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How The Internet Reacted To The Most Ridiculous Week British Politics Has Ever Seen

This is it. The big one. *curls up and cries*

Friday 24 June

Britain wakes up to discover the country has voted in favour of Brexit. Many are in shock.

this is what you've done. i hope you feel bad.

There is a negative reaction on the money markets.

Rest of world: don't do anything crazy plz UK: fk u we used to own u watch this *does backflip *money falls out of pockets *cracks head open

Coming soon to Thorpe Park: the value of the pound

This is 50 cent or as we like to call him In the UK 10,000 pounds

First images released of design for new £1 coin.

There are fears about the benefits we are set to lose.

only 90's kids will remember #EUref

The voting patterns are consistent: Scotland and London are pro-Remain, much of the rest of the country is pro-Leave.

gon tell me the difference between these two photos, cos i dinny see any

I've quickly designed a logo for our new country: #ScotLond

Older people have generally voted in favour of Leave, younger voters in favour of Remain.

I'm not giving up my seat to the elderly anymore. Eye for an eye.

When you voted to leave the EU but you gunna die soon so it's not your problem

I put together a quick infographic summarizing the demographics of the Brexit vote by age.

David Cameron announces he will step down as prime minister, which triggers a Tory leadership election.

If you're ever having a bad day at work remember you're not David Cameron and you didn't unintentionally lead the UK out of the EU.

Britain is now facing economic crisis and severe political and cultural divisions, and will have to negotiate its relationship with Europe from a position of uncertainty.

If you liked The Phantom Menace you're going to love the next 5 years of trade negotiations.

Hey girl are you invoking article 50 because I would tell any number of lies to get you but wouldn't have a clue what to do once I did

Saturday 25 June

The next day was the one quiet day, as the result began to sink in. It began to become clear that the Leave campaign was divided over what to do next.

Take back control. No you take it back. No you fucking take it. You touched it last.

There were some worrying reports of xenophobic and racist incidents in the wake of the result. As the week went on, we would hear more and more.

When you're half way through your haircut and the barber tells you he is from Turkey.

As the nation started to go to bed, a coup against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was reported in The Observer. It would turn out that this story would send shockwaves through British politics.

Sunday 26 June

The day began with Brexiters on television being questioned over what many began to see as a series of broken promises.

Marr: 'You said you'd spend £350m on the NHS' IDS: 'No we didn't' Marr: #marrshow

How many Bexiters does it take to change a light bulb? "I never said there was a light bulb"

There were concerns over who would actually lead the country to Brexit, and what it would eventually look like.

Britain after #Brexit summed up in one photo

An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman went to a bar. They all had to leave because the Englishman wanted to go.

But the most significant movements were on the Labour side. Shadow foreign secretary Hillary Benn was fired over his part in the alleged coup reported by The Observer, which immediately triggered a string of shadow cabinet resignations.

Tom Watson, Labour's chief enforcer, was at Glastonbury and had to return to London.

Tom Watson currently in a tent in a muddy field with 5,000 missed calls

The best thing about this photo of Tom Watson is that they've managed to capture his actual thought bubble.

Tom Watson is the only person in the country who's actually left Glastonbury to go and wade into a field full of shit.

There were some strange rumours the whole thing was being coordinated over Snapchat.

@helenlewis @DuncanWeldon artist's reconstruction of events

It's like the end of Hamlet. Tim Farron as Fortinbras is just going to walk on stage when everyone else is dead and claim the kingdom.

The resignations continued into the night.

Monday 27 June

By Monday morning, the carnage within the Labour party was by now the lead headline, as more and more shadow cabinet ministers resigned.

THICK OF IT ALERT: Labour source: Clive Lewis, is apparently on is way back from Glastonbury and may not make his first Defence Questions!

Just door stepped an entirely innocent member of the public in the mistaken belief she was the shadow Welsh secretary. How's YOUR day going?

Rare candid photo of the Parliamentary Labour Party all hanging out together

The pound had taken an almighty hit, and the financial markets were still turbulent.

Best Brexit joke heard so far: 'At least Raheem is no longer the only underperforming Sterling in the UK'.

Everyone was feeling very confused and let down.

We have to stop saying Brexit, because Stan thinks we are saying biscuits.

And they were about to feel worse, because we were about to lose at football to Iceland and exit Europe for the second time in a few days.

Weird international market reaction during #ENGICE.

I hope this defeat doesn't kill the feel good factor in the country at the moment.

Hodgson, the only man in England with a coherent plan for leaving Europe.

