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Gina Rodriguez's Sisters Tricked Her Into Believing The Mailman Was Her Real Dad

"I don't look like my sisters, but I looked like this mailman."

If you grew up with siblings, then you know playing pranks on each other just comes with the territory of sharing the same parents.

So, when Gina Rodriguez opened up on The Late Late Show about the "cruel" prank her sisters played on her as a kid, we could definitely relate.

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"When I was younger [around 8 or 9 years old], there was definitely this one memory I have that was kind of cruel," Gina told James Corden.

"I had a really sweet mailman that was Hawaiian. And I don’t look like my sisters..."and I don’t really look like my parents – we don’t have strong genes."

"...and I don’t really look like my parents – we don’t have strong genes."

"But I looked like this mailman. And my sisters told me that that was my real daddy."

The Jane the Virgin star admitted her sisters carried out the prank for weeks. It got so real, Gina even wrote confidential messages to the mailman in her diary.

The diary entries looked a little something like this: "I see you [the mailman] coming by, and I think about all the stories you didn’t tell me."

And although she still has fond memories with her "sweet mailman" Tim, nobody can replace her pops!

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