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I Wore This Shirt From Amazon To Fashion Week And People Loved It

It's inspired by everyone's favorite street style brand and channels all your *pinche* frustrations perfectly!

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If you're Mexican and speak Spanish (and maybe even if you're not and don't) then you've probably said, heard, and definitely thought about the word "pinche."

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It's Mexico's equivalent of saying "f#@%ing" and I probably say it, much to my mother's dismay, every 30 seconds.

It’s incredibly common to yell out “Su pinche madre” at someone who’s full of shit or simply pissing you off. So when I came across this literally random shirt with ZERO reviews on Amazon, that basically said it for me, I was know what? I'mma risk it all and get it!

And I'm so glad I did! It's $24.99 (which isn't cheap) but I just thought it was way too amazing not to get!

When it came in the mail (within 48 hours) it was everything I dreamed of. A soft, comfy T-shirt with a delightful Supreme-inspired design that reads "Supinchemadre" (Your Fuckin' Mom). I wore it during fashion week and got more compliments on it than anything else I've ever worn.

People stopped me on the street to ask me where I got it. Everyone got a kick out of it! (Also, that's a water fountain behind me, not a urinal, FYI.)

Seriously, people loved it and you will too! Soooo...

It's available in black and white and both men's and women's sizes.

I will say that when I posted myself wearing this hilarious, 100% cotton T-shirt on my Instagram, my uncle yelled at me. And this is how I reacted:


Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in black and white and in sizes S-3XL).

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