Boris Johnson will be along shortly to explain why we'll still get to play in the quarter finals, pick up the trophy, etc etc

This is literally the worst day in English history since Friday.

England squad costs 175m. If we exit, let's spend it on the NHS.

Tuesday 28 June

A man on Facebook provided a perfect summary of events thus far.

Nigel Farage took it upon himself to address the EU and tell everyone in the room they didn't have proper jobs.

The Labour resignations kept on coming.

So Corbyn's new shadow education secretary says politics is so divisive she is quitting at next election. She's been in post 24 hours.

🐼 = Jeremy Corbyn, 🏐 = the Labour leadership

Corbyn was also caught reshuffling his cabinet on camera in the most memetacular fashion.

Corbyn picked up on microphone by Sky News in shadow cabinet meeting.

The pressure on him to resign began to grow.

Jeremy Corbyn must do the decent thing. Prune that rosebush outside his front door so he doesn’t have to duck under it every morning.

But anger was still being directed at the Brexiters, who many felt had let the country down.

Someone has uploaded Boris Johnson's post referendum speech onto Pornhub with the following title...

It was now full-scale carnage.

2015 politics: ed miliband eats a sandwich a bit weirdly 2016 politics: everything is on fire

Wednesday 29 June

More of the same. There was continued uncertainty over how we would exit Europe and what effects it would have on the markets, immigration, and trade.

Excellent suggestion from the Times letters page

The shadow cabinet resignations continued, and by this point were getting truly ridiculous.

Not going to lie, I'd happily join the shadow cabinet for two days to get a Wikipedia page that looked like this.

But Jezza wasn't going anywhere.

And the pressure was beginning to show.

“Leave it, Jez, ‘e ain’t worth it. We’ve all ‘ad a drink.” - “Come back here, Miliband, and say that to my face.”

Meanwhile a selection of Tory leadership candidates were failing to inspire the public.

Stephen Crabb looks like ALL the baddies from Superman 2 mixed together.

Really concerned people aren't using the correct pronoun when discussing Liam Fox. It's disgraced former minister Liam Fox

Although many believed Michael Gove, who hadn't yet thrown his hat in the ring, felt he had a significant package to offer.

''Do not concede any ground, be your stubborn best, and do something about your balls''

Not that one. As a leader. As a leaked email from his wife suggested. Accident or conspiracy? The jury remains out, although subsequent events seem to point a little to the latter...

How much does Sarah Vine picture herself as Clare Underwood FFS?!

Speaking of wangs, a new portmanteau word for England and Wales was born courtesy of the Washington Post.

The Post's post-Brexit portmanteau for England and Wales is "Wangland"

Oh dear.

if you'd told Wales they'd be lumped in with England and called Wangland like this maybe the result would have been very different

Thursday 30 June

Michael Gove, the man who had spent much of the last few weeks telling people he didn't want to be Tory leader, announced he would be running for Tory leader.

Here's Michael Gove saying he wouldn't be very good as PM and would write in his own blood to say he wouldn't stand

Which completely kiboshed Boris Johnson, the Tory who had done more than anyone else to lead us out of Europe.

So, let's get this straight. Boris goes Leave, despite not being ardent Leaver. Wins referendum.Then realises he can't win leadership. Oops?

Meanwhile in the House of Commons: Democracy!

Tory MP Philip Hollobone in the House of Commons formally complaining about Lindsay Lohan's referendum night Twitter attacks on Kettering.

Chris Grayling says Lohan has not fulfilled her career potential, in part because she hasn't visited Kettering. SERIOUSLY WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Back to the Tory leadership. Boris appeared to be about to launch his campaign. Instead, he stepped down. People were stunned.

The lobby's reaction as expressed by @SamCoatesTimes

Oxygen masks have now dropped from the ceiling. Please apply to yourself before assisting your lobby team

"Hey, you've left a turd in the fridge." "Reluctantly I have concluded I am not the man to remove the turd from the fridge."

It appeared the country could soon be led by a man who couldn't clap like a human.

Gove: "I did everything I could not to be a candidate. Whatever charisma is, I don't have it."

"The next Prime Minister is likely to be either Theresa May or Michael Gove"

Friday 1 July

Apart from an excruciatingly dull speech from Michael Gove, the country decided to slow down.

Heartwarmingly, one issue had been resolved.

@MPChrisGrayling and #philiphollobone Direct message me about your offer. Would be happy to light the Christmas tree in #Kettering 🙏🏻

The end.

To quote Buffy, "I suddenly find myself needing to know the plural of apocalypse."