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July 1, 2016

The Most Fab Celebrity Looks Of The Week

You voted all week and here are the results.

Este cómic quiere cambiar tu perspectiva sobre el machismo

Dos chicas mexicanas le dieron vida a Nacho Progre, un personaje que todos conocemos.

Bill Shorten Spent Election Eve Feeding Homeless People

One in every 200 Australians is homeless.

21 Socially Conscious Companies Changing The World Today

For every product sold, these companies donate a portion of their profits toward helping change the world in their own unique way. Come join the movement!

This New Tie-Dye Highlighter Sold Out In One Minute And People Are Freaking Out

"If ColourPop doesn't make more of the Churro highlighter I'll probably cry for at least a week straight."

We Know How Much Of An ’80s Girl You Actually Are

Grab your Cabbage Patch doll, put a scrunchie in your hair, and get ready to take a trip back in time!

8 Ways To Dress To Impress As A D.C. Intern

Dressing professionally is a difficult task. This is especially true for us interns in Washington, D.C. - where everyone from K Street to Capitol Hill lives, eats, and sleeps in a well-tailored suit - but I'll make it easy for you with these 8 simple tips.

¿Prefieres a los hombres súper fit o sin tantos músculos?

Descubre si te gusta con abdominales o más normalitos.

22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

Este quiz te dirá que princesa de Disney eres según tu taco favorito

♫ ¿Eres tú? La garnacha de tortilla azul, que yo soñé ♫

A Day In The Life Of Russian Drama School Students

It's much more than 11 hours per day--6 days a week routine.

Esta lasanha de frango, ervilha e parmesão é a rainha das lasanhas

Dê adeus para aquela lasanha congelada que você não resiste em comprar.

"The Purge: Election Year" Wishes It Could Be As Disturbing As This Election Cycle

It's got blood, it's got guts, but it's got nothing on Donald Trump.

Four Young Children Found Stabbed To Death; Mother In Custody

"This is an egregious act of evil," a Tennessee sheriff said. "I could never understand how anybody could do that."

How Guys Feel On A Double Date

Try and remember his name.

We Interviewed BTS And Found Out Some Things You Might Not Know

Put your BTS knowledge to the test and prepare yourself for some magical gifs!

16 Cosas que los cuates de provincia queremos decirles a los defeños

Para empezar, ya estuvo con lo de "provincianos", es como de la época del virreinato.

Court OKs Trial For Teen Who Allegedly Urged Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself

Michelle Carter was charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly encouraging Conrad Roy to kill himself last year.

RE: BuzzFeed APPLICATION: Mississippi: No Sanctuary For Undocumented Immigrants

The officer looked into the back seat of the family's car and noticed the family's four children, ranging from age 1 to 14. He then turned to her husband. "You know I could call border patrol if I wanted to, right?"

11 formas de continuar em Westeros depois do final da temporada

Teorias aprofundadas, quadrinhos e até um livro para colorir.

A cultura do estupro é a cultura da vigilância

Depois de ser duas vezes vítima do ‘boa noite, Cinderela’ , percebi que nem sempre sabia quem estava me observando. E como isso é perigoso.

Applying For Jobs, As Told By Game Of Thrones

What it's like trying to get a job out of college, illustrated by Game of Thrones

RE: BuzzFeed APPLICATION: Mississippi Takes On Latin Cuisine

"Almost all of the (Hispanic-inspired restaurants) ...are Mexican. You're not going to really find another restaurant in Jackson that serves Latin American-inspired food."

I Was Abducted By Aliens

“They had big black eyes…”

16 Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes For Your Next BBQ

Holiday weekend, here we come.



The Most Interesting Photo Stories Of The Week

Social issues, cows, parades, parties — this list has everything

Would You Survive The Battle Of The Bastards?

Will you survive, or are you dog meat?

“Fingermouthing” Is The New Hot Pose For Selfies

Dangle your fingers in front your mouth just so.

Dono da Friboi não é o filho de Lula, mas é uma mãe para políticos

Lava Jato realizou buscas na casa de Joesley Batista, "campeão nacional" em empréstimos do BNDES e em doações para campanhas.

Which U.S. State Should You Live In, Based On Your Preferences?

Your opinion should matter, shouldn't it?

Students From U.S. Colleges Among 20 Hostages Killed In Bangladesh Restaurant Standoff

Authorities ended the hostage standoff early Saturday after gunmen launched an attack in the diplomatic area of Dhaka. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the assault but the Bangladesh government denies that.

