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    24 Products That'll Make Any Night Out On The Town So Much Better

    It's the freakin' weekend and you're already exhausted.

    1. A faux-leather jacket you can throw on top of most anything and look like a badass who knows how to dress for the weather.

    2. An envelope cross-body purse that comes in 28 colors and will convert to a clutch so you can carry what you need and find your perfect level of fancy for the night.

    3. A slim card case to carry the essentials and slip into your small purse. No, you won't need your stack of coupons and reward cards you have packed into your thicc, usual wallet.

    4. And some cash because you never know when a bar will be cash-only or you'll need to check your coat.

    5. Collapsible flasks of varying sizes to nestle into your bag or coat pocket (and won't go off in a metal detector) because a bottle of Bud Light at this club is $11 and you prefer your wine from home anyway.

    6. A bracelet flask as a multitasking accessory.

    7. A lipstick-sized portable charger because you shouldn't have to base your destination on whether or not the joint has one of those charging stations that looks like a neon phone prison.

    8. Invisible hair ties that'll pull your hair back once you start sweating a little too much on the dance floor but don't wanna put a dent in your hair.

    9. Fashion tape for keeping your neckline or straps in place so a sliver of your bra doesn't ruin the one group pic where everyone looks decent.

    10. No-show socks with grippy heels to keep your old dogs from howling. Or at least put off the pain for a bit.

    11. Blister-prevention spray that'll make those towering beauts you rarely wear the perfect footwear option for the night.

    12. Comfy travel flats to change into after you wear your heels for an hour and give up on being supermodel-tall for the night.

    13. Or some sharp AF flats decked in fancy sequins or tassels that'll make anyone forget you didn't wear heels in the first place.

    14. Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and powder you can use as a lethal combo to make any foundation you're wearing waterproof.

    15. Oil blotting sheets to blot away the shine you don't want. (I don't have to explain the difference between oil spots and highlighter to you.)

    16. While we're on the subject, a highlighter palette that won't break the bank can easily dial up your usual beauty routine just a tad.

    17. A compact umbrella that'll fit in your purse or coat pocket so you're never stuck in a place for a drink longer than you'd like because you're unprepared for a downpour.

    18. A clip-on flashlight for fishing out your tissues in case you (or a friend) start crying in this club.

    19. A travel first aid kit (or at least some bandages!!!) because it'll be all fun and games until your friend trips on a sidewalk crack while chatting with you between bars and her knee gets all scraped up.

    20. Individually wrapped Wet Ones because I'd bet that dive bar your BFF adores won't have hand soap past 8 p.m.

    21. And some wine wipes in case that second glass of house red has you looking like you've never a toothbrush in your life.

    22. Minty strips because maybe that fajita you ordered at dinner is coming back to you haunt you chat up a total fox over an IPA.

    23. A 24-pack of Pedialyte packets you can dump in a glass or bottle of water to feel way less like death the next morning. I guzzled this during a bachelorette party in New Orleans and WOW did it help.

    24. And a contoured eye mask that'll actually block out the light so you can get some Zssss, even if you get home past sunrise.

    You scheming about your night out since you have some newfound lil' helpers:

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