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August 1, 2012

Girl What's In Your Makeup Bag Photo

Girl, what's in your makeup bag? I'm so excited to start this new column in my blog. Basically what I'm gonna do is visit all kinds of different rad girls and peek into their makeup bags, closets, etc. It's totally just an excuse for being curious w…

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless Again On Patty's Blog

One thing we love about Miley Cyrus is that she's not afraid to expose her true self - especially through Twitter and Instagram. The app-savvy entertainer has quite the connection to her fans via the social media outlets, with pictures and messages.…

Gore Vidal, 1925 – 2012

Gore Vidal despised the New York Times through and through and would barely have stomached his obituary in that paper today, as credit-giving and realistic and praising as it is. Charles McGrath notes some of the impetus for this hatred in the obit…

The U.S. Women's Gymnasts Have Been Tweeting With Every Famous Person

Like, every single one. Including Obama, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

22 Of The Cutest Animal Babies You've Never Seen Before

These species might be lesser-known but they are definitely not lesser-cute! From dik-diks to echidna puggles, learn to love all these baby weirdos!

"Doctor Who" Promo Picture Does Not Bode Well

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. Seriously do not click if you want your Series Seven unspoiled.

18 People Who Are Just Trying To Chill

What's with all the hassle? These people are just tryin' to chill.

7 Valiant Efforts To Capitalize On "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

The ongoing Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has left publicists all over the country scrambling to find connections between their products and the books. Now everything vaguely sexy is being sold as Fifty Shades-themed. Some examples...

Man Ruins Dark Knight Rises Screening In Florida, Gets Beaten Up

Theaters screening The Dark Knight Rises are kind of like planes just after 9/11 these days – places full of panicky people who are easily scared and dangerously paranoid. 45-year-old David Escamillo, despite his legit taste in sick tank tops, learn…

Heartbreaking Images From The Worst Injury Of The 2012 Olympics

South Korean weightlifter Sa Jae-Hyouk was in the middle of the medal hunt when disaster struck. (WARNING: Somewhat graphic images and video.)

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Team USA's Gymnastics Leotards

Creating the leotards for Team USA's gymnasts is a process that takes a year and a half, thousands of Swarovski crystals, and many rounds of testing. Each one is like a wedding dress: a spectacular creation the ladies can't wait to debut on the big day.

34 People You Probably Didn't Know Were On Seinfeld

Not only the greatest sitcom ever, Seinfeld helped launch the career of many actors you love today.

Nick Offerman May Just Have The Best Headshot Ever

I am speechless. If you scroll, things are going to get all NSFW up in here.

Rid Your Facebook Of Baby Photos With This Handy Chrome Extension swaps out babies for awesome stuff (of your choosing). Apologies to all of BuzzFeed's overeager, photo-happy parents in advance.

Google Search Is Burying The Past

Terrified of being left behind, Google has trapped its users in the present.

GIFs Of Cats In Space

Cats. But in outer space. Duh:

"Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day" Brings Out Thousands

Mike Huckabee urged Americans to dine at Chick-Fil-A today to support the chain's anti-gay marriage stance. Judging by these photos, it was a success.

Taiwan Animation Gets Pretty Racist About Ye Shiwen's Swimming World Record

We share a lot of NMA World Edition’s ridiculously animated, absurdist news recap videos, but their latest (about world record Olympic swimmer Ye Shiwen) brings up an interesting question of how Asian and Pacific Island nations view each other, and …

Wendy's Sign Angers Liberals; Wendy's Tweet Angers Conservatives

Moderates remain uninsulted, but give it a few hours.

Kim And Kanye Went Zip-Lining In Mexico

Along with Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis.

Where Are They Now: The 1996 US Gymnastics Team

Everything you need to know about the legendary first American team to win the Olympic gymnastics team gold.

Meet The Republican Blogosphere's Favorite Candidate

Mia Love would be the first black woman in the House Republican caucus. BuzzFeed declined the fundraising ticker.

Is Dubstep Just Genius Avant Garde?

An argument for why making music sound like dying robots is actually crazy hard. Wub wub wub, bitches.

Career Confidential: A Barista Who Says No To Women Who Ask For Breast Milk Lattes

Also: "People drive through high all the time on all sorts of drugs. There's a woman who drives through smoking pot, wearing pajamas, in a Mercedes every morning."

