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    Ashly, Sara, Ella, & Quinta Play Fuck, Marry, Kill

    L is for the way you look at me...

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    Playing Fuck, Marry, Kill with your friends sounds like a great idea! I mean, it's not like anyone could get offended, right? We decided it would be awesome to let Ashly loose on Ella, Sara and Quinta (each one's voice effectively ~disguised~) and decide who was a true ride-or-die 4 lyfe:

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    Ashly had *absolutely NO idea* what her desired outcome would be:

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    Have you thought about this before?

    To get things started, she asked the ladies what Beyoncé's best song is, which got us some preeety unique answers:

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    Would we say it's an "early" jam, doe? Would we?

    Then, when asked "if we were two scoops of ice cream, what flavors would we be?" Quinta decided to get REAL with it and lay down the truth:

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    Honesty is the best policy.

    But Ella blew everyone away (and grossed us all out!) when she admitted that her fave bug is a MOSQUITO.

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    She has a point...they will stop at nothing to suck the blood outta you.

    Then, it was time for the ladies to sing Ashly a special song. And this was when Sara really solidified her lead, proving that Frank Sinatra's spirit lives on inside of her:

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    The PASSION. It's undeniable.

    All of a sudden, it was decision time!!! First up, let's see who she decided to fuck:

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    Quinta!!! Yay!

    Then, who she decided to kill. :(

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    Ella! (Everyone is weirdly joyous...Ella included!)

    And last (but obviously not least since they are joined in holy matrimony) who she decided to marry!

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