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Here's How Much Money Winter Olympic Gold Medalists Win In Different Countries, And As Per Usual, The US Is Near The Lowest

As per usual, the US's award payment is among the lowest.

While you may still be getting over the Summer Olympics, the Bejiing Winter Olympics are moving full steam ahead. From the Olympic Village's food options to bed sizes, we've been getting a sneak peek at what life is like for Olympians behind the scenes. And what could be more behind-the-scenes than inside their wallets?

Three athletes representing China holding up their medals and small bouquets of flowers at the Beijing Olympics

Yes, we've already talked about how much different countries pay Summer Olympians for gold medal wins, but I was curious about the money Winter Olympians get. So, of the 91 competing countries, here are a few of the most notable cash prizes:

(Prizes have been rounded to the nearest $1,000.)

US: $37,500

A closeup of Shaun White wearing his helmet and the rest of his gear at the Olympics

Hong Kong: $642,000

An athlete skiing down a mountain

Turkey: $383,000

A Turkish athlete participating in speed skating

Malaysia: $238,000 + a lifetime monthly allowance of $1,200

An Malaysian athlete blowing a kiss to the crowd

Bulgaria: Up to $143,000

A Bulgarian athlete holding up his silver medal and flower bouquet

Italy: $201,000

An Italian athlete on the track as he competes in the skeleton

Hungary: $156,000

A Hungarian athlete with his hand on the ice as he rounds the corner during a short track speed skating

Czech Republic: $110,000

An athlete from the Czech Republic holding up her bouquet and acknowledging the crowd during the medal ceremony

Cyprus: $168,000

The team delegation from Cyprus entering the stadium during the Beijing Opening Ceremony

Latvia: Up to $159,000

The goal keeper for the Latvian hockey trying to block a shot

Lithuania: $143,000

A Lithuanian cross-country skier on the course

Kosovo: $123,000

An athlete skiing down the mountain

Estonia: $112,000

A closeup of an Estonian athlete standing on the slope

Did any of the prizes surprise you? Or do you think any should be more or less? Let us know in the comments.

And congrats to all the Olympians!