Tiny People Living On Fingernails

Apparently if you paint your fingernails just right, they can sprout tiny people. You can see more of the miniature art here. (via

Cat Spanx

Who wants to place bets on how long it takes until this is an actual product you can buy?

Tan Mom Has Stopped Tanning

She's still pretty tan, but it's nothing like before. Here's the proof.

Backseat Driver Cat And Other Links

Keep your eyes on the road, you're gonna get us all killed! Plus an invasion of teddy bears and let's mash-up Julia Childs with Guns'N'Roses.

If Fashion Had Its Own Olympics, These Would Be The Games

Can you tell that we’re seriously, unabashedly obsessed with the Olympics here at Fashionista? Well, we are. It’s difficult not to be–what with Ryan Lochte running swimming around all shirtless and Gabby Douglas being generally adorable, it’s a majo…

Handcuffed Man Shot In Back Of Police Car ! // Current TV

A real how did he do it, or did he? (Jonesboro, AR) Teresa Carter just doesn’t understand what happened to her son Chavis in the back of a police car.

Please RT If You Are Awful

What is wrong with the people who ask to be retweeted? Everything.

8 Olympic Couples Competing For A Gold Medal...In Cuteness!

These Olympians can't keep their eyes (or lips) off each other. Imagine the athletic-offspring potential!

What Was The First Concert You Went To?

Not the first show you were dragged to by your parents, but the first of your own hilarious adolescent accord. Add yours in the comments!

Will Sexual Assault Spike During The Olympics?

Organizers are preparing for a possible rise in sex crimes around the Games, and that may be smart — some research shows that the incidence of such crimes does increase around major sporting events.

Steroid Beer, Just In Time For The Olympics

It's called Never Mind The Anabolics, and it contains 8 ingredients that have been banned by the Olympics as performance enhancing substances.

G-Chats Show How A Couple Went From Sex In A Train Station Bathroom To An Email Breakup

The girl was living at home and the guy was moving to Germany — so things were already complicated before and a series of chats and emails revealed his true, manipulative nature.

Inside The Tea Party Factory

Conservative groups train their cadres in Dallas, where it's one part Hayek, one part Alinsky, and one part Henry Ford. “We’re the salesmen and the production line," says FreedomWorks' Steinhauser.

The Camera Never Lies: Amateur Models Pose And Pout In Mirrors For The World's Worst 'Self-Taken Shots'

Vain subjects taking 'sexy' snaps of themselves in the mirror has become a cultural phenomenon. These awkward examples showcase some of some of the worst.

Idiotic Gore | The Awl

@hershmire RIP Sasson jeans and Gore-Tex

Obama Hit Bush For Secrecy, Promised To Be Transparent As President

The White House is under fire today for the news that staffers met in coffee shops and used private emails to avoid disclosure. In 2008, then Senator Obama attacked the Bush Administration for secrecy and promised to be transparent as president.

Maze Made Out Of 250,000 Books

It's not a tragic case of hoarding, but an art installation in London.

Some Creepy Online Dating Messages Are Better Than Others

Sleazy messages are de rigueur on internet dating sites. At least sometimes they're creative.

River Phoenix's Final Film To Be Released This Year

Almost 20 years after Phoenix's death, director George Sluizer has recut Dark Blood, which was left unfinished when Phoenix unexpectedly passed away. Here's the official trailer. (via

The Most Homoerotic Olympic Fencing Dispute Ever

It's pretty hard not to laugh at this one.

Top Boehner Aide Used Private Email Address To Communicate With Jack Abramoff Aide While In The Bush Administration

President Obama has come under some fire from Republicans for a report in Politico that the White House used private emails and met with lobbyists at coffee shops to avoid disclosure. But a top political aide and former chief-of-staff to Speaker John Boehner, Barry Jackson, also did so during his time in the Bush Administration. Jackson used 2003 used a "" email address to communicate with Neil Volz, an aide disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, about nominating one of Abramoff's Indian tribe clients for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Meet Ryan Wieber, Jordyn's Hot Older Brother

Hi Jordyn, I know you won a gold medal and all, but your brother is really hot.

Live 24/7 Corgi Puppy Cam

Do I really need to say anything more? These puppies are only two-weeks old so expect a lot of (adorable, round-bellied, kick-y) sleeping.

Amazing Posters For Video Game Movies That Don't Exist

Why would you taunt us like this? To be fair, two of these are actually in various stages of productions right now. But that doesn't mean they'll see the light of day.

