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    17 Things All Crossword Solvers Have Experienced

    Get a clue.

    1. Trying to get the only answer you can think of for a clue to fit in the grid even though you know it's not right.

    2. Flipping through synonyms in your head when your first choice for an answer doesn't fit.


    3. When a clue could be in either past or present tense, so you don't know which to use in your answer.

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    4. The struggle of knowing an answer is correct, but not realizing there is a special theme to the puzzle that does something crazy like make letters disappear.

    5. Solving a few clues in a row and starting to feel unbeatable.


    6. Finally figuring out that one clue that allows you to break open a whole section of the puzzle.


    7. And getting pumped up for the rest of the puzzle after you complete that section.


    8. Having a wave of relief wash over you when you finally figure out that one clue you've been stuck on forever.

    9. The frustration of needing to look up an answer — and then immediately realizing you should have known it.


    10. The annoyance of struggling with a clue, only to have a random friend pass by and immediately know the answer.

    11. Seeing that question mark at the end of the clue and trying to figure out how the puzzle's editor is messing with you.


    12. When you only have one square left — but you can't figure out either of the clues it's a part of.

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    13. The distinct sadness of checking your favorite site for a new puzzle and seeing that there isn't one yet.


    14. And then anticipating when the release of a new puzzle will be.


    15. Debating about whether solving is better online or with pencil and paper.

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    16. Starting to recognize certain terms that appear in a lot of puzzles and feeling your vocab expanding.


    17. And the pure joy you feel the first time you're able to complete a difficulty level you've never finished before.


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