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This Is What Happened When Non-Australians Saw Photos Of Aussie Politics

"I think Australia is drunk and needs to go home."

BuzzFeed Australia sent a bunch of uncaptioned photos of Australian politics to our international colleagues and asked them to write down their immediate thoughts. This is what happened:

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and leader of the opposition, Bill Shorten.

Pool / Getty Images

Sebastian (Germany): They're really happy because they divided Australia among themselves.

Lincoln (US): OMG ZADDIES.

Elizabeth (UK): Oh god. Please no more men. Have you seen what they've done to Britain?

Victor (Russia): They appear to be in opposition to each other since one is wearing blue tie and the other is wearing red one.

Susana (Brazil): They look like white male politicians everywhere (even Brazil).

Federal parliamentary parties list.

Guillermo (Spain): Motoring Enthusiast? WTF? Also, isn't Glenn Lazarus a character from Harry Potter? And why would someone want a xenomorph running their country?

Erin (US): Are the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts just a group of people who love motor boats and want government subsidies for their motor boats so they can keep motor boating around on their motor boats?

Susie (US): Facebook: "Reminder: You have one event today."

Me: [clicks]

Facebook: "It's John Madigan's Manufacturing and Farming Party."


Facebook: "You said you were interested."


Jules (France):
It's like a NASCAR team line-up.

Hilary (UK): Nick Xenophon Team sounds like a really shit Marvel superhero film. Would not watch.

Pauline Hanson "crushing" the major parties.


Sebastian (Germany): How to survive the Sydney traffic jam.

Erin (US): The car from Dumb and Dumber is piiiiiissed.

Lincoln (US): Purple goddess challenges monster truck in a battle to the death. I'm into it.

Elizabeth (UK): The Motoring Enthusiast Party is launching their manifesto to crush the competition.

Monica (Senegal): I'm... a bit confused... Is it the Australian equivalent of Top Gear?

Conz (Argentina): I thought this was about politics in Australia, not a regular Saturday afternoon in Texas.

Malcolm Turnbull stroking a rat on a man's shoulder.


Guillermo (Spain): I don't know, but I wouldn't vote for a president who might touch me by surprise. Not cool, Mr President.

Susie (US): The traditional... inspection of the candidate's neck? I don't know, guys.

Jules (France): It looks like the inauguration of a new wax figure at a Madame Tussaud's for retired cyclists.

Elizabeth (UK): Some kind of a collar fetish.

Victor (Russia): A man touches a very popular Australian celebrity.

Barnaby Joyce contemplating an llama.

Daniel Munoz / AAPIMAGE

Guillermo (Spain): The Men Who Stare At Goats sequel looks promising.

Erin (US): This is the alternate cover image for the popular children's book Is Your Mama A Llama?

Jules (France): It's the prime minister looking at his foreign affairs secretary like he is planning a coup.

Hilary (UK): That man has a deep, terrible phobia of llamas, and is regretting his decision to run for leader of the llama party.

Susana (Brazil): I didn't know there were llamas in Australia!

Sam Dastyari raving about halal snack packs in parliament.

The Guardian / Via

Guillermo (Spain): Worst love song lyrics ever.

Erin (US): Is that a threat?

Lincoln (US): I wanna experience the delicacy of *his* halal snack pack.

Elizabeth (UK): I hope he's not being sarcastic. I love a halal snack pack.

Monica (Senegal): I'm assuming this is a BuzzFeed meme...

Victor (Russia): Hmmmm, this makes me want to eat some proper halal snack packs.

Former Australian Idol host James Mathison's political slogan.

Facebook: jamesmathisonAU

Sebastian (Germany): I liked these slogans when I was 15. "Who, if not us!" Maybe he remembers how he acted as a teenager.

Erin (US): This is how someone stuck in a loveless relationship asks you to marry them.

Jules (France): Why is he at the beach? Doesn't he have a job to do?

Hilary (UK): If David Gest and Robert Downey Jr had a baby...

Juliana (Brazil): I'm kinda creeped out by his stare.

The "fake tradie" ad.

Guillermo (Spain): When it's 2am and your friend suggests going to a different pub.

Sebastian (Germany): Is this the Australian Bob the Builder?

Susie (US): Not exactly a rousing call to voter turnout, but I guess you guys HAVE to vote by law.

Elizabeth (UK): He's defending the current mob. Maybe they wrote his lines for him à la Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Victor (Russia): This is an ultimate life advice.

Bill Shorten's comments on lettuce.

Sebastian (Germany): "All lettuces are beautiful!"

Erin (US): Sounds like he has raging Saturday nights.

Lincoln (US): As long as it's not iceberg, I'm in.

Jules (France): Never trust someone who says that. It's complete bullshit, most varieties of lettuce are bad.

Hilary (UK): Sounds like he'd be a fucking legend at parties. "Hey Bob, how've you been?" "Eating lettuce." "Oh, right." "I like all sorts of varieties of lettuce." "...really." "Lettuce is an annual plant of the daisy family Asteraceae." *runs away*

Conz (Argentina): Is he ~really~ talking about lettuce?

The democracy sausage map.

Guillermo (Spain): I feel like I would never unsubscribe from the Council of Australian Sausage's newsletter.

Sebastian (Germany):
If you need an advice from Germany: You should not underestimate the importance of sausages.

Erin (US): I think the middle of the country prefers tofu.

Susie (US): All we get is an "I voted" sticker.

Jules (France): I learned one thing about Australia today. Where there's people, there's sausage too.

Hilary (UK): I think Australia is drunk and needs to go home.

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