Why Eight Badminton Players Were Disqualified For Trying To Throw Olympic Matches

Here's a step-by-step guide to undermining the legitimacy of Olympic competition.

This Comic Will Make You Cry But In A Really Good Way

"Some People" by Luke Pearson was submitted for a graphic short story competition in 2009 and has floated around the internet ever since. It's breathtaking.

Fun Game: Find The Bizarro Version Of Your Wedding

Wanna play a creepy game? Google "[your first name] AND [friend's first name]" and you'll end up finding a defunct wedding website for some bizarro couple version of your and your friend.

Lana Del Rey Has Messy Car

It's so, so, so messy.

13 Ridiculously Patriotic Outfits Worn To The Olympic Park

If you're going to use clothes to turn yourself into a flag, the Olympics is obviously the place to do it.

Lawsuit: Bachmann Staff Stole Database

The claim: A key Iowa supporter of Michele Bachmann, State Senator Kent Sorenson, "stole" a home-schooling group's email list from a supporter. Here's the suit, which names several to Bachmann aides, was filed in Polk County Court, and can be read in full below.

"Prometheus" Could Have Been An Awesome Comedy

Love or hate the Alien prequel, you have to admit the crew made a few questionable choices.

Jay Carney In 2011: "All Of Our Work Is Conducted On Work Email Accounts"

A report in Politico says that President Obama's campaigner Jim Messina, used private email address to conduct official White House business, and took meeting with lobbyists at a coffee shop to avoid disclosure. In a 2011 press conference, White House press secretary answering a question about private Google accounts said the White House conducted all emails on work accounts. Carney said today to reporters that Messina would forward his private emails to his public accounts to comply with disclosure laws.

Ninjas: They're Just Like Us

Everyone can relate to these events. Especially the cat one.

Colorado Bakery Refuses To Bake Wedding Cake For Gay Couple

Cenk talks to Michael Shure, Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson and “TYT” producer Shana Naomi Krochmal about a Colorado bakery that refused to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple.

Derek Jeter Reportedly Dating 22-Year Old Ralph Lauren Model

The 38-year old New York Yankees shortstop has been seen partying with Hannah Davis, a swimsuit model for Ralph Lauren.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Thinks His Son Is Too Left-Wing

The "Hardball" host laments that his "perfectionist" son's concerns with Gitmo places him to the "left of Obama" politically, something he vows to "work on a little."

The "Jerry Springer Show" Now Seeking Bronies And Gypsies

But also the normal things you'd expect on The Jerry Springer Show like strippers, stalkers, love triangles, and people who live double lives. Bronies and American gypsies: so hot right now.

Mos Def Interprets The Poems Of Muhammad Ali

Inside a dramatically-lit boxing ring. They're ads via Louis Vuitton, but so what. Pretty cool stuff.

Little White Dog Riding A Tortoise

What's crazy is, this isn't the first time. Next thing you know, "Best Dog Riding A Tortoise Movie" is going to be an Oscars category.

Celebrities Tweet Photos From The Olympics

Man, it would be fun to be there.

Ryan Lochte: Great At Swimming, Less Great At Talking About Swimming

If you've missed Lochte's adorable/painful television interviews over the years, here is a compilation of the highlights.

Destinee Hooker Is Proud Of Her Name

The Team USA volleyball player has no problem with the unique name she was born with, so you should probably quit snickering about it now.

The Most Important Document In The Apple/Samsung Patent War

It's not even an patent. It's a years-old educational video about how intellectual property works. This 17-minute video, which is being shown to the jury, will provide the basis on which they'll judge the knock-down, drag-out fight about the origins of the modern smartphone.

8 Great Quotes From Gore Vidal

The prolific writer died last night at age 86.

Katelyn Tarver's Photo Of The Day Katelyntarver's Photos

While the guys get to chill, we have to get ready. #champagneproblems - Katelyn Tarver's Photo Of The Day Photo Of The Day in katelyntarver's gallery

Elin Nordegren Reportedly Dating NHL Player Douglas Murray

Tiger Woods' ex-wife may be dipping back into the professional athlete dating pool after people spotted her being friendly with NHLer Douglas Murray.

London's Mayor Got Stuck On A Zipline While Waving Two Tiny Flags

I mean, Boris Johnson... this is beyond parody. And thank goodness, there's video.

Olympic Divers On The Toilet Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of This Year's Games

Someone contact the Olympic commission immediately to get this into the 2016 games.