The Obama Administration Says It Has Killed Up To 116 Civilians With Drones

A report released by the White House Friday is the first public accounting of one of President Obama's most controversial programs.

This Chinese Propaganda Video Is Absolutely Everything

You definitely need to listen to it anyway.

Um peixe ganhou um olho falso para que outros peixes parassem de atacá-lo

"Se eu puder dar qualidade de vida a ele, por que não?"

If Guy Fieri Were In “Game Of Thrones”

Guy of Thrones, if you will. (Spoilers ahead!)

Who Needs The Hyperloop? I Took A Train From The San Francisco Bay Area To LA

The Elon Musk-inspired Hyperloop may be fast, but the train has a better view. And it's real.

Trump In 2008 On Globalization: "No One Can Afford To Be Isolationist Anymore"

"The important thing to consider is that more and more there is an interdependence of world economies."

25 Insane 4th Of July Weekend Sales To Shop Right Now

Do a little shopping when you're not barbecuing or watching fireworks.

16 Bandas con famosos encubiertos que no apestan

La verdad es que son bastante buenas.

24 Characteristics Typical Of All Cancers

If you were born between June 22 and July 22, this is for you.

Police Were Called To An Elementary School Party After A Student Made A "Brownie" Remark

The town's mayor acknowledged that the police response to the alleged racist comment was an overreach and said school officials would meet with law enforcement to "make sure this never happens again."

The Most Explosive Stories You Can't Miss This Week

This week for BuzzFeed News, Brian Castner meet the first woman to disarm bombs for the U.S. military. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

This Student Says Her University And A Prosecutor Mishandled Her Sexual Assault Report

The Southern Arkansas University police chief allegedly told Taylor Moore that no crime was committed when she was groped in a dorm room. A prosecutor said that a jury wouldn’t convict the alleged assailant anyway. Nearly seven months later, a city attorney is considering misdemeanor charges.

NBA Disqualifies O.J. Mayo For Violating Anti-Drug Program

The free-agent can apply for reinstatement in two years.

Você está viciado no Facebook?

Assuma, seu celular já caiu na privada por causa desta rede social.

Erkennst Du diese Gewürze?

Zimts oder habe ich Recht?

16 Emojis, die jeder Lehrer braucht

Warum gibt es die noch nicht?

Ashly, Sara, Ella, & Quinta Play Fuck, Marry, Kill

L is for the way you look at me...

To Every White Person Who Thinks They Know My Cultures Better Than I Do

Passing your ethnic studies course isn't permission to try to school me on my daily realities.

31 Things You Need To Eat In July

The perfect summer body is one that's filled with frozen cocktails and blueberry pie.

Apple Slams Spotify, Says App Already Violates App Store Rules

"We find it troubling that you ... are publicly resorting to rumors and half-truths about our service."

20 Personas que necesitan un poco de amor en su vida

"No me digas que me pinches calme".

If The President Dies, Who Takes His Place?

How well do you know the presidential line of succession?



29 Times Lauren Conrad Knew The Right Thing To Say

"I want to forgive you and I want to forget you."

18 schlechte Witze, nach denen Du garantiert auf die Fresse kriegst

OMG! Die Facebook-Seite Fucktastisch ist echt schlimm – aber auch ganz geil.

Este pitbull estava perdido e seu humano fez o melhor anúncio para encontrá-lo

Frederico é um catioro muito brincalhão e adora posar para fotos.

Trump’s Unofficial Diversity Coalition Will Seek Funding From The Republican Party

The National Diversity Coalition for Trump will lay out its minority outreach strategy in a meeting with the Republican National Committee on Friday.

Ces choses qu'il y aura forcément chez les gens aux cheveux naturels

Si vous avez tout ça chez vous, on connaît votre nature de cheveux.

This '90s Cartoon Word Search Will Determine Your Future Life

Will you marry your '90s cartoon crush like you always wanted to?

24 Experimentos científicos que tus hijos adorarán

A todos los niños los cautivan los arco iris, las explosiones o las explosiones de arco iris.

14 Life-Changing Beauty Products For People Who Are Lazy AF

Look like you gave a shit without really giving a shit.

Gay Talese Now Standing By His Book After Saying He Disavowed It

In a new statement, the nonfiction writer and journalist said neither he nor his publisher are disavowing his forthcoming book The Voyeur's Motel over its questionable credibility.

Istanbul Airport Attackers Stayed In A Safe House For Up To A Month

"They were weird people — they never came out."

The 24 Best Lucille Bluth One-Liners

"I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it."

