This New Tie-Dye Highlighter Sold Out In One Minute And People Are Freaking Out

    "If ColourPop doesn't make more of the Churro highlighter I'll probably cry for at least a week straight."

    Southern California-based makeup brand ColourPop is often known for their killer (and affordable!) liquid matte lipsticks and eyeshadows...

    But this week they introduced three new tie-dye highlighters — which is basically just a beautiful blend of three shimmery shades — on Snapchat and asked people to vote on their favorite combination to put into production.

    The coppery peach shade with hints of pink and gold shimmer was the winner, and the customers (VERY PERFECTLY) named it "Churro."

    But once the new $8 highlighter hit the site, it sold out in one minute.

    And people can't stop freaking out about it.

    Even though it was a limited-edition shade, it (thankfully) looks like ColourPop is in the process of trying to make more.

    So start saving now, bbs.