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Here's The Difference Between The Bedrooms At The Summer Olympics And The Winter Olympics, Which We're Now Aware Of Thanks To Shaun White's TikTok

*mentally naps in Shaun White's king-sized bed with the humidifier on full blast*

So, you know Shaun White, right? Olympian Snowboarding GAWD?! ICYMI, I literally wrote him up yesterday for his behind-the-scenes Olympic dining hall TikTok, and today, he's back again with some more #olympiccontent!!!

Our Content King™ has once again graced us with a behind-the-scenes moment — but this time, it's of his room in Olympic Village.

But before we do this grand reveal, I would simply like to remind you of what the room situation was in Tokyo 2020:

Remember the cardboard beds? Yeah.

So now that we've gotten that mental picture out of the way, let's see Shaun's room! He starts the tour by showing us his couch, which is also a pull-out bed...? Go off, accommodations!!!

Next, we catch a brief glimpse of the whole a$$ kitchen, which is nothing TOO fancy, but it's nice, sleek, and practical!

He's also got this nice dining table/workspace that he's adorned with a candle and some other thingy-thangs!

Of course, he's got a hefty snack selection. Shaun White STAYS fully stocked!!!!!!!!! 😌😌😌

Here's his sentimental shelf area feat. humidifier! CUTE!

Please note the pics of him and Nina Dobrev, his lovely girlfriend!!! 💕💘💕💖💘💖💘💕💖

Next, Shaun takes us into the bedroom and shows us his decked out Louis Vuitton gear bags (and yet another big ol' flatscreen TV)!!!

And, the big kahuna...the KING-SIZED BED?!?!!?!!?!

Complete with yet ANOTHER humidifier!!!!!!!

So at this point in watching the TikTok, I'm like.....

Because, I mean, THIS was what the athletes were sleeping on at the Summer Olympics.

Literally this.


Meanwhile, Shaun's room tour still ISN'T EVEN OVER and he then proceeds to show us his BACKLIT CLOSET.....???

And naturally, there's also a very nice bathroom! Hi Shaun!

Anyway, I think the summer Olympians just wanna talk for a sec.......

And if you need me, I'll be mentally crashing on Shaun White's pull-out couch because quite frankly, his Olympic Village room is far nicer than my criminally overpriced apartment.

Here's Shaun's Olympic Village room tour in full, BTW:


Reply to @bettywhitesangel100 Here it is 🤝 @olympics @teamusa #Olympics #TikTokPartner #LearnOnTikTok

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And that's all! Thanks to Shaun White for the tour, and happy Olympics to those who celebrate!!!