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13 Scandalous Moments From Winter Olympic History That You Might Not Have Known About

Today I learned that backflips on ice are illegal.

I'm convinced that for every iconic Olympic triumph, there's an equally fascinating Olympic scandal out there.

While there are the big ones that everyone's heard of (looking at you, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan), I've been deep-diving into the scandals that aren't as widely talked about.

I'm talking illegal backflips, shady scoring, and disqualifications galore.

Here are 13 of the wildest, wackiest, and incredibly fascinating Winter Olympic scandals from the past century of competition:

1. 1924: The judges' hands were too cold to keep time properly.

A vintage photo of a speedskater

2. 1928: Thawing ice denied an underdog speedskater the gold.

A vintage photo of a speedskater

3. 1968: A shadowy figure interrupted an Alpine skiing event.

A man skiing and a male skier smiling

4. 1968: East Germany's women's luge team was caught warming the luge.

Women cleaning off their luge

5. 1972: Karl Schranz lied about being a professional athlete.

A man waving to a crowd

6. 1980: The US planned to turn the Lake Placid Olympic facilities into a prison after the games.

People walking in front of a building in the Olympic village

7. 1998: A snowboarder was stripped of his medal after testing positive for marijuana.

A man kissing a gold medal

8. 1998: Surya Bonaly lost points for doing a backflip on the ice.

An ice skater doing a back flip

9. 1998: Ice dancing judges agreed upon winners before the competition even began.

A pair of ice-skaters performing

10. 2002: A skier switched his citizenship and took home three gold medals, only to be caught doping.

A skier holding the Spanish flag

11. 2002: Two teams won the gold after a collusion attempt.

Four people with their gold medals and a woman judging

12. 2010: The Canadian women's hockey team came under fire for celebrating their win on the ice.

A hockey team in red and white jerseys cheering

13. 2014: Russia's state-sponsored doping of over 1,000 athletes was revealed after they won 33 medals in Sochi.

Soldiers saluting a flag

Any other scandals from past Winter Olympics come to mind? Let us know in the comments!