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Geoffrey Rush Wins $2.9 Million In Defamation Damages

The record-breaking sum comes as Rush's barrister revealed he offered to settle the case for $50,000 and a front-page apology.

Lane Sainty • One hour ago

Fraser Anning Out, Clive Palmer Fails, Jacqui Lambie Back: The New Look Senate

Who will Scott Morrison have to bargain with in the upper house?

Lane Sainty • 3 days ago

Fraser Anning, The Politician Egged By A Teenager, Has Lost His Seat

"He goes back to where he came from because he won't come back to the parliament."

Lane Sainty • 4 days ago

Queensland Did Not Go Well For Labor

“If Labor doesn't win this election, they can look at their figures in Queensland and ask what went wrong in Queensland."

Lane Sainty • 4 days ago

Israel Folau Has Been Sacked For Posting On Instagram That Gay People Will Go To Hell

"Mr Folau knew when he pressed that button there were the implications that post was going to have."

Lane Sainty • 6 days ago
Lane Sainty • 6 days ago

Can You Match The Election Quote To The Politician?

Who said it? Take the quiz and find out how much attention you've been paying to the 2019 Australian election.

Lane Sainty • 7 days ago

This Young Man Is Hopeful About The Future In Australia's Worst Suicide Region

"A lot of things have been done for us, without us. That's what we're trying to change."

Lane Sainty • 8 days ago

This Woman Grew Up In The Worst Suicide Region In Australia. Now She's Working To End The Crisis

Once the epicentre of Australia’s ongoing Indigenous youth suicide crisis, the remote Kimberley town of Derby is striving for change.

Lane Sainty • 8 days ago

An Aboriginal Health Service In One Of Australia’s Worst Suicide Regions Is Self-Funding Mental Health Roles

“For us not to have a psychologist and an Aboriginal mental health worker is really crazy.”

Lane Sainty • 8 days ago

This Mother Lost Her 16-Year-Old Daughter To Suicide. Here’s How She Kept Going

A small team of support workers across Australia carry out a grim task: arriving at the doorstep when an Indigenous person dies by suicide, and figuring out how to help.

Lane Sainty • 9 days ago

"Orange Is The New Black Star" Yael Stone Is Witness X From The Geoffrey Rush Defamation Case

Her identity can be reported after a court suppression order was lifted on Thursday.

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

This Health CEO Is Calling For Solar Power In The "Hot And Unforgiving" Pilbara

"It’s basically at the centre of the West Australian desert."

Lane Sainty • 14 days ago

This Rugby Player Will Argue He Shouldn't Be Sacked Over An Instagram Post That Said Gay People Would Go To Hell

Rugby union star Israel Folau will challenge Rugby Australia's decision to sack him after he again posted on Instagram that gay people are destined for hell.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

Angus Taylor Has Threatened To Sue Journalists For Sharing A Twitter Thread

Two prominent journalists have received legal letters from energy minister Angus Taylor.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

How The Geoffrey Rush #MeToo Defamation Case Went Disastrously Wrong For His Accuser

Actor Eryn Jean Norvill, dragged into a #MeToo scandal she never wanted made public, sat and watched as a judge told the world he didn’t believe her.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

Geoffrey Rush Has Been Awarded At Least $850,000 In His Defamation Case

"I would've been content to receive a simple apology and a promise to do better, without any of this," his accuser Eryn Jean Norvill said outside court.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

Here Are All The Ways The Geoffrey Rush Defamation Verdict Could Play Out

The verdict in the defamation case between the Pirates of the Caribbean star and a Sydney newspaper will be handed down on Thursday.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

Christchurch Terror Attack Victims Went To The Accused Gunman's Court Appearance

The 28-year-old Australian appeared in court in Christchurch via video link on Friday morning.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

Seven Is Being Sued Over That "Sunrise" Stolen Generations Panel Discussion

"If they had done the exact same story talking about child sexual abuse in the mainstream community and showed images of families in the Northern Beaches, Vaucluse, Point Piper, can you imagine the outrage?"

Lane Sainty • One month ago