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    Here's What My Phone's Predictive Text Has To Say About Living Your Best Life

    My very intelligent phone will cover a wide variety of topics so you can be a better you!

    If you have a smartphone, you probably know what predictive text is. It's a feature for messaging apps that suggests words to use in a conversation.

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    So, realizing my iPhone's predictive text feature could be a potentially helpful tool, I decided to use it to provide life advice, and, well, here's what came out:


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    Yes! Living your best life means going to the beach every day! Leave all your troubles and life responsibilities behind and build a sand castle!


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    Yes; if you're going to the beach, it's best to go with a friend! A GOOD friend, who has a car and won't strand you there at the end of the day. Don't forget towels and sunscreen!


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    This is very true, phone. If you don't have a good friend to take you to the beach, you could get a dog and take IT to the beach. Note: the dog would probably end up becoming your good friend.


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    Hey, if your dad happens to be at the beach too and your dog is busy running around, why not take a minute to get to know the guy?


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    I mean, yeah. You're carrying a couple of wet towels, maybe a bucket, a shovel, and a beach bag; all the while trying to unlock your front door? It's a lot!


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    Even if you did get to know your dad a little at the beach, everyone knows the best time to be around family is at home.


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    No one except your dad even went to the beach, and that makes them lame. If you laugh about them behind their back they'll probably be too oblivious to even realize.


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    Do you think it's fair that you had to pay to park at the beach? Um, of course not! You should go back tomorrow and complain until they give you your hard-earned money back!


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    Well, you should wash the towels you used at the beach, but honestly, you can just rinse your swimsuit in the shower. Don't even worry about it.


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    For this last one, the predictive text and I are pretty much on the same page. I didn't realize this advice would be completely beach-centric, but my phone seems to be obsessed with the beach! Can you blame it? Luckily, the predictive text is very open to constructive criticism. How nice!