25 Puns So Terrible They Should Be Made Illegal

Trust me, these are just too bad.

1. Everyone likes a pun.

3. Puns are fun. Ones about Daniel Radcliffe especially.

4. But they can be so, so bad.

5. Unspeakably bad.

6. There is no excuse for this.

8. We’ve crossed a line here.

9. We’ve gone too far.

— Excuse the Pun (@ExcuseThePun)

10. This breaches international punnage guidelines. We will be investigated by the mirth police.

11. There may be a specific law against this pun.

— Excuse the Pun (@ExcuseThePun)

12. It’s worse when you can see it coming.

13. And even worse when you make plans to use it yourself later on.

— Excuse the Pun (@ExcuseThePun)

14. Some require you to think about it a bit.

— Excuse the Pun (@ExcuseThePun)

15. Others are more groaningly obvious.

16. Some try to be clever.

— Excuse the Pun (@ExcuseThePun)

17. Others rely on innocent animals.

— Excuse the Pun (@ExcuseThePun)

19. Some play on words efforts make you go “Ohhhhhh”.


— Excuse the Pun (@ExcuseThePun)

22. Whereas some are mildly scientific.

25. And some are about Anthony Weiner, the greatest gift to newspaper front pages since forever.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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