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    19 Photos That'll Make You Face God And Walk Backwards Into Hell

    It's a cruel and annoying world. From r/mildlyinfuriating.

    1. This annoyance.

    2. The lack of anything meaningful in this bag.

    3. This sign.

    4. This brick.

    5. These signs.

    6. These appliances being exactly the wrong way around.

    7. Ten-minute ads.

    8. When you have a selection of flavours, but no idea which one is which.

    9. Shoelaces like this.

    10. Sinks designed like this.

    11. Deals that aren't deals.

    12. A cereal box opened like this.

    13. Oranges packaged like this.

    14. Butter used like this.

    15. A sandwich that's just a lie.

    16. A dollar menu that's anything but.

    17. Bowls that are so fucking annoying as soon as you're done with them.

    18. This food that is basically made of lies.

    19. The fake fucking chip.