Downing Street is looking at a "sunset clause" to add an end date to the controversial Irish backstop.

Alex Wickham • 9 hours ago

Exclusive: Details of a new amendment to prevent the UK from crashing out of the EU have been obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Alex Wickham • 2 days ago

Tory rebels who sank the Brexit deal on Tuesday rallied to prop up their weakened leader just 24 hours later.

Alex Spence • 5 days ago

Number 10's plan was to bring her deal back for a second vote, but that was based on a much smaller defeat than the crushing 230-vote margin on Tuesday night.

Alex Wickham • 5 days ago

The government was defeated by 432 to 202, a margin of 230.

Alex Wickham • 6 days ago

“Nothing has changed.” Until now.

Alex Wickham • 7 days ago

A senior Tory aide has been tasked with drawing up a contingency plan for the elections, including a list of potential candidates who could stand.

Alex Wickham • 10 days ago

Exclusive: Nick Boles' Conservative association chairman says more than 100 local members have written to him calling for their MP to be removed.

Alex Wickham • 11 days ago

Conservative rebels have admitted they may have to vote with Jeremy Corbyn to bring down Theresa May.

Alex Wickham • 12 days ago

The default position is that the UK leaves the EU either with or without a deal on March 29.

Alex Wickham • 13 days ago

One Downing Street insider said they would put the deal to MPs as many times as it takes to secure a majority. Other senior Tories want her to delay the vote again.

Alex Wickham • 18 days ago

Some want no deal, others are saying that must be stopped at all costs.

Alex Wickham • 24 days ago

The Labour leader’s spokesperson issued a denial, insisting he said “stupid people”.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

For Leave-supporting Tories, it's the season of goodwill. But Remainers have stepped up their attacks on the prime minister.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

The PM comes home from Brussels to find hardcore Brexiteers threatening to bring down her government, cabinet ministers being urged to oust her, and members of her top team preparing for a “people’s vote”.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

“Safe for now, but wounded,” one government source told BuzzFeed News.

Alex Spence • One month ago

We tried figuring out what the Theresa May confidence vote means for Brexit and...oh, fuck it, take a look.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

The prime minister spoke to EU officials about her thinking on Sunday, a senior source told BuzzFeed News, but the cabinet was not told until 11:30am on Monday.

Alberto Nardelli • One month ago

“Colleagues are so angry they’d happily vote on Christmas Day,” one MP told BuzzFeed News.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Two sets of ministers — some loyal to May, others with leadership ambitions — lobbied for the vote to be pulled.

Alex Wickham • One month ago