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    29 Products That Understand Your Soul

    Because you don't need a person to complete you... but you might need a few of these.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tortilla blanket that'll turn you into the delicious human burrito you've always aspired to be.

    2. A coffee mug so you don't have to stop your never-ending flow of dad jokes just to take a sip of Joe.

    3. A butterfly shirt collar for anyone whose statement pieces are the wind beneath their wings.

    4. An inflatable pug because actual dogs make your allergies ~blow up~.

    5. A cute-as-pie door mat for people who want to subtly celebrate fall all year long.

    6. An A-line mini that'll look perfect on anyone who enjoys being a little ~spacey~ sometimes.

    7. A print so you can show off the wise words you have always known to be true.

    8. A road trip candle sure to satisfy anyone with a wanderlust they can't control and a wallet they can't take any vacation money out of.

    9. A pair of narwhal earrings for majestic accessorizers who don't care if others can't see the ~point~ in jewelry this cute.

    10. A sloth planter, because there is no one you would rather ~hang out~ with on the weekends than a critter as sluggish as you.

    11. A craft beer scratch-off chart to give you a goal seriously worth drinking to.

    12. A pack of sticky notes for any organized soul who has always wanted a ~tabby~ cat.

    13. An eye-catching wall clock to help you check the time more often and finally leave the house on time — no ifs, ands, or ~butts.~

    14. An Abbi and Ilana shirt you know is perfect for you and your BFF, even if it'll only give others a ~broad~ understanding of what your friendship is like.

    15. A piñata pillow for people who know that snuggling up with a throw pillow during a Saturday afternoon nap is the real party.

    16. A set of rainbow or sprinkle wall decals to cover your walls in details as colorful as your personality.

    17. An invigorating butt scrub that knows you deserve self care from your head to your toes, not only your face. And this'll have just enough sass for your fine ass.

    18. A set of three jellyfish air plants because your only jelly-wish in life since you first saw The Little Mermaid is to live under the sea.

    19. A notebook for any writers who feels provalone in their love of cheesy poetry.

    20. A sweatshirt that'll understand you perfectly and let others know what you're too sleepy to say.

    21. A coffee mug sure to keep your kids/roommates quiet until you're awake enough to be friendly, so that you don't seem like a ~drip.~

    22. An oven mitt that already knows you so well it's gonna have your favorite method of cooking right on the front.

    23. A mythical print for anyone who is totally and completely over unicorns.

    24. A set of three lip, cheek, and face crayons to give to anyone who knows that coloring is still tons of fun!

    25. A funny doorstop because you might be shy, but you don't want to ~close the door~ on the chance at making new friends. That being said, a helpful ice (cream) breaker will definitely make it a little easier when inviting people over.

    26. A rude bird so you tou-can say exactly what you want to without having to say anything at all.

    27. A pack of four mini gnomes because you love your plants enough to find them buds — now you will have gnome-more friendless flowers in your home!

    28. A wholesome game of You've Got Crabs for close friends who love getting together and having a laugh, even when they're feeling ~crabby.~

    29. And finally, a middle finger lamp that'll be a hilarious piece of passive-aggressive home decor and a genuinely useful nightlight — you can flip it on and ~flip it off~ any time you like!

    Me, to these products.

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