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The 20 Best Doppelgangers Of The 2012 London Olympics

You'll never be able to watch the Olympics the same way.

1. Gymnast Tomás González and Kip from "Napoleon Dynamite:"

2. Michael Phelps' Mom...

...And Goku:

3. Runners Yordani Garcia and Leonel Suarez and Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff:

Martin Meissner / AP

4. London Mayor Boris Johnson and an orangutan on a tricycle:

5. The US Women's Gymnastic's Team and a bunch of ducks:



6. Trampolinist Viachaslau Modzel and Freddie Mercury:

THOMAS COEX / Getty Images

7. This British fan and an actual horse:

8. The official Olympic portraits and a bunch of criminals' mugshots:


See if you can guess which is which!

9. Runner Lolo Jones and Rashida Jones:

10. Weightlifter Matthias Steiner and Success Kid:


11. The Queen and Walter Bishop from "Fringe:"

12. Canada's badminton team and Bruce Lee:

13. Long Jumper Greg "The Ginger Wizard" Rutherford and Neil Patrick Harris:


Maybe a little James Van Der Beek too.

14. This guy's last name...

And what happens when a student falls asleep on the keyboard while writing a research paper:


15. Cyclist Alexander Vinokourov and Conan O'Brien:

16. This unfortunate gymnast and someone going to the optometrist's:

17. London Mayor Boris Johnson again and a surprised orangoutang:

18. Prince Harry...

...And a third wheel

19. Tennis player Novak Djokovic and every white man who has ever tried to dance:

20. Synchronized swimmers and your worst nightmare: