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Can You Date Ross From "Friends" Without Dumping Him?

Many have tried, but can you succeed?

Cassie Smyth • 2 years ago

This Huge New Study Reveals What The British Public Really Want From Brexit

Exclusive: This groundbreaking study reveals that many Remainers want the UK to have full control of immigration and are less enthusiastic about single market membership.

James Ball • 2 years ago

How Far Are You From These Amazing Spots To Watch The Eclipse?

Stunning views, golfing, citizen science, and “blackout beer” — these cities are preparing for the biggest tourism event of the year, if not the century.

Zahra Hirji • 2 years ago

This Is How Much Plastic Humans Have Made – And How Much We've Thrown Out

A new study reveals that humans have produced over 8,300 million tonnes of plastic since 1950, and thrown out over 6,300 million tonnes.

Kelly Oakes • 2 years ago
Chris Applegate • 2 years ago

Working Families Are Getting Worse Off Under Theresa May

When she entered office a year ago, Theresa May pledged to help those "just about managing" – but new research shows these families are getting further away from having enough money for a normal life.

James Ball • 2 years ago

How Many Rihanna Songs Can You Name In One Minute?

Just get ready for work, work, work.

Chris Applegate • 2 years ago

Nigel Farage In... "Article 50: An Adventure Into The Unknown!"

All the excitement of Brexit, but in comic form.

Tim Lane • 2 years ago

These Are The Most Affordable Places To Live Based On Your Actual Earnings

Enter your postcode to compare the average income in your area with rent and house prices.

Louise Ridley • 2 years ago
Alberto Nardelli • 2 years ago
Hannah Jewell • 2 years ago

More Than 120 MPs Voted Against Their Constituencies On Brexit

An analysis of constituency data shows that 120 MPs from Remain seats voted for Article 50, while nine in Leave seats voted against it.

Marie Le Conte • 2 years ago

More Anti-Semitic Hate Incidents Were Reported In 2016 Than In Any Other Year Since Records Began

"For various reasons, some people clearly feel more confident to express their anti-Semitism publicly than they did in the past."

Matthew Champion • 2 years ago

Here's What That Incredibly Viral Donald Trump Petition Says About British Opposition To Trump

More than a million people have signed the petition, but where do they come from and who are they?

Jim Waterson • 2 years ago

Type Your Postcode In Here To Find Charities Near You That Need Volunteers

Enter your postcode to see how you can help people and groups in need, whether you’ve got a little bit of time or loads.

Laura Silver • 2 years ago

These London Roads Have Breached An Annual Air Pollution Limit – And It's Only January

Less than a month into 2017, three London roads have already breached one annual air pollution limit.

Kelly Oakes • 2 years ago

People Across 22 Countries Think The World Is Getting Worse: Data Shows

Fifty-seven per cent of people think their country is in decline, 48% think young people will have worse lives than their generation, and 69% think the system is rigged against them.

James Ball • 2 years ago

These 8 Men Own As Much Wealth As Half The World

The world's eight richest men are worth $426 billion. The world's poorest 3.7 billion people together own $409 billion – $17 billion less.

James Ball • 2 years ago

3 Million Brexit Tweets Reveal Leave Voters Talked About Immigration More Than Anything Else

Groundbreaking analysis shows immigration, not sovereignty or the NHS, dominated the conversation – and making British judges responsible for British law was a key theme for Leave supporters.

James Ball • 2 years ago

We've Just Learned The UK Will Have To Borrow An Extra £469m A Week Due To Brexit

The UK economy will grow more slowly, the government will have to borrow more, and there are more risks down the line, official forecasts warn.

James Ball • 2 years ago