People Are Loving This "A Star Is Born" Meme That's Going Viral On Twitter


    A Star Is Born — maybe you've heard of it? It's the third (yes, THIRD) remake of the 1937 film about a veteran star falling in love with a young artist with big dreams.

    But now, thanks to Twitter, a MEME HAS BEEN BORN via comedian Chris Fleming. Check it out:

    Yes, it's silly, but like also way too good?!

    Some particular highlights:

    "Rotisserie Chicken"

    "Whose car is this?"


    The video has since been watched over 70,000 times...well on its way to true internet STARDOM level.

    And here's the full trailer (go to the 1:10 mark for the exact moment) in case you feel like making your very own "Hey" meme.

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