — only to remember that your water pressure truly sucks?

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    And how many times have you scrubbed your hair trying to get the remaining shampoo and conditioner out but ultimately can't because there's, like, only a trickle of water coming out?

    WELL, FRIENDS, THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! Say hello to your new water-amplifying showerhead from Delta.


    Seriously, so many people love this thing — it's got nearly 3,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon!

    The showerhead is designed with two settings that will sculpt your water flow into a powerful wave pattern so you feel greater pressure without using more water, plus its chrome body is sleek and will totally upgrade the look of your bathroom. It installs in minutes and connects to standard shower arms. If you're looking for a more ~low key~ experience, you can adjust the head for a more gentle pressure.

    So what makes it so great? Check out these promising reviews from happy shower-goers:

    "I moved into a mountain home six months ago. Our neighborhood is served by a community water tank. Neighbors who live way down at the bottom of the hill tell me the pressure is pretty good. We live at the top of the hill and the pressure sucks. I just installed the Delta water-amplifying showerhead. With the previous showerhead, the flow never reached within 18 inches of the back wall, but now the Delta head soaks the back wall. I am finally getting a good shower again! If you have low pressure, buy this showerhead. You won't regret it." —Dave Millman

    I'm sorry but this before-and-after is blowing my mind.

    "I'm amazed! We live in a prewar New York City apartment and it seemed that poor water pressure in the shower that barely extended beyond the wall was par for the course. We just installed this showerhead and now the water stream extends to the other side of the tub! Looking forward to finally taking a satisfying shower after all this time." —TWNYC

    I you need more convincing?

    "I just received this showerhead in the mail and installed it easily. My apartment has very low water pressure and this solved that problem. I ordered a second one for my roommate because this was exactly what we needed!" —Jillian E. Warren

    Yes, this showerhead will increase your water pressure, but it can also widen the spray range and balance the temperature. It legit does everything!


    "It's literally like a whole new shower experience! The pressure is great. I've found the low setting is more than encompassing enough. I don't find myself needing or wanting any other setting other than what it comes with. It's easy to install, and is classy -ooking, too! I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a good, powerful, water-saving shower head. And you just can't beat the price! I don't dread taking a shower anymore!" —ecrawf

    "This showerhead has CHANGED MY LIFE. The water pressure in my prewar building is quite low and my previous showerhead gave me a narrow stream of trickle that I would have to rotate my body under in order to get entirely wet. The water temperature would also vacillate widely between freezing cold and burning hot, so I was often doing a little dance to get out of its narrow stream in time to not get frozen or burned. I did some research on the internet and found this showerhead got high marks. Well, the change was immediate and phenomenal. Suddenly, I have a shower with terrific water pressure and a wide spray that is a joy to experience every morning. And although it didn't advertise this feature, the showerhead has also somehow managed to even out the former temperature swings. If you are on the fence about trying this, DO IT! You will love it!" —Andy Monroe

    "The heat retention of the water is great. With some shower heads you feel the temperature go up and it feels a bit uncomfortable because the hot water is concentrated on a small area. This showerhead sprays in a wide angle with consistent water temperature. You feel like you're in a bath. It's a really good showerhead. You can also adjust the water flow rate with the toggle if you want to save more water or if you think the pressure is too high." —Austin

    In conclusion: You need this showerhead ASAP. Get it from Amazon for $16.62.

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