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12 Fitness Influencers Who Aren't A Size 2 And Don't Want To Be

"These women are encouraging others to confidently enter the fitness world and continue to get stronger, and that is a message that we stand behind."

You can't gauge someone's level of fit by their body size or shape, although media has often associated thinness or ripped abs to health. Here are some of our fave fitness instructors who aren't a size 2 ... and aren't trying to be!

1. Jessie Diaz-Herrera

2. Dana Falsetti

3. Roz The Diva

4. Jessica Rihal

5. Maria Odugba

6. CeCe Olisa

7. Mirna Valerio

8. Sarah Sapora

9. Luisa

10. Jessamyn Stanley

11. Chasi Jernigan

12. Dianne Bondy

Are there any plus-size fitness influencers or yogis you love to follow? Leave them down below!