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    22 Things From The First Episode Of "Maniac" That I Only Realized After I Watched It A Second Time

    Some spoilers ahead — beware.

    1. In the beginning sequence, Emma Stone's character, Annie, finagles money from a newspaper dispenser. The cover of the paper is about the Milgrim family, reading, "Bladdergate, Milgrim Poop Bot Empire in Peril."

    2. The Milgrim family is the creator of the Poop Bot, the sanitation bot that cleans up dog poop.

    3. Annie stops in front of the Milgrim Industries headquarters during her walk around the city.

    4. At that point she finds and throws away this Rubik's cube...

    5. ...which is then picked up by Owen Milgrim (who is going into the building to prepare for his family's trial) and used by him throughout the series.

    6. During Owen and his dad's walk after dinner, their invention— the Poop Bot — appears in front of them.

    7. Also, FYI, assaulting a Poop Bot is a felony.

    8. Owen's plant is filled with the pills he hasn't been taking.

    9. At the coffee shop where Annie stops, there's a Friend Proxy "friend" who seems to still have no friends.

    10. Annie walks by an advertisement for Greta Mantelray...

    11. ...who is also the author of the book Owen is reading in his apartment. And for those who have seen the show, know who.

    12. Ad Buddy is not an acceptable form of payment in a lot of places.

    13. But there are tons of Ad Buddies waiting for their next consumer at Ad Buddy depots.

    14. You can book a one-way trip to the moon for $1,800.

    15. Instead of the Statue of Liberty, there's a Statue of EXTRA Liberty, and it has large wings and is holding some type of javelin.

    16. Apparently a lot of people wear clothes branded with numerous company logos.

    17. Toilet paper also has branding on it.

    18. Bridges ALSO have ads on them.

    19. And the neon ad outside of Owen's apartment switches between ones for Oral-B and Jolly Rancher.

    20. The subway system is basically the same — the map just looks different.

    21. This cop shows up in a later episode and uses almost the same line.

    22. And finally, cigarettes seem to cost only $2.49. What a deal.