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    You Can't Buy The Yellow Top From "Pretty Little Liars" Because "A" Bought Them All

    Well, that's what we think, anyway. Also, spoilers.

    If you've ever seen an episode of Pretty Little Liars, you're probably aware of this ubiquitous yellow top.

    Alison DiLaurentis was wearing it the night she disappeared – and given there are so many flashbacks to that night, the yellow top appears several times in pretty much every season.

    Bethany Young wore it that night too – which is partly why she was mistaken for Alison and buried alive.

    CeCe Drake was wearing a yellow top that night as well, though the straps appear to be slightly different to Alison's iconic garb.

    But the top hasn't been available to buy for years, despite several intrepid fans identifying it as the Talula by Aritzia Tiered Ruffled Tank.

    So why is this delightful blouse no longer available, given that Sasha Pieterse wears it in basically every second episode?


    Yep. In the season 6 premiere, you see a closet full of them.


    And this is in addition to the god-knows-how-many yellow tops A has creepily forced Mona to wear while she's in captivity.

    Not to mention the one Sara Harvey was discovered wearing in the dollhouse.

    Aritzia customer care offered an "explanation" to BuzzFeed News, saying "this item is from several seasons ago and to my knowledge will not be coming back".

    But we still think A is behind this.