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A Mob Of Pro-Brexit Protesters Called Pro-Remain MP Anna Soubry A “Nazi” During A TV Interview

This is the latest incident to involve abuse hurled at Brexit-sceptic politicians and journalists outside the houses of parliament in the last few weeks.

Patrick Smith 9 months ago

Loads Of Trucks Are Taking Part In A Massive Pretend Traffic Jam Because Of Brexit

The British government is approaching potentially the biggest crisis in living memory in the most British way possible: by practising queuing.

Patrick Smith 9 months ago

US Troops Will Leave Syria Only If Turkey Agrees Not To Attack Kurdish Fighters

National security adviser John Bolton contradicted President Trump, who said on Dec. 19 there would be a full withdrawal.

Patrick Smith 9 months ago

The Family Of The Man Arrested For Alleged Spying In Moscow Says He's Innocent

David Whelan, the brother of Paul Whelan, says he was in Russia for a wedding.

Patrick Smith 9 months ago
Stephanie K. Baer 9 months ago

Louis C.K. Mocks Parkland Shooting Survivors, Asian Men, And Nonbinary Teens In Leaked Audio

"You didn't get shot — you pushed some fat kid in the way, and now I've gotta listen to you talking?"

Patrick Smith 9 months ago

This Story About Someone Befriending A Woman Who Died At 101 Is What We Need Right Now

"Don’t really know why I want to share all this except that she was an incredible incredible woman. And if I hadn’t got talking to a stranger at the bus stop I would never have known her."

Patrick Smith 9 months ago

A US Citizen Has Been Arrested On Spying Charges In Moscow, Russian Authorities Say

The man, named as Paul Whelan, could face up to 20 years in jail if the charges are proven, according to one news agency.

Patrick Smith 9 months ago
Patrick Smith 10 months ago

The Met Police Spent More Than 2,000 Hours Investigating The "Croydon Cat Killer"

Figures released to BuzzFeed News under the Freedom of Information Act show that Scotland Yard also spent thousands of pounds on forensic tests on the bodies of mutilated cats.

Patrick Smith 10 months ago

The New York Times Asked For People’s Stories Of “Petty Crime” In London And The Replies Are Hilarious

“Someone spoke to me on the Tube last week. Still haven’t recovered.”

Patrick Smith 10 months ago
Alan White 10 months ago

Tory MPs Have Voted To Keep Theresa May As Leader

The vote was triggered by MPs writing to the 1922 Committee amid dissatisfaction with May's proposed Brexit deal.

Laura Silver 10 months ago

Leaders And Politicians Around The World Have Paid Tribute To Former President George H.W. Bush

Leaders and dignitaries from Russia, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and many more paid tribute to the former president after his death was announced Friday night.

Patrick Smith 10 months ago

The Head Of Russia's Military Intelligence Agency Has Died After A "Serious Illness"

Igor Korobov, 62, had been in charge of the successor to the KGB since 2016, when the then-head of the agency was said to have died of a heart attack.

Patrick Smith 11 months ago
Patrick Smith 11 months ago

The Future Of Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Is In The Balance As Westminster Braces For A No Confidence Vote

After a week of turmoil and resignations, the prime minister is waiting to find out whether enough Tory MPs have submitted letters to trigger a vote on her leadership.

Alex Wickham 11 months ago

British Police Have Thanked David Schwimmer After A Theft Suspect Was Arrested

Schwimmer made a viral video that helped publicise a police appeal after people on the internet said the suspect resembled the former Friends actor.

Patrick Smith 11 months ago

People Are Sharing This Beautiful Video Of Grenfell Victim Khadija Saye Instead Of The Grenfell Effigy Video

The news comes after five men were arrested for alleged public order offences relating to the burning of a model of the tower.

Patrick Smith 11 months ago