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11 Incredibly Awkward Ramadan Moments

If you are currently fasting, or know someone who is, here's guessing you have experienced some (if not all) of these.

1. When your friends say “you are going to lose soooooo much weight this month” but you actually put on 4 kilos.

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2. When you have to go to a work meeting and speak a lot but then you get cray-dry mouth and a "kind" person pours you a glass of water. You are staring at it but can't drink it and everyone thinks you are either straight rude or just a total germophobe for leaving a full glass of water on the table.

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3. When you make a big deal at work about how you are fasting and then one day you are exempt (i.e. you have your period) and are quietly stuffing your face in your office, trying to be stealthy and then your co-worker barges in like, "Um, aren’t you meant to be fasting? Are you Muslim or not?" Shux Greg, you got me…because heaps of people are in the business of pretending to be Muslim right now.

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4. When people you have known for a really long time don’t realise you are Muslim until you tell them why you aren’t eating or drinking today…trust me, it’s heavy.

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5. When every single person you meet tries to tell you that they feel your pain because of that one time they did the 40-hour famine (20-odd years ago) and points out "but at least you can eat barley sugars". Um no.

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6. When you try to exercise while fasting.

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7. When you meet up with a friend during the day to hang but it just ends up as you being a creep staring at them while they eat.

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8. When you're ready to clock off from work for the night but it's actually 11am.

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9. When you realise you are being stalked by food commercials and can't even.

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10. When you brush your teeth but are scared you will accidentally swallow water and break your fast.

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11. And when you wake up to eat before sunrise but you're actually still asleep.

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