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    18 Creepy Kids' Toys That Should Never Have Existed

    The frog is cute, but it is always watching you.

    1. This vision of pure evil.

    2. This monkey eating a banana which is not at all weird.

    3. This rather revealing doll.

    4. This loveable, phallic thing.

    5. This baby, who has seen too much.

    6. "Little Jimmy received years of counselling in later life due to this doll."

    7. This Tinkerbell, complete with bumhole.

    8. This completely inexplainable penguin / boy mutant.

    9. This fun supermarket shopping game went a bit white supremecist.

    10. This booby bear.

    11. This leering, pissed banana.

    12. These, er, thingies.

    13. This pig who is doing just fine.

    14. This frog, which is cute, but always watching you.

    15. This bear which is designed to reassure kids at the dentist's, but is actually quite disturbing.

    16. This doll, which is always sleeping.

    17. This cow, standing on its hind legs, wearing a tunic, carrying a baby cow.

    18. THE EYES.