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A YouTuber Standing As A UKIP Candidate Invited Supporters To A Gaming Community That Has Chatrooms Filled With White Supremacist And Anti-Semitic Content

Sargon of Akkad – one of UKIP’s candidates for the European elections – invited supporters to join a Discord server from a video on his YouTube channel last week.

Mark Di Stefano • 4 days ago

Tory MPs Had A Plan To Get Rid Of Theresa May And Deliver Brexit. Now They’re Freaking Out.

“It is now clear that MPs would vote to revoke rather than allow no deal, and that the government is seriously considering a vote on a second referendum,” one Tory MP told BuzzFeed News.

Alex Wickham • 6 days ago

Government Housing Tsar Roger Scruton Has Been Sacked For His Comments About Muslims

The Conservative writer and philosopher said in an interview with the New Statesman that there had been a "sudden invasion of huge tribes of Muslims from the Middle East".

Alex Wickham • 9 days ago

Anti-Muslim Tory Members On Facebook Are Telling One Another To Stop Sajid Javid From Becoming Prime Minister

BuzzFeed News has presented Conservative HQ with a list of another 20 people who claim to be Tory members and have made Islamophobic comments.

Alex Wickham • 10 days ago

Theresa May And Jeremy Corbyn Could Give Scotland, Wales, And Northern Ireland A Veto On Future Changes To A Brexit Deal

The plan would place a significant hurdle on a Brexit-supporting future prime minister to rip up a customs union deal.

Alex Wickham • 15 days ago

Parliament Has Again Failed To Agree On Any Alternatives To Theresa May’s Brexit Plan

After MPs rejected all the alternative proposals for the second time in a week, a leading Conservative MP announced he was quitting the party because it “refuses to compromise”.

Alex Spence • 17 days ago

Theresa May Is Planning To Bring Her Brexit Deal Back Again And Threatening An Election If It Fails

A senior government source insisted to BuzzFeed News: “The deal is not dead”.

Alex Wickham • 20 days ago

Parliament Has Once Again Rejected Theresa May's Brexit Deal

On the day that Britain had initially been scheduled to leave the European Union, the deal was voted down by 58 votes, deepening Britain's political crisis.

Alex Spence • 20 days ago
Alex Wickham • 22 days ago

Theresa May Says She’ll Quit As Prime Minister If Her Brexit Deal Goes Through

May told Conservative MPs: "I am prepared to leave this job earlier than I intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party."

Alex Wickham • 22 days ago

Which Brexit Plan Are You?

MPs will be holding a series of "indicative votes" this week to see if they can find a new Brexit plan. But which option are you?

Alex Wickham • 24 days ago

Here Are The 35 Tory MPs Still Opposed To Theresa May's Brexit Deal

This number needs to come down significantly this week if there is any hope of getting the deal over the line.

Alex Wickham • 24 days ago

MPs Will Vote On Alternative Brexit Plans On Wednesday — But Theresa May Says She Won’t Be Bound By The Result

Parliament will now consider alternative options that could include no-deal, a second referendum, a softer Brexit and cancelling the whole thing.

Alex Wickham • 24 days ago

Cabinet Ministers Are Plotting To Oust Theresa May As Even Her Fed-Up Whips Say Her Brexit Deal Is Doomed

BuzzFeed News can reveal explosive details of an extraordinary showdown between the prime minister and her whips office. “It was like the Murder on the Orient Express.”

Alex Wickham • 27 days ago

Donald Tusk Has Said A Short Brexit Delay Can Only Happen If Parliament Backs May's Deal

A leaked European Commission memo seen by BuzzFeed News also cast doubts on May's plan for an Article 50 extension until June 30.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

The Tories Have Been Forced To Act Over Anti-Muslim Comments From 25 Activists On Facebook

One man who has campaigned for the Conservatives posted a comment about killing Muslims in a mosque with a rifle.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Speaker John Bercow Has Told Theresa May She Can't Have Another Vote On The Same Brexit Deal

Bercow's decision, based on a 415-year-old precedent, sets up a major constitutional clash between Parliament and the government. A new, "fundamentally different" deal would have to be negotiated for another vote to be allowed, the speaker said.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Around 40 Tory Rebels Told Theresa May: We’ll Vote For Your Brexit Deal If You Quit

May was told in direct terms by several MPs in one-on-one phone calls on Sunday that she should make a pact to resign as prime minister to get her deal through.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Theresa May Will Ask The EU To Delay Brexit After MPs Voted To Support An Extension

Brexit will be delayed until June 30 if MPs can agree a deal by the end of March, or potentially for much longer if they can't.

Alex Spence • One month ago

A Group Of Hardline Brexiteer MPs Is Threatening To Side With Jeremy Corbyn And Bring Down Theresa May's Government

Some Eurosceptic Tory rebels are willing to climb down and vote for May's Brexit deal on the condition she stands down in the summer. Other hardliners want to oust her sooner.

Alex Wickham • One month ago