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もう一度見たい! 2018年平昌オリンピックの名シーン




15 Tweets That Really Sum Up The Olympics Closing Ceremony

Goodbye Pyeongchang, you were amazing.

15 Things No One Tells You About Being An LGBT Athlete At The Olympics

“You only live once, and you have to stand for what you believe in.”

14 Things No One Ever Tells You About Being An Olympic Gold Medalist

As told by Team USA medalists Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin!

A Canadian Skier Was Arrested At The Olympics For Allegedly Stealing A Pink Hummer While Drunk

David Duncan, who has since been released, said he was "deeply sorry" for the incident.

Would You Survive As An Olympic Athlete Based On Your Daily Routine?

If you stay in bed all day, you probably won't pass this quiz...

How Figure Skating Judges May Have Shaped The Olympic Podium

An analysis by BuzzFeed News shows that judges displayed a strong preference for skaters from the same country at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and that it may have made a difference in a gold medal finish.

Gus Kenworthy Just Rescued Another Dog At The Olympics, This Time From A Meat Farm

The 2014 freestyle skiing silver medalist found time after competing in Pyeongchang to adopt a puppy from a dog meat farm in South Korea that he and the Humane Society helped shut down.



Here Are 19 US Female Olympians, Then Vs. Now

Started at the bunny hill now we here.



Everyone Is Obsessed With Curling And No One Knows Why

Enter these videos in the Olympics.

31 Hilarious Things Winter Olympian Athletes Look Just Like

I'm seeing gold and I'm seeing double.

25 Tweets You'll Crack Up At If You Wish You Were A Winter Olympian But Aren't

"Every day I need more and more olympic ice dancing in order to get high."

Which Snowboarding Tricks Are Real And Which Did We Just Make Up?

You can't make this shit up... or can you?

This Is What The Pyeongchang Olympic Village Looks Like From The Inside

A peek into the best of the best's off-hours digs.

These Pictures Show Just How Intense Figure Skating Really Is

Style, elegance, and sheer backbreaking intensity!

18 Tumblr Posts About The Olympics That Are Just Really Frickin' Funny

"Winter Olympics: Bobsled. Me, an intellectual: Robertsled."

People Are Obsessed With This Adorably Serious Olympic Curler

Meet your new girl crush and style icon.

17 Figure Skating Pictures That Are Lowkey Sexual AF

My mind lives in the gutter at this point.

Olympic Skier Elizabeth Swaney Does No Tricks And People Are Loving It

Elizabeth Swaney is your new favorite Olympic skier. Trust me.

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