5 Novel Tips For Writing Your First Book

A common item on any bucket list is to pen your own novel but it can seem pretty daunting with an empty Word document flashing in front of you. To coincide with the start of summer when you might have a bit more thinking and writing time, we bring you five top tips for writing your first novel as prepared by Adam Lively, leader of Middlesex University’s MA Novel Writing Degree.

We Owe Most Of Our Greatest Tech To The Government, Here’s What It Should Do Next

Here's a project that only the government can do and would make America better in terms of economic opportunity.

Community Colleges Slammed For Blocking Access To Federal Student Loans

The issue disproportionately affects students of color.

Labour Councillors Are Having An Almighty Row About An Anti-Corbyn Letter

A statement calling on Jeremy Corbyn to resign has been signed by over 600 councillors – but some have complained their names shouldn't be on there.

33 Mindblowing Documentaries You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Stop skipping over these amazing Netflix documentaries.

La candidature géniale d'Eva, 10 ans, à un programme de robotique

«Les rues de Paris sont tristes. Je veux construire un robot qui leur redonne le sourire.»

Esta torta é a cara do fim de semana

A quantidade perfeita de açúcar e álcool

28 Celebrities' Pets Guaranteed To Melt Your Tiny, Fragile Heart

Alternate headline: "28 Dogs And Cats That Are Richer Than You."

Michael Gove: I Did Not Want To Be Prime Minister And I Have No Charisma

The justice secretary launched his Tory leadership bid by insisting he was the only candidate who could make good on the promise to leave the EU, cut immigration, and put an extra £100 million a week into the NHS.

Janot pede que STF seja rápido para condenar Russomanno

Se for condenado, o líder das pesquisas em São Paulo pode sair da disputa por virar ficha-suja. Caso envolve funcionária-fantasma contratada pelo gabinete do deputado.

This Pro Baseball Team Signed Its First Women Players And People Are Super Excited

Kelsie Whitmore and Stacy Piagno play their first game with the team on July 1.

14 TV Shows To Take Your Mind Off All That Frustrating Shit In The News

We can get through this together. Believe in yourself.

Teachers Launch "Save Our Schools" T-Shirts Ahead Of Strike Over Education Cuts

The T-shirt is designed by Katharine Hamnett, famous for her clothes featuring politically charged slogans.

Click To Reveal List Test

click to reveal!

15 Actual Donald Trump Quotes Spoken By Villains

These are all terrifyingly real.

18 Situaciones que te harán decir "¡Uy, así qué chiste!"

Como cuando te sirves cereal y no hay leche.

24 Reminders That A Professional Soccer Players' Locker Room Is Better Than Disneyland

Heaven is real and it's inside the locker room after a soccer game.

27 Of The Best Campaign Buttons From U.S. Presidential History

Wearing our hearts on our sleeves since 1776!

18 Iconic Kisses From '00s Movies That Still Make You Feel All The Feelings

"So I can kiss you anytime I want" *feeble heart explodes*

21 People Who Have Just Made A Truly Horrible Decision

"I've made a huge mistake." – all of these people.

I Tried A Meat Popsicle Because I Have Nothing Left To Lose

Frozen beef broth on a stick is not as bad as it sounds.

11 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up Shy

Because some of us were born with loud minds and quiet voices.

Clinton Met With The FBI To Discuss Her Private Email Server

The meeting comes after a controversial encounter between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

19 Photos That Prove Scottish Asian Weddings Are Majestic

When two cultures share one day, it's pure gid, yaar.

7 Creative Ways To Say “I Don’t Give A Fuck”

Move it along, no fucks to see here.

28 Atrevidos piercings en la oreja que tienes que probar

Estos piercings son tan adorables, que el dolor valdría la pena.

70,000 Convicted Felons Have Sued To Get Their Voting Rights Back

A class-action lawsuit filed Friday aims to restore the voting rights of people in Louisiana who are out of prison on parole or probation.

18 plats de pâtes qui vont vous éveiller sexuellement

Et sûrement vous donner envie de macaroniquer.

Homophobie: BNP condamnée pour discrimination et harcèlement d’un salarié

Info BuzzFeed News - Témoignages et mails à l'appui, un ex-cadre de la BNP dit avoir été harcelé parce qu'il était gay. Alors que la banque a gagné un premier procès et nie ces accusations, la cour d'appel de Paris vient de la condamner ce jeudi à verser plus de 600.000 euros à la victime.

