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August 9, 2012

Obama Campaign Also Tied Romney To Woman's Death

A SuperPAC supporting Obama is under fire for airing an ad in which a steelworker accused Romney of making decisions that led to his wife's death. The women, however, had life insurance after her husband lost his job. The Obama campaign has kept its distance from the ad — but it made the same charge, in a screenshot that appeared in an official Obama campaign slideshow. Romney campaign spokesman Andrea Saul tweeted "WOW" in response to the slideshow, while the Obama campaign declined to comment.

Dear "Esquire," Female Contempt Does Not Define Men

An Esquire piece called "The Contempt Of Women" is the latest boys rule, girls drool attack on women. BuzzFeed Shift editors Amy Odell and Hillary Reinsberg discuss the piece over IM.

36 Crazy Fashion Pieces You Can Actually Buy

Nevermind all the crazy runway looks you'll never even see in person — this is the stuff you can realistically own. These pieces range from the reasonably outrageous to the certifiably inane.

Bids For Are Now Up To $3,000+

In the day following our story on the sale of, 14 bids have been placed on eBay to buy the site. They're now at $3,050, up from an original $1,000.

What The Cast Of "Laguna Beach" And "The Hills" Are Up To Now

Now that MTV has deemed these shows "retro," I'm here to remind you that SPEIDI still exists somewhere in the world.

Miranda Kerr Makes Shopping Decisions Based On Instagram

I hope this practice becomes more widespread because Instagram really has the potential to inspire eye-catching fashion choices. If not for Instagram, how else would she get the idea that the item of clothing she really needs to buy next is a leather baseball hat?

This Baby Squirrel Really Likes Hanging Out With This Kitten

A Reddit user posted these pictures and wrote "this little squirrel keeps coming in through the doggy door to hang out with my cat." Ahhhhh!

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