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17 Restaurant Menus That Deserve The "Worst Design Of The Year" Award


1. This menu that's better left unfolded:

2. This menu that looks like a failing health department inspection score:

3. This graphic children's menu:

4. This ancient scroll wannabe:

5. This ice cream shop that looks like an early '00s MySpace page come to life:

6. This menu with photos of cats on the front 🙀:

7. ThIs MeNu ThAt MiGhT aS wElL bE iN wInGdInGs:

8. This menu that looks like the bottom line of an optometrist's eye chart:

9. This perfectly clear photo of an insanely blurry list of dinner specials:

10. These tilted menus:

11. This monstrosity made with magnetic letters:

12. These terrible misnomers:

13. This menu cover that took me five whole minutes to read:

14. This menu that looks upside down:

15. This menu of Tex Cock Mex Tails 👀:

16. This restaurant that used a screenshot of their menu in Word, complete with spell check squiggly lines:

17. And finally, this digital menu showing a photo of an actual menu board: