Four specimens dating back to 1880 were stolen in a bone heist last week, police say.

Lane Sainty • 3 days ago

The 53-year-old actor is suing for defamation over claims he indecently assaulted and sexually harassed cast members during a 2014 run of The Rocky Horror Show musical.

Lane Sainty • 3 days ago

“To me it was never about the money, it was about standing up to a bully,” the Australian actor said outside court.

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Yunxiang Gao's lawyers said they had to cross-examine his accuser on her story, but a judge ruled the woman did not need to give evidence at a pre-trial hearing.

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"He told me he was going to change," Cathrina Cahill told a court as she faced a sentencing hearing for the manslaughter of her fiancé.

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Police say they are treating the attack as a "terrorism incident" and said that the suspect has died in hospital after being shot in the chest by police.

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On the final day of the trial, lawyers argued over the question: if Rush wins, how much should he get?

Lane Sainty • 10 days ago

The Daily Telegraph's articles about Geoffrey Rush were "the most recklessly irresponsible journalism" that has landed in an Australian court, the film star's lawyer said.

Lane Sainty • 11 days ago

"She made an informal complaint. She didn’t want Mr Rush notified and she didn’t tell the media," the Daily Telegraph's barrister said of Norvill in his closing argument.

Lane Sainty • 12 days ago

The trial will now go ahead with closing arguments and is likely to end this week.

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

The Geoffrey Rush defamation trial has been filled with high drama. But his accuser, Eryn Jean Norvill, testified for almost eight hours with an unrelenting cool.

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Earlier on Friday, a Los Angeles lawyer testifying for the newspaper put on his Ray-Bans after the judge said he looked like Jack Nicholson.

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"I saw Geoffrey’s hand cupping around the body of EJ’s breast, which was something I hadn’t seen before on stage," said actor Mark Winter.

Lane Sainty • 18 days ago

"There was a level of hierarchy that kept that level of fear and silence in place," Norvill said on Wednesday as she testified in the Geoffrey Rush defamation case.

Lane Sainty • 19 days ago

Actor Eryn Jean Norvill said she was "at the bottom of the rung in terms of hierarchy and Geoffrey was definitely at the top" during the Shakespeare play in which she alleges he sexually harassed her.

Lane Sainty • 20 days ago

Actor Robyn Nevin, testifying in support of Geoffrey Rush's case, was questioned over supportive texts she sent to Eryn Jean Norvill, the actor who allegedly complained about Rush's behaviour towards her.

Lane Sainty • 21 days ago

Schepisi said Rush was a "basket case" after the publication of the articles alleging inappropriate conduct during the play King Lear.

Lane Sainty • 24 days ago

On the fourth day of the trial, actor Helen Buday sang a line from the 1968 song "Truly Scrumptious" when asked if she had heard Geoffrey Rush say another female actor looked "scrumptious".

Lane Sainty • 25 days ago

Earlier on Wednesday, Rush said he might have called a younger female costar "yummy", but denied deliberately touching her breast.

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The text included an emoji with its tongue sticking out. "It’s the looniest emoticon I could find. If Fozzie Bear had been there I would have put Fozzie Bear," Rush said.

Lane Sainty • 27 days ago