Les citations de Carla Bruni transformées en posters pour vos toilettes

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, chanteuse, ancienne première dame, femme libre.

This New App Could Revolutionise Mental Health Care In The Black Community

Recovr promises a new healthcare service that connects users with therapists they can relate to.

What % Metropolitan Elite Are You?

Do you drink wine out of an unnecessarily large wineglass?

How Dating Women Helped Me Make Peace With My Body Hair

I used to worry about my body hair and what people thought of it — until I started going out with girls.

Only A History Buff WIll Be Able To Ace This National Parks Test

How well do you know these U.S. protected areas?

George Osborne Abandons His Plans For Budget Surplus By 2020

That's three out of three fiscal rules broken, and comes two days after David Cameron said the rule would stay.

14 t-shirts géniaux dont vous avez absolument besoin

Et qui vont certainement vous aider dans beaucoup de situations.

A Tourist Fell To His Death While Taking A Picture On Top Of Machu Picchu

The man was handing another tourist his camera when he lost his balance and fell, according to a witness.

A British Person Tries To Explain The Electoral College

It turns out that democracy is a lie!

Refugees Were Dragged From A Church After Seeking Sanctuary From Deportation

Two pastors had offered the men immunity according to the ancient practice of church sanctuary.

18 Science Class Fails That Will Make You Laugh And Then Despair

"Our teacher demonstrated what not to do with a chip pan fire. I'm fairly sure he lost his eyebrows."

26 Dinge, die jede schwangere Frau heimlich getan hat

Du kommst in jeder Schwangerschaft an einen Punkt, wo Du nur noch sagst: "Scheiß drauf."

11 Incredibly Awkward Ramadan Moments

If you are currently fasting, or know someone who is, here's guessing you have experienced some (if not all) of these.

18 unverzeihliche Verbrechen gegen Wein

Was hat euch Wein getan?!

21 Totally Inspiring Products That Are Only A Little Bit Cheesy

Never give up on your dreams—keep sleeping.

¿Cómo de hortera eras de adolescente?

Y, más importante, ¿cuánto te avergüenzas de ello?

Are You More Maleficent Or Angelina Jolie?

Fall into my spell.......

Which Member Of The British Royal Family Should You Get Drunk With?

Choose wisely; at least one of them is obsessed with helicopters.

Can You Tell What These Celebrities Have In Common?

Honestly, this is a pretty difficult quiz.

9 Truth Bombs This Malayali Actress Dropped About Feminism And Freedom Of Speech In India

"I am no longer okay with just being a sidekick, just being a property..."

Can You Finish The Hardest BuzzFeed Crossword Of The Week?

1-Across: 2015 Best Musical Tony winner with the song "Just Had a Good Talk With Dad..."

Who Should You Visa Marry?

So you're a British person looking for a route off this miserable island. Who can help you?

What's Happening Around The World Today?

Ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson has dramatically stepped out of the race to become the UK’s next prime minister. Australia is heading to the polls this weekend. And Adnan Syed, whose murder conviction was a subject of the Serial podcast, is getting a new trial.

Estas serían las Comunidades Autónomas organizadas por estereotipos

– Estoy haciendo la maleta, me voy de vacaciones Madrid Playa. – ¡Qué suerte! Yo me voy a Cachopia.

People Are Moved By These Poignant #WeAreHere Somme Tributes

Actors dressed as soldiers have been handing out cards, silently, at stations across the UK on the 100th anniversary of World War I's Battle of the Somme.

19 imágenes de España por las que estar Orgullosos

Porque igual que vemos lo que queda por hacer, está bien que nos felicitemos por lo que hemos conseguido.

26 choses que toutes les femmes enceintes ont déjà faites en secret

Dans toute grossesse, il arrive un moment où vous dites simplement: «Je m'en fous.»

18 preuves que les Aveyronnais sont des êtres supérieurs

Ne cherchez même pas à rivaliser avec eux.

How Resilient Are You?

Take our scientifically rigorous test.

18 Things You Never Knew About "Absolutely Fabulous", According To Julia Sawalha

The actress who plays Saffy tells us who's the biggest joker, who's always the most hungover, and her funniest memory from the show's 25-year run.

Le cachalot qui s'est échoué à Rennes est une œuvre artistique

Il s'agit d'une œuvre artistique en marge du festival Les Tombées de la Nuit qui débute ce week-end dans la ville bretonne.

Les moments les plus bizarres de la flamme olympique au Brésil

Entre une flamme humaine et une demande en mariage, la route a été tumultueuse.

Vampires. They're Everywhere.

