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Geoffrey Rush Lost His Bid To Stop The Daily Telegraph From Repeating The Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Him

A rare win for the Daily Telegraph in a case that has cost the newspaper $2.9 million.

Lane Sainty • 18 days ago

Cardinal George Pell’s Sex Abuse Conviction Has Been Upheld

"The complainant was a compelling witness, was clearly not a liar, was not a fantasist and was a witness of truth."

Lane Sainty • 25 days ago

A Woman Who Hit Strangers With An Axe In A 7-Eleven Had Five Years Added To Her Sentence

Evie Amati will now spend at least eight years in prison.

Lane Sainty • 27 days ago

Four Sisters Spent Years Trapped In An Island Detention Camp. Their New Life Has Its Own Struggles.

Now in America after growing up in detention on a remote Pacific island, four young sisters grapple with the years they lost.

Lane Sainty • One month ago
Lane Sainty • One month ago

"Deeply Troubling": A Coroner Has Criticised The Care Of A Pregnant Woman Who Died Hours After Leaving Hospital

"This inquest has put the health system on notice," said a family member.

Lane Sainty • One month ago

The First Medevac Report Shows An “Unbelievably High” Number Of Mental Health Admissions

Exclusive: A government report has revealed the “unbelievably high” rate of medical admissions for refugees suffering mental illness on Nauru.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

How A Remote Community Is Bringing Indigenous Songs And Dances Back To Life

"They weren’t just recording songs to have them sitting in an archive."

Lane Sainty • 2 months ago
Lane Sainty • 2 months ago

Opinion: Everyone Is Wrong About Israel Folau

Israel Folau’s belief that gay people go to hell is not niche. But it is harmful — and sacking him does nothing to help.

Lane Sainty • 2 months ago

A Judge Just Ruled You Can Sue The Media Over Facebook Comments From Readers

Former youth detainee Dylan Voller is suing News Corp, Fairfax Media and Sky News.

Lane Sainty • 2 months ago

A Study Funded By The Government Is Likely To Show Its Own Refugee Policies Contribute To Suicide Risk

"It’s likely that those policies might contribute to increased risk."

Lane Sainty • 2 months ago

Two Friends Conceived A Child Together Before A Bitter Dispute. Now A Court Has Ruled In His Favour

Robert Masson donated sperm 13 years ago to conceive a child with his friend, Susan Parsons. Now Australia's highest court has ruled he is the legal father.

Lane Sainty • 2 months ago

How A Queer Woman Took On A Prominent Conservative Activist And Won $100,000

Exclusive: A prominent anti-same sex marriage campaigner has agreed to pay $100,000 to a queer youth activist over a “devastating” Facebook post.

Lane Sainty • 2 months ago

A Member Of The Accused "Incest Family" Has Been Denied Bail

Four of the eight accused Colt adults remain behind bars as they await trial in 2020.

Lane Sainty • 3 months ago

A TV Network Being Sued By An Indigenous Group Tried And Failed To Stop The Lawsuit

Indigenous Australians were depicted in blurred footage while white commentators talked about child abuse. Now they're suing Channel Seven.

Lane Sainty • 3 months ago

The Daily Telegraph Wants Tapes Of Geoffrey Rush's Defamation Trial To Prove The Judge Looked Biased

The judge's "tone" would have been read as biased — and they need the audio to show it, the newspaper says.

Lane Sainty • 3 months ago

"A Very Compelling Witness": George Pell's Victim Should Be Believed, Appeal Hears

"If it’s a fantasy, then at some point one would expect the cracks would appear."

Lane Sainty • 3 months ago

"Honest People Do Get It Wrong": George Pell's Jury Must Have Doubted His Guilt, Court Hears

"If he was at the western door during that time, then the law of physics tells us this is literally, logically impossible, for the offending to have occurred."

Lane Sainty • 3 months ago

The Woman Behind "Political Posting Mumma" Has Apologised After Being Sued Over A Facebook Post

She posted the apology three weeks after declaring "I'm not backing down" in a Facebook video.

Lane Sainty • 3 months ago