Caddy, The Orphaned Baby Wombat

With a face that is guaranteed to explode your heart. Caddy has been taken in by a rescue organization in Australia after her mom was killed by a car. She will go to live with other young wombats and eventually be released back to the wild.

Obama On Why He Has Oppo Researchers

President Obama taken criticism for the negative tone of his 2012 campaign. In 2007, then Senator Obama said he hired oppo researchers for his campaign "to make sure that we know the records of all the candidates well enough that we can compare and contrast where we stand on issues and where others stand on issues, and that I think is essential to democracy – I don't think there’s anything wrong with that at all." But it is hard to see how Mitt Romney's singing voice fits into that frame.

"O" Cover Debuts Oprah's Hair In Its Natural State

Apparently her hair has felt so burdensome that sometimes she fantasizes about cutting it all off (Bill Cosby talked her out of that, she says).

Martin Starr's "Freaks And Geeks" Audition Is Just Great

The man was BORN to play Bill Haverchuck.

"Productivity Porn"

My new favorite phrase, from Vivek Haldar: "The internet is full of productivity tips and techniques, more accurately known as productivity porn. It’s like McDonalds trying to sell you healthy food."

What Would A Map Of Metal Look Like?

Thrash hard on this interactive map. OF METAL. But turn down the music until you can safely headbang solo.

McKayla Maroney's Vault Was So Good It Literally Dropped A Judge's Jaw

The most impressive moment from the US Women's Gymnastics team's very impressive gold medal night.

Will New Birth Control Coverage Reduce Teen Pregnancy?

New rules requiring insurance companies to cover birth control without a copay go into effect today. Doctors say this could make a dent in teen pregnancy rates by giving teens access to the most effective forms of contraception — which are also some of the most expensive.

Comedy Central UK Takes On The Absurdity Of What The Olympics Won't Let You Say

The International Olympic Committee is more protective of its brand than almost any company in the world. Why do you think the Gay Olympics became the Gay Games? Comedy Central UK wanted to make a nice message of support for the athletes competing, but were told that there was a lot they couldn't say. So they ran this instead.

Record-Breaking Chinese Swimmer's Father Calls The West "Arrogant" And "Biased"

Many have doubted the legitimacy of Ye Shiwen's record-breaking results. But should they?

BuzzFeed Veepstakes: August 1

Romney's back in the States after a glorious red eye from Poland. The countdown continues...

Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors

Just a friendly argument about a fence (NSFW, language and crotch grabbing).

Sleeping Dogs Preview For PS3, 360, PC From

For the best Previews of Sleeping Dogs for PS3, 360, PC, check out this page on

The Nerve Mixtape With Jake Shimabukuro

Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro jumpstarted his career with a cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" that reduced 10 million YouTube viewers to gentle weeping. He's since appeared all over late night TV, played with luminaries from Yo-Yo…

The Man Repeller Is The Latest Fashion Blogger To Sign With Hollywood Talent Agency CAA

Bloggers signing with agents is not all that unusual these days. Digitally-focused agencies like Digital Brand Architects represent several. However, when they sign with a top-tier Hollywood talent agency, it’s a pretty big deal. And that’s what The…

How Did You Get There, Vegan Fashion Designer Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart?

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart is an animal lover with an entreprenurial spirit who founded a vegan fashion line. Vaute Couture is finding success—recently opening its first brick-and-mortar store in Williamsburg—but the founder quit her Ford Modeling contra…

Sea Bird Turns 'Superbird' On Camera

NEW YORK, July 31 (UPI) -- A South American sea bird fitted with a small camera stunned watchers as it became "superbird," diving underwater for almost 3 minutes to feed, researchers say.

Vanity Fair Reveals This Year’s ‘Best Dressed’ List, Puts Kate Middleton On The September Cover

Chastain is on the cover but so, too, is Kate Middleton, according to the magazine’s website. Vanity Fair clearly wanted to hedge its bets by opting for an actress (to appeal to Hollywood fanatics) as well as the Duchess (to appeal to Royal fanatics…

The Many Gaffes Of Mitt

Mitt Romney wrapped up his overseas trip Tuesday with a final speech in Warsaw, Poland, where he championed that nation's fiscal austerity as a model for the rest of the world.

The Slave Who Circumnavigated The World

Here are some geographic and economic realities, as any educated European of the late 1400s would have understood them: The European diet was monotonous and people were willing to pay good money for spices to liven up their meals. Those spices for t…

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