My feelings when Men's Fitness Magazine posted an advice column to help men turn my "no" into a "yes."

Here Is What Celebrities Wore To The 2016 SIIMA Awards

I need Samantha's shoes in my life.

What Twentysomething Women Say Vs. What Your Family Hears


Do You Know What Happened In The News This Week?

At least 44 people died in a terror attack at Istanbul's main airport, the British government is in even more disarray over Brexit, and Kanye West's new music video might get him sued. Take the BuzzFeed News quiz, made from stories featured in the BuzzFeed News app and the BuzzFeed News newsletter this week.

Emma Watson s'est tapé la honte en interview à cause de sa sonnerie de téléphone

Ça a sonné hyper fort, c'était très drôle et elle était hyper mignonne (c'est normal c'est Emma Watson).

Can You Match The Emojis To The Australian Politician?

It's like guess who, but with emojis!

13 appartements super bien agencés qui font grave envie

Voici des idées chouettes pour que votre déco soit belle et pratique à la fois!

Here's Why Marriage Equality Was A Huge Issue In The Last Two Weeks

Malcolm Turnbull is sick of talking about same-sex marriage.

Racist Tinder User Shamed Online After Making Indigenous Petrol-Sniffing Joke

"Is it true that abos have two different-sized nostrils?"

This Is What Happened When Non-Australians Saw Photos Of Aussie Politics

"I think Australia is drunk and needs to go home."

11 Reasons Why CBBC's Raven Needs A Comeback

And don't you dare change anything.

Bill Shorten Promises To Put Indigenous Affairs Back Into Its Own Department

"I want to hear the voices of Aboriginal people."

Here's What Those Random Minor Parties Actually Stand For

Don't accidentally vote for a party with completely opposite values to you.

24 Of The Funniest Memes About The 2016 Election

The people have spoken and their words have been dank.

Elephant Who Lost Leg In Land Mine Blast Gets New Prosthetic Limb

Mosha, a three-legged elephant, uses a custom-made prosthetic leg to walk.

Who Are Your Favorite "Big Brother 18" Houseguests?

But first... tell us who your favorite #BB18 houseguests are!

21 Borderline Genius Ways To Eat Nutella

Other than straight from the jar, of course.

Here's Why Australia's Election This Weekend Is So Damn Important

Australia is voting on some pretty big issues on Saturday.

The Battle For The Seat Of Wills Is Getting Nasty

A Greens candidate has phoned her Labor counterpart to call a truce.

11 Political Terms Explained In Words You Can Actually Understand

All the words you're too embarrassed to ask the meaning of.

Indigenous Housing Shame: Billions In Funding For Developing World Conditions

"We have been voting for years and what do we get? Nothing."

"I Need A Light Railing": Sexist Pictures Spotted In Liberal Senator's Van

"I'm sure this was all intended as a joke, but in 2016, it's just not funny."

Things To Do While You're Unemployed After College Graduation

Put the Doritos and wine down, you slob...

Minnesota Man Decapitated His Girlfriend's Alleged Rapist, Police Say

A northern Minnesota man allegedly beat an acquaintance with a baseball bat, then cut off his head with a knife after his girlfriend said he had raped her.

Happy Birthday, Poison Ivy!

This flora fatale has had both Batman and fans wrapped around her green thumb since her debut in Batman #181 in June 1966. Look back at some of her most memorable appearances as she turns 50-years-old!

Could You Survive On A Deserted Island?

Let's see if you're cut out for survival.

The Prime Minister Is Not Taking Any More Questions

The press gallery is being bussed around to marginal seats, 24 hours from the election. When asked if Malcolm Turnbull will take questions, aides said "he's done enough interviews today".

The Liberal Party Included A “Real Time Feed” In An Email That Was Just A GIF

"You're looking at a real time feed of Canadians who are chipping in today to support our party"

Government's Mental Health Cuts 'A Disaster Waiting To Happen'

“I’ve had one person say to me that that the reason they didn’t kill themselves was because of my help."

Chipotle Executive Placed On Leave After Report Of Cocaine Bust

The Mexican chain says its Chief Creative and Development Officer has been placed on leave following reports of a drug bust in Manhattan.

The Interesting Details In The "Game Of Thrones" Finale You May Have Missed

Because the only thing left to do now is obsess over it.

People Who Choose Not To Vote See How Difficult It Is For Others To Cast Their Votes

"It's really opened my mind...makes me feel like an asshole."

8 Things Tall Girls Dominate

Forever riding shotgun.

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