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Here's What Millennial Women Need To Know About Money And The Pay Gap In 2019

“My generation failed you. Completely failed you,” said Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck. “We played the game the way it was laid out.”

Venessa Wong • One month ago

Tesla Is Cutting 7% Of Its Full-Time Employees

"The road ahead is very difficult," said Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a memo to employees.

Venessa Wong • 4 months ago

34 Devastating Stories About How People Are Still Crushed By Medical Debt

Nearly a decade since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, it is clear that affordability remains a problem in health care — and young Americans especially are feeling the impact.

Venessa Wong • 4 months ago

Don’t Blame Millennials For All The Emotional Support Animals, Delta’s CEO Said

The situation is “out of control” — but not because of millennials, Ed Bastian told BuzzFeed News.

Ben Smith • 4 months ago

A Judge Blocked A New Law On Airbnb In New York City From Going Into Effect Next Month

A new rule requiring Airbnb hosts in New York to disclose rental information to the city is being blocked until litigation over the ordinance is resolved.

Venessa Wong • 4 months ago

18 Times 2018 Made Us Gag

How on earth are you still eating salad at this point?

Venessa Wong • 5 months ago

25 Things BuzzFeed News Tried And Loved In 2018

Some of these things may change your life.

Katie Notopoulos • 5 months ago

Housing Affordability Is Only Getting Worse

"Affordability will continue declining in 2019."

Venessa Wong • 5 months ago
Venessa Wong • 5 months ago

Trump Called Himself A “Tariff Man,” And Then The Market Plunged. Here’s Why.

Trump is overstating progress on trade negotiations with China, and investors are noticing.

Venessa Wong • 5 months ago

Tell Us About Your Health Care Debt And How It Impacts The Rest Of Your Life

An unexpected hospitalization, doctors who claim to be in your insurance network but aren’t, treatment for chronic diseases that force you to rack up credit card debt — sure, there's no price on good health, but tell that to the debt collectors.

Venessa Wong • 5 months ago

15 Things On The Internet I'm Thankful For In A Year Of Absolute Garbage

To the internet: Thank you for your amazing power and work in our lives.

Venessa Wong • 6 months ago

Hotel And City Representatives From Around The World Are Meeting To Discuss The Airbnb Problem

On Monday, the first international meeting of hotel representatives and city officials will be held in New York to discuss ways to regulate Airbnb and other platforms.

Venessa Wong • 6 months ago

People Love Oysters, But Their Population In The Gulf Of Mexico Has Been Decimated

Hurricanes, overharvesting, and a really bad oil spill have brought down the Gulf's oyster populations to historic lows.

Venessa Wong • 6 months ago

Housing Is Unaffordable. Here’s How People Voted To Solve The Crisis.

Voters around the country wanted more action from the government on housing affordability.

Venessa Wong • 6 months ago

Apple Stock Tanked On Friday

Apple shares fell Friday after the company said it would no longer report unit sales of iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Venessa Wong • 6 months ago

Fewer People Are Buying Homes. Here's Why That's A Bad Sign.

Fewer people bought homes this year. The obvious culprit: worsening affordability.

Venessa Wong • 6 months ago

Uber Is Slowly Becoming A Food Delivery Company

Uber Eats already has doubled the number of restaurants on its platform this year to 160,000.

Venessa Wong • 7 months ago

All The Wonderful, Weird, And Sometimes Miserable Things People Remember About Sears

Love it or hate it, Sears has been a big part of people's lives for a long, long time.

Venessa Wong • 7 months ago

Here's What Health Care Costs In 2018. It's Not Pretty.

You could literally buy a new car every year for the amount it costs to insure a family.

Venessa Wong • 7 months ago