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This Sleeping Bulldog Covered In Food Is The Hero We Deserve

Move over Cheerios Challenge, Monkey the bulldog has us all beat.

Meet Big Chunky Monkey — or Monkey for short. He's a fantastic bulldog pup with a talent for stacking people food on his body and in his mouth.

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Here he is totally passed out with a shit ton of tacos on his chin and tortilla chips in his face.

OH, but Monkey also LOVES HIM SOME CHEESE. Observe: Monkey with a block of cheddar and some Cheez-Its.

This dawg can balance endless Funfetti Oreos on his face.

Oh hello Spiderman pajamas.

And an entire In-N-Out meal on his paw.

Cake pops? Sure! Cake pops!

He's literally got French fries shoved in his lil' bulldog cheeks.

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I mean, if this isn't perfection...

Does he like pretzels? You bet.

Monkey's food stacking skills are maybe only second to his cuteness.

Keep at it Monkey, we can't wait to see what you stack next.

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