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A Senior Labour Politician Sang “Hey Jews” To The Song “Hey Jude”

Another Labour MP repeatedly called his colleague a “poof” during a raucous late-night bus trip last year.

Alex Wickham 3 days ago

This MP Claims She's Being "Discriminated Against" Because She's Lost Out On A £22,000 Golden Goodbye

Lib Dem Angela Smith, who caused a stir with her "funny tinge" comments earlier this year, says the prospect of missing out on the exit payment if she loses at next month's election is "terrifying".

Alex Wickham 7 days ago

A Leaked Attack Document Reveals Tory Party Candidates Are Being Told To Say The Lib Dems "Are Not Proud To Be British"

In a sign that the election campaign will be dirty, Conservative strategists are also urging prospective Tory MPs to launch personal attacks on Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson.

Alex Wickham 8 days ago

An Intelligence Report Will Say UK Spy Agencies Found No Evidence Of Russian State Interference In The Outcome Of The Brexit Referendum

Downing Street is under pressure to publish the report by Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee on Russian threats to the UK before the election.

Alberto Nardelli 11 days ago

Boris Johnson's Campaign Fears A Historic NHS Winter Crisis Will Dominate The December Election

Tory MPs are worried that the prime minister will struggle to keep the conversation on Brexit, leaving Jeremy Corbyn to capitalise.

Alex Wickham 13 days ago

A Leaked Report Revealed People’s Vote Was Told It Needed A “Clean Slate” Of Key Staffers To End A “Culture Of Mistrust”

The analysis, commissioned by the campaign, criticised its leadership and strategy and called for proper processes to deal with cronyism, bullying, and harassment.

Alex Wickham 14 days ago

Liz Truss Charged The Taxpayer To Hire A Photographer For Her World Trade Tour

Banging the drum for "Global Britain"...and her own personal social media brand.

Alex Wickham 18 days ago

Boris Johnson Said He'll Try To Get A General Election On Dec. 12

The prime minister will allow MPs another chance to pass his Brexit deal if they back his motion for an election to be tabled on Monday.

Alex Wickham 19 days ago

Boris Johnson Raised The Issue Of Northern Ireland Export Forms With Jean-Claude Juncker And Then Agreed To Them

The prime minister was fully aware that the issue of export forms would be problematic back home, but signed off on it anyway in order to secure the agreement with the EU.

Alberto Nardelli 19 days ago

Boris Johnson's Top Team Is At War Over Whether To Call An Election

The prime minister's chief aide Dominic Cummings is behind the renewed drive for an election, but other senior aides, cabinet ministers, and Tory MPs are opposed.

Alex Wickham 20 days ago

Boris Johnson Has Lost A Crunch Vote On His Timetable To Deliver Brexit By Oct. 31

The prime minister's attempt to ram legislation through Parliament in time to take the UK out of the EU by Oct. 31 has failed.

Alex Wickham 21 days ago

Boris Johnson's Allies Say There Will Be An Election If His Brexit Deal Is Softened By MPs

Downing Street has been divided over what to do if Parliament tries to add a customs union to the deal the prime minister struck with the EU: Accept it and deliver Brexit, or delay and go for an election.

Alex Wickham 22 days ago

The Parliament's Battle With Brexit, Explained For Normal People

Right. OK. Right. So you’ve come back to find out what the hell is happening with Brexit, have you?

Alex Wickham 22 days ago

Tory MPs Who Previously Backed A Customs Union Are Now Shifting Against It

Ahead of a crunch amendment that could sink Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, several MPs told BuzzFeed News they are switching to vote in his favour.

Alex Wickham 22 days ago

Boris Johnson Has Been Forced To Request A Brexit Delay After MPs Blocked A Vote On His Deal

The prime minister has said he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than ask the EU for another extension to Article 50, but he sent the request on Saturday night.

Hannah Al-Othman 24 days ago

Boris Johnson's Top Team Think 15 Votes Will Decide Whether His Brexit Deal Passes

Conservative MPs and advisers have begun a 24-hour make-or-break horsetrading mission with Labour MPs, Eurosceptic rebels, and former Tory Remainers.

Alex Wickham 25 days ago

These Brexit Rebels Have Signalled They Could Vote For Boris Johnson's New Deal

MPs will vote on the new EU withdrawal agreement on Saturday. BuzzFeed News is keeping a rolling list of past rebels who are switching to back Johnson's deal.

Alex Wickham 26 days ago

Boris Johnson Has Agreed A New Brexit Deal With The EU

It's now over to Parliament on Saturday to decide whether to back the agreement.

Alex Wickham 26 days ago

DUP MPs Are Split On Whether To Back Boris Johnson’s Proposed Brexit Deal

One source said that the DUP’s 10 Westminster MPs were split 7 to 3 in favour of backing a deal, with the party's deputy leader Nigel Dodds holding out against.

Alex Wickham 27 days ago

The EU Thinks A Brexit Deal Is Unlikely This Week But Leaders Could Agree To Hold Another Summit Before Oct. 31

A diplomatic memo says a text on customs arrangements probably won’t be ready in time for this week’s European Council meeting.

Alberto Nardelli 29 days ago