In both the House and Senate, Democrats vow to force the Trump administration to take tougher action in January.

Emily Tamkin • 2 days ago

“The Dominican Republic in a way foretold what was to happen in other countries. Even the United States.”

Emily Tamkin • 5 days ago

Foreign diplomats had been waiting to see what change the midterms would bring. Now they’re not expecting to see much change at all.

Emily Tamkin • 9 days ago

The State Department insists it was just a scheduling issue. But it keeps happening.

Emily Tamkin • 10 days ago

The Southern California Republican was projected to lose his job on Tuesday. He won’t find a new one at the Russian media outlet.

Emily Tamkin • 10 days ago

The new sanctions are required by a 1991 law that set a 90-day deadline for Russia to admit its guilt in the Skripal nerve agent poisoning.

Emily Tamkin • 11 days ago

A former head of CNN said he had been contacted over the effort — a TV entertainment channel.

Emily Tamkin • 12 days ago

The European Union was not among those that will receive an exemption from US sanctions on Iranian oil exports.

Emily Tamkin • 13 days ago

The story of Soros the man is well known, though perhaps not quite as well known as that of Soros the myth.

Emily Tamkin • 13 days ago

The long history of US–Saudi relations has had many moments when the US might have struck back at the kingdom. A web of common interests has kept that from happening.

Emily Tamkin • 22 days ago

It’s the first action the United States has taken to respond to the death of the Washington Post columnist. Pompeo said it will not be the last.

Emily Tamkin • 25 days ago

Maria Zakharova has revolutionized what it means to be a Russian diplomat — in real life and online. “She’s like Marmite: Some people love her and some people hate her.”

Konstantin Benyumov • 27 days ago

“What could they possibly do in this situation that could be constructive in any way?”

Emily Tamkin • One month ago

“What is the point of the Secretary’s trip if not to find facts?”

Emily Tamkin • One month ago

Trump tweeted that Mohammed bin Salman had assured him he had nothing to do with the likely murder of Khashoggi. But Republican senators showed little interest in granting Mohammed the benefit of the doubt.

Emily Tamkin • One month ago

From meetings with Hungarians to considering a Balkan border change, Wess Mitchell is credited with shifting policy to counter Moscow. Is it working?

Emily Tamkin • One month ago

The Middle East Institute, a prominent Washington think tank, said it would no longer seek donations from Saudi Arabia, but the Center for Strategic and International Studies said it was undecided.

Emily Tamkin • One month ago

Brunson was sentenced to time served and freed by a court on Friday.

Emily Tamkin • One month ago

With her resignation Tuesday, Nikki Haley draws her two-year stint as US ambassador to the UN to a close.

Emily Tamkin • One month ago

The UN ambassador and former South Carolina governor has diverged from the president on some foreign policy issues.

Matt Berman • One month ago