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    Lady Gaga Is Coming For Your Whole Heart In "A Star Is Born"

    Lady Gaga, mess me up.

    We've waited and waited to get a glimpse of Lady Gaga in Bradley Cooper's new take on the tragic love story A Star Is Born, and AT LONG LAST IT IS HERE:

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    The famous love story has gone through many adaptations over the years. This time around, director and star Bradley Cooper plays Jackson Maine, a modern country singer whose success hasn't brought him personal happiness.

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    Until he discovers and falls in love with a struggling musician named Ally, played by none other than our Goddess and Savior, Lady Gaga:

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    Ally's just given up on her dreams, until Jackson convinces her to come back into the spotlight and sing her own songs — something she's been too afraid to do.

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    And then, of course, she gets super famous because she's GAGA and everything falls apart.

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    In addition to starring in the film and coming for our hearts, Gaga performs original songs in the film, which she wrote with Cooper and a handful of artists.

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    Between how legitimately great Gaga looks in this, the music in the trailer alone, and Bradley Cooper's angsty beard, I'm already crying.

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    The film is currently slated for an Oct. 5 release, which is way too far away, so please join me in watching this trailer on repeat for the next four months.

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